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Items to Consider

Items to Consider

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Items to Consider

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  1. Items to Consider When Packing For the Trip

  2. Packing for this trip One suitcase One carry-on bag

  3. What to Pack in Your Carry-On CD/mp3 player Change of clothes Cell Phone & Charger Money (don’t put $$$ in your checked bag) Books/reading materials Snacks

  4. What NOT to Pack in Your Carry-On Any Liquids, aerosols or gels This includes the following: toothpaste, carmex or blistex, any makeup, lotion, cologne, deodorant, hairspray, hair gel, hair mousse.

  5. Packing Personal Liquids, Aerosols and Gels Pack ALL liquids in your checked bag. There is no restriction on the personal liquids that can travel in your checked bag. You cannot carry a bottle of water, soda or anything liquid to drink through security. Do Not BRING Bottled or Canned Drinks in your carry on bag

  6. Remember the Rule 3-1-1

  7. CARRY ON BAG 3-ounce or smaller container of liquid or gel 1-quart-size, clear plastic, zip-top bag holding 3 ounce containers 1-bag per traveler placed in the security bin

  8. What If I want a drink on the plane? • Too Bad!!! Gather up some spit and swallow it!!  • Stop Your Whining  Water is overrated • You may purchase drinks at high prices at stores after you pass through the security

  9. Medications and saline solution do not apply to this rule and do not have to be in a Ziploc bag, BUT they must be declared to the security agent. In other words before they scan your bag you must tell the TSA Agent that you have medications or saline solution in your bag. The medication MUST be in its original container

  10. What You Need to Bring:

  11. A Great Attitude YOUR PHOTO ID!!!! At Least 4 changes of clothes (Remember clothes you wear must meet the SHS dress code) Deodorant A toothbrush & toothpaste

  12. Comfortable Shoes Nice clothes – for the Concert we are attending guys - Khakis & polo (suggested) Girls – Skirt & nice top or nice pants & shirt (suggested) NO JEANS or T-Shirts for this concert!! Hat Spending Money at least $50 to $100 – All meals are paid for except for the “own your own lunches”, however you will get $40.00 to help defray the cost of your lunches.

  13. What Not to Bring!! • Fireworks

  14. What NOT to Bring: Flammable Liquids or Solids

  15. What NOT to Bring: Pressure Containers

  16. What NOT to Bring: Weapons: Firearms Real or Pretend

  17. What NOT to Bring: Weapons: gun powder, mace, tear-gas, pepper spray

  18. What NOT to Bring: Illegal Drugs or Alcohol

  19. What NOT to Bring: Duct Tape, Paddles

  20. What NOT to Bring: Knives of any length, Cutting devices, icepicks and scissors (metal)

  21. What NOT to Bring: Cigarette Lighters

  22. Security Checkpoint Information

  23. Several Items to consider when

  24. Before you enter the walk- through metal detector---

  25. (Everyone must remove their shoes) Flip flops or slide in shoes are the best shoes to wear through security

  26. Place the following items in the bins provided.

  27. Place your wallet, keys, watch, and loose change in a Ziploc bagand place in a bin Shoes, belts and other metal objects must also go in a bin

  28. You must also remove the following: Cell phones, PDA’s (personal digital assistant) and metal hair decorations

  29. You must also: Take your laptop and video cameras with cassettes OUT of their cases and place them in a separate bin from your other items.

  30. In Addition: You may randomly be subjected to a pat-down security check by the TSA officials.

  31. Things YOU should not TALK about at the airport

  32. Make any statements concerning Weapons

  33. Make any statements concerning Bombs

  34. Make any statements concerning Terrorist Threats

  35. The Airport Security people take this very seriously

  36. You will hold up the entire flight and you may not be able to go!

  37. Acknowledgements Jim Cude Whitesboro Bearcat Band Director for sharing your slide show