pandemic influenza n.
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Pandemic Influenza

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Pandemic Influenza - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pandemic Influenza. Gail King Head of Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response. NHS England-Thames Valley November 2013. EPRR - Planning. EPRR - Response. Thames Valley Local Health Resilience Partnership Structure. Local Authority Public Health On-call. Receiving Hospitals.

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Pandemic Influenza

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    1. Pandemic Influenza Gail King Head of Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response NHS England-Thames Valley November 2013

    2. EPRR - Planning

    3. EPRR - Response

    4. Thames Valley Local Health Resilience Partnership Structure

    5. Local Authority Public Health On-call Receiving Hospitals Other Hospitals CCG on-call for affected area Public Health England On-call NHS England (Thames Valley) SCAS TVEA Other relevant providers * Community Trusts NHS 111 Service NHS England (South) Other ambulance services Primary Care CCG on-call for areas not directly affected Other Area teams including S. Midlands & Hertfordshire * Other relevant providers may include: Mental Health Trusts Community Trusts Learning Disability Trusts Social and Community Services Independent Treatment Centres GP Out of Hours NHS 111 Key: Direction of information flow for all major incident standby/declarations Direction of information flow to Services and organisations informed only if the scale or nature of the incident requires it

    6. Central-local reporting and coordination groups in England Cabinet Office Briefing Room (COBR) Department of Health Other Government Departments Resilience and Emergencies Divisions (RED), Department for Communities and Local Government Public Health England NHS England Local Resilience Forum / Strategic Coordinating Group Public Health England Local and Regional Teams NHS England, Area Teams and Regional Teams Local Authorities (incl. DsPH) Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS Provider Organisations, Ambulance, Social Care and other service providers Health accountability, coordination and reporting Wider impact reporting Specialist advice/information exchange/liaison

    7. Risk • National Risk Register • Regional and Local Risk Registers • LHRP/LRF Risk Registers • Corporate Risk Registers

    8. Guidance and Frameworks • DH UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy 2011. • Cabinet Office Preparing for Pandemic Influenza, Guidance for Local Planners 2013 • NHS England Operating Framework for Managing the Response to Pandemic Influenza 2013 • NHS England Guidance on the Current & Future Preparedness in Support of an Outbreak • DH/NHSE/PHE Flu Plan-Winter 2013/14

    9. Plans Across the Health System • NHS England-Thames Valley Business Continuity Plan 2013 (supported by Directorate Business Impact Analysis and Service Continuity Plans) • TV Local Resilience Forum: Multi-Agency Influenza Pandemic Framework 2013 • PHE Centre Business Continuity Plan • LA: Infectious Disease /Pandemic Influenza Plans

    10. Plans Across the Health System • NHS England-Thames Valley Seasonal Influenza Immunisation Plan 2013 • NHS England-Thames Valley Winter Pressures Planning: Primary Care Winter Plan 2013/14 • CCG Business Continuity Plans • Providers: Specific /generic plans in place. Plans developed in accordance with current best practice and risk.

    11. Gaps CCG Pandemic Influenza Operational Framework Guidance on PPE including FFP3 and other masks (November 2013) Service Requirements of ACP (December 2013) NHS Surge Guidance (Spring 2014)

    12. The Way Forward National Tier One Exercise (December 2014) TV LRF Pandemic Influenza Exercise Clinical Reference Group (December 2013) Collaborative working across the Thames Valley

    13. Any Questions ?