dear all welcome to ichs4 n.
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DEAR ALL, WELCOME TO ICHS4! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. DEAR ALL,WELCOME TO ICHS4! With Support from Natural Resources Canada

  2. IA HySafe and International Collaboration Andrei V. Tchouvelev President, IA HySafe

  3. Vision and Mission Vision Hydrogen will be introduced as a safe and sustainable energy carrier. Mission To facilitate the internationalcoordination, development and dissemination of hydrogen safety knowledge by being the focal point for hydrogen safety research, education and training.

  4. HySafe Membership L'Air Liquide Technical University of Denmark Kurchatov Institue Kingston University Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres A.V.Tchouvelev & Associates Inc. Sandia National Laboratories Pacific Northwest National Laboratories FM Global Netherlands Organization of Applied Scientific Research TNO Ad Matthijsen (RIVM) H2SAFE, LLC Centro Nacional de Experimentación en Tecnologías del Hidrógeno y las Pilas de Combustible BAM CEA Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft FZJ Jülich Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie KIT GexCon AS Health and Safety Labroratory Fundacion INASMET INERIS National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos" University of Calgary Università di Pisa Universidad Politécnica de Madrid University of Ulster Warsaw University of Technology

  5. HySafe Membership 29 members: public institutions, national labs, universities and private companies. 22 from Europe and 7 form North America. Looking for representation from other regions of the world. Secretary: Benno Weinberger, INERIS

  6. HySafe Committees – Conference Chair – Marco Carcassi, UNIPI 2005 – Pisa, Italy 2007 – San Sebastian, Spain 2009 – Ajaccio, France 2011 – San Francisco, USA 2013 – Brussels, Belgium 2015 – TBD

  7. HySafe Committees – Industry Chair – Herve Barthelemy, Air Liquide Link with relevant ISO TCs: 197 (Hydrogen Technologies), 220 (Cryogenic Vessels), 58 (Gas Cylinders) Industry related topics: composite cylinders, fast filling, effect of H2 on metals, H2 indoors and in enclosures, risk-informed safety distances Accident / incident databases and lessons learned: HIAD, EIGA, collaboration with – Don’t miss the demo presentation during reception today! Collaboration on failure frequency data collection and analysis

  8. HySafe Committees – PR & Dissemination Chair – Ulrich Schmidtchen, BAM IA HySafe website and communications Participation in the Hannover Industrial Fairs Support of the International Short Course and Advanced Research Workshop series "Progress in Hydrogen Safety" (ISCARW) organized by the University of Ulster Educational hydrogen safety workshops

  9. HySafe Committees – Research Chair – Alexei Kotchourko, KIT Address knowledge gaps in hydrogen safety and, thus, provide scientific input to safety C&S development organizations and industry Input to relevant ISO TCs and IEA HIA Task 31 work plan CFD Club: SBEP (simulation benchmark) workshops Publication of BRHS (bi-annual report on hydrogen safety)

  10. HySafe New Activities Liaison with IAHE – new joint committee on hydrogen safety managed by IA HySafe to solidify HySafe’s global leadership position in hydrogen safety Preparing publication of a series of special hydrogen safety issues in IJHE and developing a foundation for a International Journal on Hydrogen Safety

  11. HySafe Executive Boardand Contacts Andrei Tchouvelev, President, Thomas Jordan, Vice President, Iñaki Azkarate, Treasurer, Benno Weinberger, Secretary, Marco Carcassi, Chair, Conference Committee, Herve Barthelemy, Chair, Industry Committee, Ulrich Schmidtchen, Chair, PR & Dissemination Committee, Alexei Kotchourko, Chair, Research Committee,

  12. Vision and Mission Vision Hydrogen will be introduced as a safe and sustainable energy carrier. Mission To facilitate the international coordination, development and dissemination of hydrogen safety knowledge by being the focal point for hydrogen safety research, education and training.

  13. Safety What do “safe” and “safety” mean? Safety is defined only by societal values and priorities

  14. Safety and Risk Safety is a societal construct and, thus, cannot be calculated. It varies as per societal needs. Safety is freedom from unacceptable risk.(ISO/IEC Guide 51) Safety can only be measured through risk, which is a technical construct and can be calculated: if risk is within an acceptable / tolerable limit, the condition is deemed to be “safe”. Tolerance, however, varies globally!

  15. Safety and Risk Yanus Bifrons, Vatican Museum Safety is a societal side of risk! … Or risk is a technical side of safety!

  16. Safety and Risk Communicating vessels Higher level of safety means lower acceptable level of risk.

  17. Uniform Risk and Harm Criteria Hydrogen, as a universal energy carrier, may be an “agent” of uniform safety via implementation of uniform risk and harm criteria. Once applied to hydrogen technologies worldwide, they will help establish uniform acceptability or tolerance levels of risk and, hence, safety. References:IEA Task 19 Hydrogen Safety Effort In Developing Uniform Risk Acceptance Criteria For The Hydrogen Infrastructure, WHEC 17, 2008 Development of uniform harm criteria for use in quantitative risk analysis of the hydrogen infrastructure, IJHE 2010

  18. Keep Up The Good Work and Be Safe! Uniform safety won’t happen overnight… It will take years of hard work in research, product development, commercialization, education and training. Safety knowledge and experience sharing and dissemination is key – long live ICHS! So, keep up the good work and be SAFE  HAVE A GREAT CONFERENCE!

  19. Endorsement: Support from the National Resources Canada THANK YOU VERY MUCH Sponsors: