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American vs French Meals PowerPoint Presentation
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American vs French Meals

American vs French Meals

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American vs French Meals

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  1. American vs French Meals

  2. Breakfast Le Petit Déjeuner First meal of the day Extremely simple Usually consists of the following: French Bread (And sometimes): Jam Butter Croissants And to drink: Cafe Au Lait (translates to "Coffee with Milk," Hot Chocolate for children • First meal of the day • Traditionally consists of the following foods: • Eggs • Toast • Cereal (both hot and cold) • Pancakes ( French Toast/Waffles) • Ham • Sausage • Bacon • And drinks: • Milk • Coffee • Juice

  3. Lunch Le Déjeuner Second meal of the day Usually served between noon (12 p.m.) and 2:30 p.m. Has seen change in modern times Used to last for the full two hours and be main course of the day, though now it usually only lasts an hour Now is more similar to American lunches often consisting of: Sandwich Salad Desert And to drink: Water Soda Wine This varies heavily depending on region; some places still offer full five-course lunches during a two-hour lunch period • Second meal of the day • Traditionally eaten around noon (12 p.m.) • Though there is no standard food eaten for lunch, there are two very common lunch foods: • Sandwich • Salad • And drinks: • Water • Soda • Iced Tea • Unlike many other cultures, lunch is not the largest meal of the day • It falls in the middle of most people's workday, and usually a half-hour to an hour is given for this meal

  4. Dinner Le dîner Third and final meal of the day Usually served around 8 p.m. though can be as late as 10 p.m. Is often leisurely and made up of several courses (up to 7) The courses vary but usually consist of: Hors d'oeuvre/Entrée: an appetizer course that is often a soup Plat Principal: main course consisting of meat, fish, and vegetables Salad: salad is often served fairly late in the meal, unlike the American custom of eating the salad first Cheese Course/Dessert: Meals tend to close out with cheeses, fruits or pastry desserts And to drink: Wine Water • Final meal of the day • Usually eaten within an hour of 6 p.m. • Falls at the end of the working day • Is often the largest meal of the day, which is dissimilar from many other cultures • Can consist of almost anything • Dinner is often seen as a time for Americans to come together and congregate, for friends hanging out, and for catching up on the day