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Safety in the jewelry lab PowerPoint Presentation
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Safety in the jewelry lab

Safety in the jewelry lab

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Safety in the jewelry lab

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  1. Safetyin the jewelry lab

  2. 1. Accidents are caused by mistakes; mistakes can be avoided. If there is an accident, even a small one, the first person you should tell is: SCHOOL NURSE PRINCIPAL NEAREST STUDENT d. TEACHER

  3. 2. The best type of clothing to wear in the jewelry lab is: Loose clothing Long sleeved jackets Suit & tie D. Short sleeves & tighter clothing

  4. 3. Big rings and dangling jewelry can be dangerous to wear because they could: Get lost or stolen Get damaged Get caught in a machine d. Make you look like a gypsy

  5. 4. If you have long hair, before you come to the jewelry lab you should: A. Tie it back with a clip or band B. Braid it C. Have it cut or shaved off

  6. 5. The best way to increase tool life and add to your safety when using tools in the classroom is to: A. Wash them in soap & water B. Use the proper tool for the job intended C. Use the torch for everything

  7. 6. If you are using a tool that doesn’t seem to be working properly you should: A. Report it to the teacher B. Torch it C. Put it away & let someone else deal with it

  8. 7. You should not eat, drink, put your hands in your mouth or rub your eyes while you are in the jewelry studio because: A. There are toxic materials in the lab B. You can’t share with everybody C. You might bring ants.

  9. 8. Safety glasses must be worn: A. When you work with metal B. When you use power tools C. Whenever you are in the jewelry room.

  10. 9. Frayed insulation, loose connections, or exposed electrical wires can cause a shock or fire. If you notice a tool that has defective wiring you should: A. Solder it together with the torch B. Tape the wire with electrical tape C. Report defective wiring to the teacher

  11. 10. When you use the grinder or the drill press you should: • Use clamps, pliers, or leather to hold your piece. Solder your piece to something bigger Wash your metal first

  12. 11. Playing around in the jewelry lab is: A. Not only annoying, but dangerous & dumb…. B. Only okay when the teacher is gone C. Fun & you should do it every day

  13. 12. If you get acid on you from the pickle bath you should: • Run quickly to the office • Rub the acid off • Test your pain threshold D. Flush the affected area with water

  14. 13. There will be a chemical reaction & silver pieces will get covered in copper in the pickle bath if: • Someone uses steel pliers instead of copper tongs If the pickle is cold Someone puts their hands in the pickle

  15. 14. When using a polishing wheel to polish metal, hold the object:  A. So all areas are equally safe B. On the lower half, below mid-point C. The very lowest part of the wheel

  16. 15. When using the polishing wheel, the way to prevent friction burns as you hold the metal is: A. Needle-nose pliers B. Clamp or a piece of leather c. Leather gloves

  17. 16. While using power tools you jeopardize the safety of those around you if you: A. Use safety glasses B. Talk & look away from your work C. Watch where your hands are D. Concentrate on your work

  18. 17. If the valve on the acetylene torch handle has been open for 4 seconds or longer, you should A. Use the striker to light the gas B. Shut off the gas and clear the air C. Set it down and leave D. Blow on the tip

  19. 18. Never light the torch if: 1. The ventilation fan is not on 2. There is already someone working at the soldering table 3. You don’t have someone to help you

  20. 19. When you are finished using the bench shear (metal slicer) you should A. Leave the scraps there for people to use B. Put the scraps in the scrap bowl C. Melt the scraps together with a torch

  21. 20. If you have not received training on how to use a piece of equipment in the lab you should A. Have a friend do your work for you Just kidding! B. Figure that you will be excused from the assignment since you don’t know how C. Ask the teacher to show you how to use the machine D. Figure it out yourself

  22. 21. List 3 things you should do when using power tools: 1) Wear safety glasses & any other appropriate safety equipment. 2) Concentrate on your work, pay attention to what you are doing, work slowly and deliberately. 3. Stand with your feet directly in front of the machine.

  23. Before turning on a power tool you should know how to Turn it off! …. Silly  !

  24. 23. List 3 things you should do to protect yourself from harmful dust in the jewelry studio: 1. Clean up using a wet paper towel. (Wet Clean Up) 2. Wear a dust mask when using the flex-shaft or mixing investment. 3. Drinks should be in containers with a twist lid; keep the lid on when not drinking. (do not bring food into the lab on work days)

  25. 24. List the 4 types of metal that can be cleaned in the pickle bath. • Nickel • Brass • Copper • Sterling Silver

  26. 25. Because of the steam from the crock pot with the Pickle Cleaning Solution, there is a certain way to lift the lid. What is it? • Tip it away from you

  27. 26. What is the best treatment for a burn from heat or flame? • Stop the burning by running it under cold water &/or ice pack. • Keep from oxygen.

  28. 27. If you develop a rash or begin to itch you may have some of the acid from the Pickle on you. What should you do? • Flush with cold water!!!!

  29. 28. What should you do if you get a small cut that is bleeding? • Rinse it in the sink w/ water & put a cute bandaid on it.

  30. 29. What should you do if you get a deep cut that bleeds profusely? • Stop the bleeding by applying pressure. If you have time, do this with a cloth or towel, or you could just use your hand. • Get the teacher’s attention, and sit down to help you from going into shock. • We will probably get you to the office. They will call your parents; parents & office staff will decided if you need a dr.’s attention. I will fill out an accident report about what happened.

  31. 30. If you notice a drop of blood on the floor or table that is from an accident of one of your fellow students, what should you do about it ? • Don’t touch it. Tell me about it & I will clean it up. • Do not clean it up yourself. There are strict procedures for cleaning up bodily fluids at school, so I’ll take care of that sort of thing.

  32. 31. What is the main cause of accidents in the jewelry room? • It’s horseplay (goofing around and being unsafe around equipment). • The next most common cause of accident is carelessness. This usually happens when students get a little over-confident and then get lazy about safety procedures. • SO BE SMART AND BE CAREFUL!!!

  33. 32. What is the most common type of injury in the jewelry room? • CUTS • Surprise! NOT BURNS! • My theory: most cuts happen when students are looking away from their projects while talking. AND, most of us can remember that hot things burn.

  34. Just a thought: • Most students never get hurt in the jewelry studio, not even little cuts. • We go over safety rules at the beginning of the semester so that you can be aware of safety issues and be smart about working in the lab, so that you won’t get hurt.

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