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Classroom Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Classroom Management

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Classroom Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Classroom Management. Dr. Luzviminda Q. Ramos University Director, Practice Teaching. CLASSroom MANAGEMENT. Effective teaching requires that you also be an effective manager. Are you able to get students’ cooperation,

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Classroom Management

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Classroom Management

Dr. Luzviminda Q. Ramos

University Director, Practice Teaching

classroom management
  • Effective teaching requires that you also be an effective manager.
  • Are you able to get students’ cooperation,

maintain students’ involvement in instructional tasks, and carry out the business in the classroom smoothly?

major components
major components
  • Classroom atmosphere
    • Physical environment
    • Room arrangement
    • Motivation
    • Use of time
    • Classroom communication
major components1
Major components
  • Classroom leadership
    • Autocratic
    • Democratic
    • Laissez-faire
major components2
Major components
  • Discipline vs Punishment
classroom atmosphere
Classroom atmosphere
  • Physical environment
    • An attractive classroom is conducive to learning.
    • Ventilation,temperature, and lighting of the classroom also affect student comfort and the ability to concentrate.
    • Bulletin boards and displays can add much to the attractiveness and atmosphere of a classroom.
room arrangement
room arrangement
  • Room arrangement and seating patterns can be an effective means of classroom management.
  • Possible seating arrangement
    • Semicircles
    • Cluster of four
    • Theatre
    • Rectangle
  • Expect the best from students
  • Model desired behavior
  • Share expectations
  • Establish a positive atmosphere
  • Actively involve students
  • Make learning seem worthwhile
  • Cultivate self esteem
  • Use reinforcement
  • Reduce anxiety
time in schools and classrooms
Time in schools and classrooms
  • Changing and beginning classes
  • Excessive viewing of films
  • Spending too much time on discipline
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Respectful communication is always a two-way street.
    • Eye contact
    • Facial expressions
    • Body posture
    • Physical space
characteristics of the different leadership styles
Characteristics of the different leadership styles
  • Authoritarian
    • Punishing
    • Faultfinding
    • Demanding
    • Commanding
    • Critical
    • Pressuring
    • Sharp-voiced
    • Imposing
    • Dominating
    • Harsh
    • Fearful
characteristics of the different leadership styles1
Characteristics of the different leadership styles
  • Democratic
    • Friendly
    • Firm
    • Encouraging
    • Stimulating
    • Helping
    • Guiding
    • Winning
    • Warm
    • Caring
    • Fair
    • Influencing
characteristics of the different leadership styles2
Characteristics of the different leadership styles
  • Laissez-faire
    • Permissive
    • Allows total freedom
    • Leads to anarchy and disorder
models of discipline
Models of discipline
  • The Canter Model
  • The Glasser Model
  • The Kounin Model
  • TET Model
  • Logical Consequences model
management guidelines
Management guidelines
  • Begin the class on time
  • Set up procedures for beginning your class
  • Set up procedures for dismissing class
  • Stop misbehavior immediately
  • Direct your talk to the class not to the chalkboard
  • Be polite to students and reinforce their politeness
  • Be firm and consistent
management guidelines1
Management guidelines
  • Be with it
  • Use non verbal signals
  • Be helpful, not hurtful
  • Plan well
  • Use verbal reprimands with care
  • Always set a good example
parting shot
Parting shot
  • A classroom must have an effective leader and must be orderly, and discipline must be maintained in order for learning to take place.
  • A successful teacher must have good classroom management.
  • The key to effective management is the relationship you establish with your students.
  • Promote a democratic but businesslike atmosphere, in which responsibilities are shared and learning is of paramount importance.
jose rizal
Jose Rizal…
  • “He who wishes to teach, teaches everywhere, in the open air.
  • Socrates taught in the public street.
  • Plato in the gardens of the Academy,
  • Even Christ among the mountains and lakes.”
  • A GUIDE at the side, NOT a sage on the stage.













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Good day and God bless!

Dr.Luzviminda Quintos-Ramos