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Presented by: Jennifer L. Pricci Account Executive, WHTZ-FM Z100 NY.917.542.5620 | NJ.201.209.6220 | Cell.646.246. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presented by: Jennifer L. Pricci Account Executive, WHTZ-FM Z100 NY.917.542.5620 | NJ.201.209.6220 | Cell.646.246.5176 [email protected] Our Happy Family. Target: A18-34 Median Age: 24 Format: Urban Contemporary 61% Female / 39% Male

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Presented by:

Jennifer L. Pricci

Account Executive, WHTZ-FM Z100

NY.917.542.5620 | NJ.201.209.6220 | Cell.646.246.5176

[email protected]

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Our Happy Family...

Target: A18-34

Median Age: 24

Format: Urban Contemporary

61% Female / 39% Male

66% Black, 22% Hispanic, 13% Other

Target: A25-49

Median Age: 36

Format: Rhythmic Adult Contemporary

54% Female / 46% Male

13% Black, 34% Hispanic, 53% Other

Target: A18-34

Median Age: 26

Format: Contemporary Hits Radio

64% Female / 36% Male

12% Black, 24% Hispanic, 63% Other

#1 Morning Show in NY A25-54!

Target: A25-54

Median Age: 45

Format: (New York’s Only) Classic Rock

32% Female / 68% Male

3% Black, 7% Hispanic, 90% Other

Target: A25-54

Median Age: 49

Format: Adult Contemporary

66% Female / 34% Male

17% Black, 15% Hispanic, 68% Other

Source: 2007 Research Director, Inc.

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...Reaches Across Key Demos



25 35 45 55+

Source: 2007 Research Director, Inc.

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Young and Old...

  • Z100 is Grown Up!

  • While strong with the 12-17 portion of the New York market, Z100 is truly an adult radio station. On a Mon-Fri 6a-7p AQH basis, 82% of Z100's listening comes from Adults, with 25-34 being the station’s largest demo cell. The average age of Z100's listener is 31 years.

  • Audience Composition

  • In an average week, almost eighteen percent (17.9%) of the “Other” New York population ages 12+ tunes to Z100.

  • This is also strong in target cume demos. In an average week, WHTZ-FM reaches:

    • 54.8% of all “Other” Women 18-24 - #1 in the market

    • 40.4% of all “Other” Women 25-34 - #1 in the market

    • 44.5% of all “Other” Persons 18-24 - #1 in the market

    • 31.7% of all “Other” Persons 25-34 - #1 in the market

Source: 2007 Research Director, Inc.

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Z100 Reigns #1!

New York’s #1 Hit Music Station

Z100 is a consistent leader in the New York market. While other stations constantly move up and down the ranker, Z100 maintains its leadership position.

Z100 CUME Adults 18 – 49

Monday – Sunday 6AM – 12Mid

Source: 2007 Research Director, Inc.

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Competitive Landscape

Z100 Has the Competitive Edge

Z100 has the clear advantage over our biggest competitor, WPLJ-FM across all demographic groups!


Monday – Sunday 6AM – 12Mid

Source: 2007 Research Director, Inc.

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Our Loyal Following...

Reaching the Right Demo Cells

Z100's audience is not over dependent on a single demo cell, but is spread across numerous important demo cells.

Daypart Consistency

Z100 reaches a large audience of 18-49 year old consumers in every daypart. Few stations are successful at holding a top rank in every daypart all week long.

Strong Exclusive Cume

Exclusive listeners are those consumers who tune only to one station during a given daypart. Z100 is a strong station for reaching exclusive listeners in the market. Z100 reaches 123,700 Adults 18-49 each week who listen exclusively to WHTZ-FM, ranking #1.

Source: 2007 Research Director, Inc.

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...Has Money to Spend

High Household Incomes

1 out of every 2 of Z100's female 18-49 listeners live in a household with an annual income that exceeds $75,000 (Cume, Mon-Sun 6AM-12M). And, Z100 is a top station reaching Adults and Women of all ages who live in households with an annual income of $75,000+.

Source: 2007 Research Director, Inc.

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Everywhere & Anywhere...

  • Reaches At-Work Listeners

  • Z100 is a great place to target your customers during the busy workday. On a M-F 9A-5P Cume basis, Z100 ranks #3 with Women 18-49.

  • Great In-Car Listening

  • Z100 is a top way to influence in-car listeners. This great delivery follows across all major demos. On a M-F 6A-10A+10A-3P AQH basis, Z100 ranks:

    • #1 with Women 18-49

    • #1 with Adults 18-49

    • #2 with Men 18-49

  • Great Away-From-Home Listening

  • 45% of Z100's Women 18-49 listening is done either in-car or away from

  • home.

