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Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, UK National Physical Laboratory, UK Texas A&M University, USA

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Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, UK National Physical Laboratory, UK Texas A&M University, USA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spin Hall effect. J. Wunderlich (1) , B. Kästner (1,2) , J. Sinova (3) , T. Jungwirth (4,5). Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, UK National Physical Laboratory, UK Texas A&M University, USA Institute of Physics ASCR, Czech Republic University of Nottingham, UK.

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Presentation Transcript

Spin Hall effect

J. Wunderlich(1), B. Kästner(1,2), J. Sinova (3), T. Jungwirth (4,5)

  • Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, UK
  • National Physical Laboratory, UK
  • Texas A&M University, USA
  • Institute of Physics ASCR, Czech Republic
  • University of Nottingham, UK

Collaborators: Allan MacDonald, Dimitri Culcer,Ewelina Hankeiwc,Qian Niu, Kentaro Nomura,Nikolai Sinitsyn, Laurens Molenkamp, Winfried Teizer


SHE - Theory(

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  • --------

Covered by T.J.


SHE - Experiment(

  • Wunderlich:2004_a 
    • J. Wunderlich, et al. "Experimental observation of the spin-Hall effect in a two dimensional spin-orbit coupled semiconductor system", Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 047204 (2005):
    • preprint cond-mat/0410295: on-line
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Covered by J.W.



- Theory remarks

- Comments on experiments

Kerr microscope

Co-planar spin LED

SHE in a bulk


SHE in a 2D

hole gas

[Wunderlich et. al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 047204]

[Kato et. al., Science 306, 1910]



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



+ + + + + + + + + + + + +



Ordinary and quantum Hall effects

Lorentz force deflect like-charge particles


Resistance standard;

fractional-charge carriers


Sign and density of

carriers; holes in SC












Anomalous Hall effect

Spin-orbit coupling “force” deflects like-spin particles


Simple electrical measurement

of magnetization











Spin Hall effect

Spin-orbit coupling “force” deflects like-spinparticles

Spin-current generation in non-magnetic systems

without applying external magnetic fields

Spin accumulation without charge accumulation

excludes simple electrical detection





Spin-orbit coupling (relativistic effect)


an electric field

Ingredients: - potential V(r)

- motion of an electron


In the rest frame of an electron

the electric field generates and

effective magnetic field

- gives an effective interaction with the electron’s

magnetic moment




Skew scattering off impurity potential (Extrinsic SHE/AHE)

If only this SO effect then much too weak to give a sizable SHE/AHE


SO-coupling from host atoms (Intrinsic SHE/AHE)

l=0 for electrons  weak SO

l=1 for holes  strong SO

Enhanced in asymmetric QW

intrinsic ahe approach explains many experiments
Intrinsic AHE approach explains many experiments
  • (Ga,Mn)As systems [Jungwirth et al PRL 02, APL 03]
  • Fe [Yao et al PRL 04]
  • Layered 2D ferromagnets such as SrRuO3 and pyrochlore ferromagnets [Onoda and Nagaosa, J. Phys. Soc. Jap. 01,Taguchi et al., Science 01, Fang et al Science 03, Shindou and Nagaosa, PRL 01]
  • Manganites, [Ye et al. PRL 99]
  • Ferromagnetic spinel CuCrSeBr [Lee et al. Science 04]


sAH  1000 (W cm)-1


sAH  750 (W cm)-1

INTRINSIC SPIN-HALL EFFECT:[Murakami et al Science 2003 (cond-mat/0308167)Sinova et al PRL 2004 (cont-mat/0307663)]

Let’s start with a simple model: Rashba SO coupling in a 2DEGs

Inversion symmetry

 no R-SO

Broken inversion symmetry

 R-SO

[Bychkov and Rashba 84]


Heuristic argument: z-component of spin due to precession in effective "Zeeman" field

Classical dynamics in k-dependent (Rashba) field:

LLG equations for small drift adiabatic solution:

classical and kubo formula give the same spin hall conductivity
Classical and Kubo formula give the same spin-Hall conductivity

Color plot of spin-Hall conductivity:

yellow=e/8π and red=0

disorder effects beyond the born approximation for rashba 2deg
Disorder effects: beyond the Born approximation for Rashba 2DEG

Question: Are there any other major effects beyond the finite life time broadening? Can vertex corrections be ignored?

Mal'shukov et al, PRL 04

Raimondi et al, PRB 04

Khaetskii, cond-mat/0408136

Loss et al, cond-mat/0407342 v2

Inoue, Bauer, Molenkamp PRB 04

Ladder sum vertex correction:


Spin Hall effect ?

Intrinsic cancelled by vertex

corrections for infinitely weak


Extrinsic too weak to give

any sizable effect


Ways to solve (go around) the controversy:

- Skew scattering in SO-coupled bands  not done yet

- Intrinsic SHE in Rashba-SO systems beyond

perturbation theory by solving Kubo formula exactly

 inconclusive (finite-size effects)

[Nomura et al. PRB '05]

- Other than Rashba-SO systems (intrinsic AHE explains experiments here)

[Bernevig, Zhang, cond-mat/0411457,


 vertex corrections vanish in all

other studied SO-systems (bulk, 2DHG,..)


- Look at transport in mesoscopic systems instead

of conductivity in the thermodynamic limit

[Nikolic et al., cond-mat/0412595]

[Hankiewicz et al., PRB 04]


- Measure the effect

Kato, Myars, Gossard, Awschalom, [Science 306, 1910]

"Observation of the spin Hall effect

in semiconductors"

Local Kerr effect in n-type GaAs and InGaAs:

~0.03% polarization

Bulk semiconductor  stronger disorder

n-type material  weaker SO-coupling

Not in the intrinsic SHE regime


Experiment “A”




CP [%]


Experiment “B”



CP [%]


E [eV]

Wunderlich, Kästner, Sinova, Jungwirth, [Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 047204]

Experimental observation of the spin-Hall effect in a two dimensional

spin-orbit coupled semiconductor system

Co-planar spin LED in GaAs 2D hole gas: ~1% polarization


3D electron-2D hole





η [meV]


S [e/8]




E [meV]





10 20 30


p2D [1011 cm-2]

-0.2 0.0 0,2

ky [nm-1]

Self-consistent LDA & 6-band

calculations for the [001] QW

Modulation doping  weak disorder

p-type asymmetric QW  strong SO

Close to the intrinsic SHE regime


Dissipative spin-polarized currents

in non-magnetic systems at B=0

Spin-current is along the applied electric field  proportional to

non-equilibriumdistribution function

asymmetric scattering involving spin-flip

[Ganichev et al.,cond-mat/0403641, Silov et al. APL 04]


Dissipationless intrinsic spin Hall effect

● Heuristic argument: transverse spin current generated between scattering events

Sinova, Culcer, Niu, Sinitsyn, Jungwirth,

MacDonald, PRL 92, 126603 (2004)

● Boltzman equation for current: transverse anomalous velocity in the equilibrium

band structure due to combined E and SO effects

Jungwirth, Niu, MacDonald, Phys. Rev. Lett. (2002)

Murakami, Nagaosa, Zhang, Science 301, 1348-1351 (2003).

normal group velocity

anomalous velocity

Berry curvature: M.V. Berry, Proc. Royal Soc. London (1984)


Caution: the dissipationless transverse intrinsic SHE is accompanied

by a dissipative longitudinal response to the electric field