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Total Coverage Insurance PowerPoint Presentation
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Total Coverage Insurance

Total Coverage Insurance

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Total Coverage Insurance

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  1. Submitted by David Mullis

  2. About Us • Total Coverage Insurance prides itself in being flexible, adaptable, and adding value through superior service. We value a smarter approach to insurance and are constantly searching for ways to improve our products and services. Most of all, we value our customers. • Our innovative approach to insurance means customers can take advantage of affordable rates, expert service, great discounts, and helpful product features. • We provide auto, home, renters, life, health, motorcycle, pet, and specialty insurance products through our trusted partners.

  3. Personal Insurance • Auto Insurance • Home Insurance • Health Insurance • Life Insurance • Condo Insurance • Motorcycle Insurance • Renters Insurance • Travel Insurance

  4. Auto Insurance • It’s The Law • Protect Your Investment • Insurance and Financing • Our agents will help you make the right choice….FOR YOU.

  5. Home Insurance • How much coverage do I need? • Is there a way to make my deductible more cost effective for our family? • Does a traditional policy cover acts of God or natural disasters? What about flooding? • We specialize in making this process simple. Call one of our agents.

  6. Health Insurance • Need help understanding the Affordable Care Act? • Why do I need Health Insurance, I’m still young and healthy? • Our agents can help you with these questions and more.

  7. Life Insurance • Do you know the difference between Whole Life and Term Life? • Protect what matters most - your family. • Is there a formula to estimate the amount of coverage I need? • Don’t leave your loved ones burdened in their time of need, our agents can help.

  8. Condo Insurance • Condominium insurance provides protection where condo associations do not. • Condo and townhome coverage protects your possessions within your unit, including furniture, appliances, kitchen and bath facilities and your personal items.

  9. Renters Insurance • Renters insurance pays to repair or replace your property if it’s stolen, damaged, or destroyed in a home or apartment you rent. • In Texas, the only way to protect your property while renting is with a renters insurance policy. • Call our agents and they can help you estimate the value of your belongings.

  10. Motorcycle Insurance • Motorcycle insurance can make your ride even more carefree. • It will protect you and your bike from the risks associated with sharing the road with other motorists. • Get the best protection to match your needs at the best possible price, call our agents today!

  11. Travel Insurance • Travel insurance usually covers two main categories: • costs associated with medical expenses • trip cancellations • Travelers should read the policy as it could exclude pre-existing medical conditions and reasons for trip cancellations • Let our agents read the fine print for you to make sure your covered when and where it counts!

  12. Commercial Insurance • Protect your business from unexpected loss or damage by getting commercial insurance coverage. All businesses are vulnerable to risks such as fires, theft or damages due to natural disasters and acts of God. Without commercial insurance coverage, your bottom line could be affected if you have to pay for repairs. This financial burden could lead to closing your doors or at the very least, suspending your day-to-day business activities. • By choosing a commercial insurance plan, you will be able to recover and restore your business quicker. Total Coverage Insurance, Texas can help you choose the right insurance coverage for your business needs at an affordable price. Our team of experts will help you analyze your business for any potential risks and will suggest ways to mitigate those risks. • We know that selecting the right insurance coverage can be difficult and often times confusing. Total Coverage Insurance, Texas has years of experience in helping businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area protect their businesses and their employees. • Contact us today (972) 986-0224 for a quote or use our on-line quote tool. We look forward to hearing from you!

  13. Contact Us • You can contact us online • For further details and enquiries, please write to us at • Visit our website at • Follow us on : • • •