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IBM WebSphere ILOG BRMS Release 7.1 PowerPoint Presentation
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IBM WebSphere ILOG BRMS Release 7.1

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IBM WebSphere ILOG BRMS Release 7.1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IBM WebSphere ILOG BRMS Release 7.1. Business Rule Management System. Agenda. Introduction to BRMS Business policies and Business rules Concept of operations IBM Websphere ILOG JRules IBM ILOG JRules for Smart SOA Conclusion.

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IBM WebSphere ILOG BRMS Release 7.1

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    1. IBM WebSphere ILOG BRMS Release 7.1 Business Rule Management System

    2. Agenda Introduction to BRMS Business policies and Business rules Concept of operations IBM Websphere ILOG JRules IBM ILOG JRules for Smart SOA Conclusion

    3. Business rules are crucial to operational systems, and they change over time. The traditional (ad hoc) approach of dealing with rule changes leads to… Issues Where Business Rules Typically Exist • Rules are hidden in code or isolated within the organization • Changes are hard to track and maintain over time • Rules used by systems have to be programmed and require IT resources • Duplication and multiple versions of the same rules • Lack of auditability, traceability • Decision changes cannot be easily tested or simulated Processes People Documents Applications Traditional Approach for Managing Decision Change • Reduced organizational agility • Reduced employee productivity • Increased load on IT

    4. The Smarter Approach – Easy, Safe, Reliable Change with BRMS Where Business Rules Typically Exist Processes People Documents Applications • Eliminate decision silos • Make decision logic accessible to Business and IT • Allow business users to manage rules • Implement fine-grained, context-specific decision automation • Reduce maintenance time/cost Business Rule Management System Rules are Defined, Analyzed and Maintained User Tools Rules are Stored and Shared Rule Repository Rules are Deployed, Executed and Monitored Rule Server August 22, 2014 4

    5. Redefined Application Change Cycle Days / Weeks Weeks / Months Developer Business - IT Decisions / Policies Functions /Tasks / Flow Implement Govern Design Code Publish Rules Execute Edit Trace

    6. Managing Change Across the Organization I need easy, efficient and reliable policy change delivery I need a comprehensive rules development and maintenance environment Development Rule Developer Rule Modeler Business Analyst Line of Business Business Partner Policy Manager Line of Business Manager I need performance, scalability, monitoring andreliability of operations Production IT Administrator System/Ops Manager

    7. Comprehensive Environments for Every User Rule Team Server Rule Studio Rule Solutions for Office WebSphere ILOG BRMS Developers Business Users Rule Execution Server Administrator August 22, 2014 7

    8. WebSphere ILOG BRMS – Full Rule Lifecycle Support System Administrator Rule Administrator Developer Policy Manager Business Analyst Model Analyze Author Validate Monitor Enterprise Rule Repository Test Execute Deploy August 22, 2014 8

    9. Agenda August 22, 2014 9 Introduction to BRMS Business policies and Business rules Concept of operations IBM Websphere ILOG JRules IBM ILOG JRules for Smart SOA Conclusion

    10. Business Rule Language if the type of claim is Veterinarycost then Processing type for claim is : Automate else Processing type for claim is : Manual • Supports all kind of rules: • Basic to cross validations • Derivations • Inference based rules • Calculations rules • Product offering • Underwriting • Scoring • Rating… • Customizable vocabulary specific to your organization, industry, application (etc.) • Supports language localization • Integrates with external data sources (e.g. list of countries) • Drop down lists for customized domain data • Templates facilitate new rule creation if the credit score of the borrower is less than 200 then add "Credit score below 200" to the messages of the loan reject the loan;

    11. Advanced Decision Tables Actions Built-inGap/Overlap Checking Automatic Rule Generation

    12. Decision Trees Values Actions Condition Built-in Gap/Overlap checking Automatic Rule generation

    13. Rule Authoring: Visual Decisioning Flow Graphical editor to model and control rule execution sequence (ruleflow) Function Task Rule Task Flow Conditions Pre/Post Conditions

    14. Examples of Customer BRMS Applications August 22, 2014 15

    15. Agenda August 22, 2014 16 Introduction to BRMS Business policies and Business rules Concept of operations IBM Websphere ILOG JRules IBM ILOG JRules for Smart SOA Conclusion

    16. Rule Editing with Domain Specific Languages • CustomerInfo • name • birthday • getNumAccidents() • isHighRiskDriver() • … Rule Developer / Business User Developer IT / Business • “client” • le nom du ... • l’anniversaire du ... • Le nombre d’accidents du ... • le ... est un conducteur à risque • … Business Object Model Rule Vocabulary Business Rule Language • “customer” • the name of … • the birthday of … • the number of accidents of … • the … is a high risk driver • … Rule: High risk driver if the birthday of customer is after 12/9/1975andthe number of accidents of customer is at least 3 thenset the customer as a high risk driver • Automatic generation of the rule vocabulary. • Comprehensive industry focused business terms to define its data and associated actions. • Localizable vocabulary Règle: Conducteur à risque si L’anniversaire du client est après le 12/9/1975etle nombre d’accident du client est au moins 3 alorsClasser le client comme conducteur à risque

