quran tajweed rules for kids elders n.
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Quran tajweed rules for kids & elders PowerPoint Presentation
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Quran tajweed rules for kids & elders

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Quran tajweed rules for kids & elders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This course will put the finishing touches to your recitation and teach you certain rules that are related to the Quran. This is a basic level of tajweed and our goal is to get you reading the Quran. if u r interested to learn online Tajweed Quran then visit our web site tayseerulquran.com.

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quran tajweed rules for kids elders

Quran Tajweed Rules for Kids & Elders

By Irfan Alam Tayseerulquran.com




What is Tajweed ?

Benefits of Learning Tajweed

Why is Tajweed important?

Rules of Tajweed Quran

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what is tajweed

Tajwīd is an Arabic word, which means enunciation. It deals with the rules associated with the pronunciation of the Qur'an. It stems from the root ǧ-w-d, which means to make well, make better, or improve. It means understanding and giving each letter, its rights and dues of characteristics and following those rules which prevail in different circumstances, while reciting Quran.

What is Tajweed ?

benefits of learning tajweed

Benefits of Learning Tajweed

To pronounce the letters correctly -such as people in whose language some of the Arabic letters, they have to try to learn the correct pronunciation but if they are unable to master it then they are excused, but their example should not be followed and they should be called upon to strive hardest to learn and correct their pronunciation. And none of them should lead prayer, unless he is leading other like him who cannot pronounce well either.

why is tajweed important

Why is Tajweed important?

The recitation of Holy Quran is a serious task; hence one must make sure that he is reciting it correctly.

Despite the fact that we recite Quran in our daily prayers, most of us do not know whether we are reciting it correctly according to its rules. It is a common confusion among people that how can they speak or understand Arabic language to recite the Quran when it is not even our mother tongue. This is a major hindrance in learning Tajweed.

For all these reasons, we are here to provide you with the necessary skills which will help you understand and recite Quran, following the correct pronunciation of each letter with the rules and regulations which relate to it, without any exaggeration or deficiency.

rules of tajweed quran

Rules of Tajweed Quran

When Islam was being spread (and it was done so at a very quick pace and also into non-Arab speaking countries) not everyone's tongue was accustomed to the Arabic letters and sounds. Thus, when reciting the Qur'an, much error and distortion occurred and the Muslim scholars feared (the perpetration of) that error and distortion.

It was at this point that some of them recorded the rules and foundations that regulate the correct pronunciation of Qur'an, and they named this the Science of Tajweed.

These letters are pronounced from three levels of throat

1.Bottom of the Throat

2. Middle of the Throat

3. Top of the Throat

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