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maryland. By: Willow Kay Maryland is known as Old Line State. State Cat. State Symbols . State Insect. Baltimore Checkersport Butterfly . State Flower. Calico Cat. State Tree. State Horse. Black-eyed Susan. Thoroughbred Horse. White Oak. About the Flag.

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  1. maryland By: Willow Kay Maryland is known as Old Line State.

  2. State Cat State Symbols State Insect Baltimore Checkersport Butterfly State Flower Calico Cat State Tree State Horse Black-eyed Susan Thoroughbred Horse White Oak

  3. About the Flag -The Maryland Flag was designed by the Crossland and the Calvert Families. -The Crossland family represents the red and white designs. -The black and gold designs represent the Calvert family.

  4. Border States These are the border states of Maryland.

  5. Counties *Maryland has 23 counties. *Annapolis is the state capital, it is in Anne Arundel.

  6. CLIMATE The climate of Baltimore is…

  7. ECONOMY • Agriculture: The State of Maryland brings in revenue (money) by livestock products such as • Broilers (young chickens). They are one of the most important livestock. • Manufacturing: Electronics are Maryland’s most important manufactured products. • Services: Most communities in Maryland have private health care. • Other: Mining is one of Maryland’s most important jobs. At the mines they often mine: • Limestone, marble, sand, gravel, coal, natural gas, clay, peat, Portland cement.

  8. Almanac Admitted to Maryland: April 28, 1788 Latest Population: 5,296,486 Highest Point: 3360 ft (Backbone Mt.) Lowest Point: Sea Level (Atlantic Ocean)

  9. GEOGRAGHY Monocacy River • This is a famous river that is visited often.

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