    17. Flexible Rule Deployment with Versioning Rule Maintenance Runtime Ruleset A RuleApp AB Version 1.0 Rule 1 Version 1.0 Ruleset A Version 1.0 Ruleset B Version 1.0 Version 1.1 Version 2.0 (Current version) Baselines Ruleset Snapshot <Date> Rule 2 RuleApp AB Version 2.0 Version 1.0 Version 1.1 Ruleset B Version 1.0 Ruleset A Version 2.0 Ruleset B Rule 3 Version 1.0 Version 2.0 (Current version) Rule 4

    18. Flexible Rule Deployment with Versioning Business Rule Management Rule Governance Rule Query Rule Overriding Rule Lifecycle Rule Analysis Rule Permission Rule Team Server Repository Rule Hierarchy Rule Status Rule Versioning Rule Reporting Rule Testing Simulation Rule Templates

    19. Agenda August 22, 2014 21 Introduction to BRMS Business policies and Business rules Concept of operations IBM Websphere ILOG JRules IBM ILOG JRules for Smart SOA Conclusion

    20. WebSphere ILOG JRules 7.1 Components Design Maintain Share Custom Web Applications Deploy Rules for COBOL Rule Studio Development Rule Solutions for Office Rule Team Server Decision Validation Services Line Of Business Rule Repository Transparent Decision Services Rule Execution Server Production

    21. Rule Team Server Intellirule editor Single-click edit in RSO without publish/update Completeness report Permission setting on Servers Rule Solutions for Office Ruleflow editor Decision Validation Services Domain support in Excel scenario provider User-defined report name Hyperlink on rules in test/sim report Side by Side Simulation (or Test Suite) comparison Decision Warehouse Rule Session MDB Decision ID support for rule session MDB, TDS WebSphere 6.1, 7.0, WebLogic 10, JBoss 4.2, 5.0 Rule Session EJB Rule Execution Server New maximum idle time ruleset property Ruleset usage monitor Profiling for estimated ruleset memory size Ruleset caching extension point Ruleset Testing in RES console Synchronization WebDav support RTS-RSO synchronization Selective push synchronization Rule Studio for Java Rule project statistics Ruleflow editor convergence Ruleset build automation Intellirule editor improvements SCA component export wizard Eclipse 3.4 port (V7.0.2) JRules to .NET deployment 360° new features review (Release 7.1)

    22. Rule Studio (RS) Rule Studio • Developers • Business Analysts Eclipse-based Development Environment

    23. RS: Low Cost of Ownership for Developers Ease to learn Familiar environment Project map for new users Follows Eclipse style and design guidelines Easy to use Auto-completion in rule text editor Re-factoring Wizard-driven Java, XML, WSDL data integration Productivity Integrated Rules and Java debugging Rule Studio

    24. RS: Strong Support for Business Analysts Business rule modeling support Business Object Model Business vocabulary Templates creation If..then..else, Decision tables and decision trees RuleFlow Support for large organizations Modular Business Object Model Modular Project organization Semantic queries Rule Studio

    25. Selective Push RS-RTS synchronization (New) • Select based on • Artifact type • Query results Rule Studio (Eclipse-based) Also available for headless synchronization "-selector [query] : BQL Query to select rules to be synchronized\n" Rule Team Server • Value • Just synchronize what needs to be updated • Optimizes synchronization time for big rule projects

    26. Increasing business logic completeness (New) • New in 7.1: • Rule project completeness checking • Query based completeness analysis • Gaps detection and correction suggestion

    27. RS: Integration with SD Infrastructure Asset Management JRules Projects Artifacts stored as file SCC Integration through Eclipse Reporting Build & Deployment Management Interactive Batch Mode Test Management Decision Validation Services Interactive and Batch Test Executions Rule Studio

    28. Rule Team Server (RTS) • Line Of Business • Analysts • Policy Manager Rule Team Server Web-based Management Environment

    29. RTS: Web-based Console for Rule Maintenance Rule Team Server Access rule artifacts concurrently without conflict or delay Represent complex policies using rule overrides and hierarchies Take control of very large rulebases with Smart Views, easy search and reporting Get automatic notification of potential rule conflicts, redundancies See where rules are used across projects using queries Hot-deploy rule changes in minutes Secure, integrated with enterprise security facility including single sign-on

    30. RTS: Easy To Use, Easy To Learn Domain-specific rule vocabulary Simple, consistent UI metaphors Template support Wizard-based dialogs Guided rule editors Real-time error checking Online help Rule Team Server

