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  1. BOTHARWADI …Near Pune

  2. land LAND INVESTMENT Land is real Unlike shares Land is tangible - it can be visited, seen and walked on. Limited supply on land With the population growing at an explosive rate, there is a shortage of land for housing thus, prime land is always in demand. And this is good news for investors. An economical way to invest in property It is affordable than developed property with high growth potential. Also the cost of land on an average appreciates faster than property. Don’t wait to buy land… BUY LAND and wait !!!

  3. pune PUNE – The Detroit of India Pune has finally emerged from the shadows of Mumbai to forge its own identity as a business city. It has become a major industrial centre. It is home to one of the world's largest two-wheeler manufacturers — Bajaj Auto. Positioned by the state government as the latest and best IT destination, Pune in the past few years has witnessed a slew of IT parks being sanctioned, the largest of which is in Hinjewadi. Though being the seventh-largest city in India, Pune has the sixth largest metropolitan economy and the highest per capita income in India. These developments have converted several suburbs into cosmopolitan towns, and real-estate prices are booming.

  4. pune PUNE – Major Developments Hinjewadi IT Park - Hosts major international IT companies some of them being … IBM,TCS, Infosys etc. Lavasa City – For the first time in Asia, a city, just 48 kms from Pune, spread over 10,000 acres of beautiful plush green, lake touching property. A unique concept using international design where in one has access to international facilities such as the finest in educational institutions, medical care and hospitality within the township. Pirangute Industrial Estate – Major Manufacturing companies have set up their bases in this estate. Major companies being… Cummims, Enertech UPS, Profiala Biologicals, MGI Coutier Exotech Industries etc.

  5. botharwadi THE PRODUCT In close proximity to all these developments Expat offer an excellent LAND INVESTMENT opportunity Located in Botharwadi Spread across 100 acres of land 1 unit = 1 to 5 Acres Actual site picture

  6. OUR OFFER • 45 lacs per acre • 50% Down Payment • 50% - 12 EMI • Motorable Road to the property • Demarcation offer

  7. location LOCATION Located in Botharwadi 1 km (approx) from Proposed Ring Road 4 kms from Pirangute Industrial Estate 4.5kms from Gothwade Phata. 7 kms from Manas Resort 16 kms from Chandini Chowk. 17 kms from Kothrud 19.5 kms from Hinjewadi IT Park. 24 kms from Lavasa City 27 kms from Pune Station


  9. Satellite image of Botharwadi. Pirangut By- pass SH towards Mulshi Road From Chandani Chowk Road from Hinjewadi

  10. 4 track road Hinjewadi Gothawde Phata Chandni Chowk

  11. RETURNS ON INVESTMENT Rs. + Sell High Rs. + Proposed Ring Road Rs. + Hinjewadi IT Park, Lavasa City, Pirangute Industrial Estate Ensures a definite appreciation in the near future + Rs. Upcoming developments around the property like Aditya Shagun, Raheja, Sai farms + Rs. Bench marking: The rates in that area is around 60 – 80 per acre Rs. + Road, Water, Electricity Rs.45 lacs Buy Low