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8 Top Tips for Easy Packing and Moving out of Your Home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are planning to move your home. Check out these tips and tricks on how to pack your home before a move.:

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1. Prepare an A To

Z list

Alert all people who take care of your daily needs

about your shifting

Make a list of people who have to be paid

2. Plan in advance

Don't think that there is a lot

time left.

Start your tasks at least 2-3

weeks in advance.

Remember,packing is one of

the time consuming task

3. Boxes, and boxes

Buy some small & big boxes.

Big boxes can hold the luggage together

Distribute the accumulated boxes if you

don't want it.

4. Packing for

quick access

During packing keep

things within your


Label your boxes so

that you can easily find


5. Don’t pack air

Don't go chests &

dressers empty

Fill it ,then it would be

lighter to carry

6. Use trash bags

Fill trash bags with softer and lighter items

Don't take up too much space inside the


7. Are there any clothes that are

hanging outside?

Take unpacked clothes and put them in

a car

Then we can save more space

8. Keep a separate room for


Use a small room for packing.

Don't mix up the things.

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