    31. Authoring Plain English, Decision Table, Decision Tree Quick edit mode using MS Office Templates Managing Queries Smart Views Version Management Baseline Validating Syntactic Check Semantic Check Semantic Queries Testing / Simulating Decision Validation Services Auditing Version Management Baseline Query-based reporting Deploying Query base Extraction Rule service management Administration and configuration Authorization policies Rule Service Display Options RTS: A Complete Set Of Capabilities Rule Team Server

    32. Extended rule authoring experience (New) Direct MS edit mode • New in RTS 7.1: • Direct access to MS editing • Ruleflow edition thru Word • Automatic synchronization • Automatic lock of edited elements One click Decision Table in MS Excel Action rules in MS Word Rule Flow in MS Word

    33. Extended rule authoring experience (New) Intellirule Rule editor in RTS • New in RTS 7.1: • Guided rule writing in RTS • Automated text completion • Hierarchical display • Problem list view • Selectable rule editors

    34. 3rd party document repository based RTS-RSO (New) synchronization WebDav Support • New in 7.1: • WebDav integration • Synchronization between RTS and RSO documents stored in WebDav compliant document repositories

    35. RTS: Enterprise Grade Rule Management 3600 view of the enterprise business rules Project-based approach Meta-data support Smart views Semantic queries Secure Integrated with Enterprise security facility including single sign-on Role-based access Version control Complete Rule creation / modification / testing & simulation / hot deployment Auditable All artifact modifications are stored and versioned Project Baseline can be created and restored at any time Designed for scalability RDBMS-based repository Internationalization (i18n) Rule Team Server

    36. RTS: Ready for Customization Custom Web Interface Out-of-the-box (OOTB) Interface Screens and access configuration using RTS configuration menus Custom web interface using JRules Web components Personalization using RTS customization APIs Rule Team Server Customized Interface Rules Repository

    37. Rule Execution Server (RES) • Rule Administrator • System Administrator • Rule Auditor Rule Execution Server Managed Execution Environment

    38. RES– High Performance and Scalability High performance and scalableruleexecution Support transactional and batch rule execution Inference (forward-chaining) and sequential rule engine Cluster enabled Integrate with Java, XML, WSDL Exposes rule services as Rule Session (POJO, EJB or MDB) Transparent Decision Services (Web Services) Rule services management & monitoring Rule Persistence and Versioning Rule Execution statistics & trace JMX-based administration console Rule Execution Server

    39. Providing detailed ruleset usage statistics for Administrator (New) • Better transparency • On the usage • On the consumption

    40. Support Java XOM based Ruleset and Decision Service (New) Requires RAD 7.5 and SCA 1.0.1 SupportPac for WebSphere Application Server 7.0 • New in 7.1: • Java based ruleset can be exposed as Decision services

    41. RES: Decision Warehouse Included with Decision Validation Services Traces decisions in production applications Logs execution trace Input / Output data Execution results Executed Tasks Rules Fired Queries Open API to connect 3rd Party BI tools Rule Execution Server

    42. Decision Warehouse – Hyperlink to RTS Rule Execution Server

    43. Decision Warehouse Architecture Operational System Reporting and Analysis Existing Database Rule Execution Server Execution Components Extension Transform & Store Management Console Store Traces Query Third-party BI Tool Decision Traces Historical Traces Generate Report Decision Traces BORROWER LOAN Rule Execution Server

    44. Rule Solutions For Office (RSO) Rule Solutions for Office MS Office Excel • Line Of Business • Subject Matter Expert MS Office Word Business user rule authoring and maintenance using Microsoft Office Word and Excel

    45. RSO: Empowering Business Users Rule Solutions for Office • Decision table editing in MS Excel 2007 • Automatic Spread sheet generation from RTS • Additional DT menus in MS Excel • Automatic Gap / Overlap detection in the spreadsheet • Action rules and RuleFlow editing in MS Word 2007 • Automatic Document generation from RTS • Additional Rule menus in MS Word • Guided rule edition in Word • Vocabulary access

    46. RSO: Publish Ruledocs from RTS Publish Rule Solutions for Office Rule Team Server Rule Solutions for Office Rule Filter Rule Organization Locale Selection

    47. RSO: Editing a Decision Table in MS Excel Decision Table Toolbar Artifact Properties Gap / Overlap Highlight Rule Solutions for Office Problem List MS Office Excel Automatic rule translation

    48. RSO: Editing an Action rule in MS Word Rule Toolbar RuleDoc Outline Business Vocabulary Rule Solutions for Office Problem List MS Office Word Guided editor with automatic completion

    49. RSO: Editing a Rule Flow in MS Word (New) Rule Toolbar Business Vocabulary Complete Graphical toolbar Rule Solutions for Office Problem List MS Office Word Graphical editor

    50. RSO: Updating Ruledocs in RTS Update Rule Solutions for Office Rule Team Server Rule Solutions for Office Synchronization Action