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Advancing Sustainable Hydropower

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Advancing Sustainable Hydropower - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advancing Sustainable Hydropower. Sustainable Hydropower Development Dr. Terry Moss, Vice President International Hydropower Association (IHA)

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Presentation Transcript
Advancing Sustainable Hydropower

Sustainable Hydropower Development

Dr. Terry Moss, Vice President International Hydropower Association (IHA)

Bi-regional North America and Latin America and the Caribbean WEC Forum Energy and Water; The Issues in the American Continent, Mexico City 2-4 November 2008








Power Generation by Type (17,530 TWh in 2005)



Values are percentages. Sources: IHA/IEA,2006/REN21,2006

growth in electricity generation twh
Growth in Electricity Generation (TWh)


Wind + Biomass

+ geothermal

+ solar

growth in electricity generation twh5
Growth in Electricity Generation (TWh)

Fossil Fuels


Wind + Biomass + geothermal + solar

World’s realistic potential developed: ~ 1/3

Current hydro production: 2889 TWh/y

Realistic potential production: ~ 8600 TWh/y







“For non-OECD countries, hydroelectric plants produced 1546 TWh

or 21.1% of total gross production reported in 2004.

This represents a 9.8% increase over the previous year.

Hydro production reported by non-OECD countries has increased at an

annual average rate of 4.7% since 1973.” – IEA Electricity Information, 2006

Source: World Atlas of Hydropower & Dams, 2002

top 10 reasons for hydropower

Top 10 reasons for hydropower

Hydropower is a renewable source of energy

Hydropower supports the development of other renewables

Hydropower fosters energy security and price stability

Hydropower contributes to fresh water storage

Hydropower improves electric grid stability and reliability

Hydropower helps fight climate change

Hydropower can reduce pollution

Hydropower makes a significant contribution to development

Hydropower means clean, affordable power

Hydropower is a key tool for sustainable development

Hydropower contributes to grid stability and stores energy

Hydropower’s crucial role in system integration and promotion of other renewable energies

International Hydropower Association (IHA)
  • Non-governmental mutual association of organizations and professionals working or studying in the hydropower sector.
  • Founded in 1995, under the auspices of UNESCO, to advance knowledge on all aspects of hydropower and to promote good practice.
  • Mission: Advancing Sustainable Hydropower
  • Vision: Advancing hydropower’s role in meeting the world’s water and energy needs by:
    • Championing continuous improvement and sustainable practices
    • Building consensus through strong partnerships with other stakeholders
    • Driving initiatives to increase the contribution of the renewables sector, especially hydropower.
iha membership
IHA Membership

20 Sponsors, total of 107 Corporate Members

IHA Strategic Plan
  • 2007-2009

Priorities to Create and Deliver Value

IHA Central Office & Governance

Priorities to Create and Deliver Value



  • Influence policy
  • Advance shared values through co-operation and alliances
  • Establish specific programmes to advance sustainable hydropower
  • Create an effective communications strategy (inc. empowerment of ambassadors)


IHA Congress External Events & Communications

Water, Energy

& Climate Change

Sustainability standard

  • Increase financial resources (sources and scale)
  • Broaden membership base
  • Structure for effective operational performance
addressing the role of hydropower in international water policy
Addressing the Role of Hydropower in International Water Policy

Represent hydropower at the Fifth World Water Forum, Istanbul March 2009

Coordinate topic and sessions at the World Water Forum Topic Water for Energy, Energy for Water

IHA Contribution to the World Water Development Report

ensuring hydro s role in renewable energy policy
Ensuring Hydro’s role in Renewable Energy Policy

Participating at key renewable energy policy meetings

Key energy policy conferences

Most recent: 2008 Washington International Renewable Energy Conference (WIREC)

Global Energy Assessment

Lead author in the Global Energy Assessment report

International Renewable Energy Alliance (IREA)

Working in partnership with other renewable energy technologies

Members are: International Hydropower Association, International Geothermal Association, World Wind Energy Association, International Solar Energy Association

hydropower and climate change
Hydropower and Climate Change

Addressing the GHG Status of Freshwater Reservoirs:

UNESCO / IHA Greenhouse Gas Project


To develop measurement guidance for net GHG measurements

To develop guidance and assessment tools for mitigation of GHG emissions due to the construction of a freshwater reservoir in tropical and sub-tropical regions

