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Latin and Greek Roots PowerPoint Presentation
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Latin and Greek Roots

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Latin and Greek Roots - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Latin and Greek Roots

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  1. Latin and Greek Roots Unit Thirteen

  2. CEND, CENS • From the Latin word ‘cendere’, ‘censum’ To burn

  3. Words from “cendere” or “censum” • Incendiary • Adjective; Inflaming; provoking heat or anger As a fire safety precaution, the University banned the use of any incendiary devices in dormitories. Synonym: flammable

  4. Words from “cendere” or “censum” • Incense • Verb; To infuriate; to make passionately angry Peter’s son had failed three of five courses during the semester, which incensed the entire family. Synonym: to enrage antonym: mollify

  5. FLAM • From the Latin word ‘flamma’ Flame

  6. Words from “flamma” • Inflammatory • Adjective; Arousing anger or strong emotion The singer was shunned by the public following the inflammatory remarks she mad about religion in her last song. Synonym: provocative Antonym: innocuous

  7. Words from “flamma” • Flamboyant • Adjective; Intended to attract attention; showy Anthony was well known for the flamboyant costumes he wore while performing in the ice show. Synonym: ostentatious; audacious Antonym: plain

  8. LUSTER • From the Latin word ‘lustrare’, ‘lustratum’ To make bright

  9. Words from “lustrare” or “lustratum” • Luster • Noun; Brilliance; brightness The luster of Henry Ford’s vision for the company he built in 1905 has not been dimmed by the passing of years. Synonym: shine

  10. Words from “lustrare” or “lustratum” • Illustrious • Adjective; Well-known and distinguished The guest list for the wedding reception read like a Who’s Who of illustrious celebrities and world leaders. Synonym: eminent, notable Antonym: unknown

  11. Words from “lustrare” or “lustratum” • Illustrative • Adjective; Describing and instance of Karen hoped that the violence and looting currently raging in the streets of the capital were not illustrative of the general state of the city. Synonym: representative

  12. FULM, FULG • From the Latin word ‘fulmen’, ‘fulgere’ Lightening Flash

  13. Words from “fulm” or “fulg” • Fulminate • Verb; To attack with words; denounce Free publicity fulminate against the lack of pollution controls of local construction companies, which finally caught the attention of the local media. Synonym: rail Antonym: praise

  14. Words from “fulm” or “fulg” • Refulgent • Adjective; Brilliantly illuminated; shining The refulgent temple on the hill proved to be a beacon of hope for the weary travelers. Synonym: radiant

  15. FLAGR • From the Latin word ‘flagrare’, ‘flagrantum’ To burn

  16. Words from “flagrare” or “flagrantum” • Flagrant • Adjective; Noticeably bad or offensive The team protested that the referee was ignoring he flagrant fouls committed by the other team. Synonym: grievous

  17. Words from “flagrare” or “flagrantum” • Conflagration • Noun; A large fire It took firefighters from three towns nearly nine hours to control the conflagration at the storage company. Synonym: blaze

  18. Complete the sentences • When the speaker began chanting incendiary slogans, the crowd ... • Tasha was so incensed by the behavior she saw at the candidates' debate that she ... • Lou claimed that he had not meant to be inflammatory when he ... • Society gossips claimed the bride had been flamboyant because she ... • Because of the massive conflagration in the middle of town ...

  19. Complete the sentences 6. The judge said that Jasmine's actions had constituted a flagrant violation of safety regulations because ... 7. When Grace saw that Hilda's eyes had lost their luster, she wondered if. .. 8. So many illustrious guests were at Mo's party that. .. 9. Zachary felt that his success at the spelling bee was illustrative of his intelligence because ... 10. The President was advised that his constant fulminating would result in ... 11. The child's Halloween costume was so refulgent that it made everyone ...

  20. incensed illustrative fulminate flamboyant conflagration 1. By the time the policeman reached the site, the campfire had become a _ 2. Although Jacob claimed to be _______by the B+ he received on his math test, he was actually quite pleased. 3. The showy cook was given to _______tricks like juggling lemons and frying three eggs at the same time. 4. The failure of two businesses was ______of Hope's belief that the town was headed for economic ruin.

  21. incendiary refulgent luster conflagration illustrious 5. No matter what ____ tactics the rebel leader employed, he could not anger the citizens enough to start a riot in the city. 6. Witnesses to the supposed miracle described a ______figure whose brightness was almost blinding. 7. The ______of the gold coin was dimmed by years of wear. 8. Though he had once been considered a(n) _____figure, Lyle's importance in the community was greatly diminished by the scandal.

  22. flagrant fulminate inflammatory illustrious 9. As a therapist, Jeanne tries to steer her patients away from ______language and hurtful actions. 10. Chances are good that, even if the law is passed, those who are violently opposed will continue to ______ against it. 11. Despite his _______violation of company policy, Todd was awarded Employee of the Year.