Source: 2007 Research Director, Inc.

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...At Night & On The Weekends...




1,475,700 Total Listeners

A 18-49








77% of







1,145,500 Total Listeners

A 18-49

Z100’s A 18-49 Nights and Weekend listenership of 1,145,500 is larger than most stations PRIME Listenership!

WINS 980,900

WQHT-FM 960,400

WPLJ-FM 797,700

WCBS-FM 639,100

WNEW-FM 450,000

KFNY-FM 430,500

Source: 2007 Research Director, Inc.

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...Desired Target Consumers Tune In!

  • Reaching Full-Time Employees

  • Persons who are employed full-time are going to be those consumers who are more likely to have spending power. These are the consumers who are going to be able to purchase your products or services. On a Cume total week basis, Z100 ranks #1 with Women 18-49 who are employed full-time.

  • Educated Listeners

  • Z100 is unmatched at reaching Adult college graduates. On a Cume total week basis, Z100 ranks:

    • #1 with Women 25-49

    • #1 with Women 18-49

Source: 2007 Research Director, Inc.

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A 360 Marketing Solution


  • Reaching Consumers In Play

  • Research shows consumers who are in a positive mindset are more apt to remember your messaging… Z100 hosts more live events than any other station in the country, offering marketers face-to-face engagement with their target consumers and the unique opportunity to align their brand with consumers’ greatest passions.

  • National Partners

  • Z100 and Clear Channel NY maintain relationships with national print partners and online photo journalists adding legs to any grassroots campaign to give it that national reach!

  • The Sky’s The Limit with Clear Channel New York Online

  • Unique and customizable online capabilities offer marketers the ability to align with multiple stations in the powerful Clear Channel NY cluster offering access to millions of consumers across the nation tapping into our exclusive online content and offerings!

Source: 2007 Research Director, Inc.

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Incredible Online Reach...

  • The Clear Channel NY Database

  • Online properties leveraging our vast database delivers incredible reach.

1.3 million members in CCNY database

455,793 members in email database

9.9 million average monthly pageviews

734,415 average monthly uniques

1.2 average monthly streaming sessions

259,616 average monthly streaming cume

61.3 hrs average monthly streaming TSL

Source: 2007 Research Director, Inc.

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...Across All CCNY Stations

826,947 members in ZVIP Database

231,517 members in ZVIP Email Database

5.6 million average monthly pageviews

446,000 average monthly uniques

166,396 members in Q Workforce Database

65,953 members in Q Workforce Email Database

1,572,588 average monthly pageviews

74,910 average monthly uniques

197,386 members in A List Database

78,693 members in A List Email Database

780,840 average monthly pageviews

74,910 average monthly uniques

130,823 members in Lite fm Database

49,983 members in Lite fm Email Database

950,009 average monthly pageviews

75,084 average monthly uniques

63,107 members in Power Playaz Database

29,647 members in Power Email Database

988,954 average monthly pageviews

86,258 average monthly uniques

Source: 2007 Research Director, Inc.

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Online Capabilities

  • Just a Sampling of Opportunities

  • Ask me how we can customize our combination of online properties your brand taps into in order to reach your attentive and captive target consumer by leveraging our exclusive, sought-after content.

    • STRIPPED is an exclusive in-studio performance series created for artists who thrive on performing without the typical studio and video embellishments, this content is exclusive to Clear Channel.

    • Sneak Peek- Exclusive music from your favorite artists BEFORE it's available in stores.

    • In-Concert Live & On Demand-Get a front row seat to watch concert footage of your favorite artists.

    • Music on Demand- Allows listeners to hear music before you can buy it in stores.  It is also an opportunity to hear music that is currently available in stores from today's hottest artists.

    • NEW-A Star making vehicle showcasing tomorrow’s biggest artists

    • Podcasting Unique Viral content as podcasts may be shared

    • Streaming Banners Listen to your favorite radio station live on your computer.

    • Email Blast Sponsorship sent to opt-in database members

    • Keyword Compliments on-air messaging providing a shortcut to finding important information about you (powered by Google)

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About Your Clear Channel Rep...

The integrated marketing opportunities with

Z100 and Clear Channel properties are endless!

Coming from an experiential marketing background,

I know that when afforded the opportunity to

dig deeper into your plans I will be able to provide

a turn-key customized solution that delivers

on your various marketing objectives!

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Jennifer L. Pricci

Account ExecutiveZ100 WHTZ-FM


[email protected]