To develop predictive modelling tools in order to quantify the net GHG emission from a freshwater reservoir

Clean Development Mechanism Executive Board is waiting for the expert community, including the UNESCO / IHA Greenhouse Gas Initiative, to conclude its work before admitting new or changed hydropower related methodologies.

hydropower and climate change18
Hydropower and Climate Change

Addressing the Possible Role and Contribution of

Hydropower to the Mitigation of Climate Change

Collaborating with the CDM Methodologies Panel on a hydro-specific methodology to quantify carbon offsets

Working to ensure a level playing field for hydropower projects in the CDM, with a focus on the European Trading System ETS (Linking Directive)

Contributing to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Contributing to IPCC National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Initiative

hydropower markets and investment
Hydropower Markets and Investment

Clean Development Mechanism

Ensuring that all forms of hydropower are included in renewable energy policies and institutions

Dialogue with the Clean Development Mechanism Executive Board

Working towards a hydropower sustainability standard - which can help access finance and comply with regulations

Working on the bankability of hydropower projects

Studies and surveys on financing models

Asian Development Bank & the World Bank: observers to IHA Board

Equator banks represented in Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum

Asset value

Working on Water, Energy and Climate Policy to ensure the positive image/perception of the role of hydropower


Working with members to build a database on hydropower deployment and financing to ensure adequate representation of hydropower in policy coverage and decision-making

IHA Sustainability Initiative





Striking a balance

on a foundation of sound technology

iha sustainability guidelines
IHA Sustainability Guidelines

Sustainability Assessment Protocol

Sustainable Hydro


UNESCO/IHA Excellence Award

Sustainability Standard

iha sustainability guidelines and protocol
IHA Sustainability Guidelines and Protocol

Adopted in 2004

Adopted in 2006

Sustainability Assessment Protocol

Training Workshops

Several IHA Sustainability training workshops have already taken place worldwide, e.g. in Turkey, USA, Canada, Brazil (2007-2008)

hydropower sustainability assessment forum
Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum


Within a two-year period, establish a broadly endorsed sustainability assessment tool to measure and guide performance in the hydropower sector.


1. to deliver an enhanced Protocol that can be endorsed by a range of key stakeholder organizations, and

2. to make recommendations on pathways towards a sustainability standard for the hydropower sector.

hydropower sustainability assessment forum25
Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum

IHA Protocol Reference Group




Donor Government



and IHA Coordinator



Developing Country


Financing agency


members of the hydropower sustainability assessment forum
Members of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum

Developing Countries

Dr Yu Xuezhong, Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research

Mr Zhou Shichun, Hydropower and Water Resources Planning and Design General Institute, PR China

Mr Israel Phiri, Manager PPI, Ministry of Energy and Water Development, Zambia

Developed Countries

Mr Hans Olav Ibrekk, Project Manger Environment, Norad, Norway

Prof Gudni A Johannesson, Director General, National Energy Authority, Iceland

Ms Kirsten Nyman, Policy Advisor for Sustainable Hydropower, GTZ, Germany (observer)

Environmental Aspects

Mr David Harrison, Senior Advisor, Global Freshwater Team, The Nature Conservancy

Dr Joerg Hartmann, Lead, Dams Initiative, World Wildlife Fund

Social Aspects

Mr Michael Simon, Lead, Development Banks/NRM, Oxfam

Dr Donal O’Leary, Water Sector Specialist, Transparency International

Economic (Financing) Aspects

Ms Courtney Lowrance, Environmental Specialist, Equator Principles Financial Institutions Group

Ms Daryl Fields, Senior Water Resources Specialist, World Bank (observer)

Hydro Sector

Dr Refaat Abdel-Malek, President, International Hydropower Association (IHA)

Mr Andrew Scanlon, Coordinating Author, IHA Sustainability Assessment Protocol

iha congress 22 26 june 2009 in reykjavik iceland registration www hydropower org
IHA Congress: 22-26 June 2009 in Reykjavik, IcelandRegistration:

(Partners from IHA Congress 2007)

Contact details:

Dr. Terry Moss, Vice President

International Hydropower Association

[email protected]

IHA Central Office (Fifth Floor, West)

Nine Sutton Court Road

London Borough of Sutton

SM1 4SZ - United Kingdom

Tel: +44 208 652 5290

Email: [email protected]