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Department of Agriculture, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Department of Agriculture, Government of Uttar Pradesh. National Conference on Agriculture For Rabi Campaign 2013-14. (24-25 Sept. 2013 ). 1. 1. Rain fall Scenario 2013. 2. Assessment of Production: Kharif 2013. * 1st Advance estimate.

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Department of Agriculture, Government of Uttar Pradesh

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  1. Department of Agriculture, Government of Uttar Pradesh National Conference on Agriculture For Rabi Campaign 2013-14 (24-25 Sept. 2013 ) 1 1

  2. Rain fall Scenario 2013 2

  3. Assessment of Production: Kharif 2013 • * 1st Advance estimate. • Total food grain production expected to touch 186 LMT. which is ever highest. 3

  4. Expected Production & Productivity of Rice- Agro-Climatic Zonewise 4

  5. TARGET : RABI 2013-14 • 11.40% Increase in Wheat Production and 10.03% increase in Food Grain production proposed. 5

  6. Productivity Targets of Rabi 13-14 Qtls/ha 6

  7. Expected Production & Productivity of Wheat- Agro-Climatic Zonewise 7

  8. Strategy Strategy • Strategy • Strategy • 80% sowing of wheat has been targeted to be completed by 30th November and rest by 10th December. • Seed of pulses and oil seeds made available at the sale point by 25th September, 2013 and wheat and other crop up to 30th September, 2013 • Line sowing campaign in Eastern U.P. organize and availability of ferti seed drill/zero till seed drill is being ensured. • 1120 M.T./Kilo liter weedicide made available for weed control in rabi 2013. • Encouraging the balanced use of fertilizers as per soil test and also that the use of organic and bio-fertilizers like PSB culture. • Popularization of use of soil ameliorates like gypsum for reclaiming soils having high pH. • Encouraging efficient on farm water management. • Bringing more area under micro irrigation sprinkler & drip irrigation, especially in Bunldelkhand region. 8

  9. Initiatives • Seed rolling plan up to 2016-17 prepared . • Higher subsidy on promotional varieties up to the age of 10 years and lesser subsidy on maintenance variety of 10 to 15 years and no subsidy on varieties above 15 years. • Promotion of stress tolerance varieties. • Focus on varietals replacement rate. • Discouraging the use of highly toxic plant protection chemicals. • Promotion of use of bio pesticides and bio agents. • Popularizing multi Crop planter, Raised bed planter and Rotavator. • Training for skilled man power for maintenance and use of farm machinery. • Two tire system to ensure quality of agriculture inputs (Zinc sulphate, micro nutrients and pesticides).

  10. Seed • Raising Seed Replacement Rate from 37.63 % to 41.27 based on certified seeds only. • Sufficient seed availability ensured. 10

  11. Fertilizer (Lakh M.T.) • Target of rabi 2013-14 as per the allotment finalized in Zonal Conference.

  12. Crop Loan Crop Loan (Rs in Crores) Increase of 45 % over last years achievement K C C • KCC distribution is being taken up of every eligible farmer saturation approach. 12

  13. Soil Health • Apni mitti pahchane abhiyan proposed before rabi sowing on 27 Sep., 11 Oct., 25 Oct. and 8 Nov. 2013. • Recommendation of balanced use of fertilizer through soil health cards before Rabi sowing. • Production & Distribution of more than 30.77 lakh Bio Fertilizer packets before Rabi sowing. • Establish of 0.26 lacs commercial vermi compost units. 13

  14. Plant Protection • 100% seed treatment campaign has been planned. • Promotion of Bio-pesticides/Bio-agents to minimize residual effect of Plant • Protection Chemicals • Better method of surveillance of pest and diseases for effective IPM Programme. 14

  15. 3 days kisan mahotsava orgainised in every district for transfer of new technology. Experiment of community radio station at KVK Saharanpur farm successful and admired by GOI. Line Sowing of wheat crop in 28 district of Eastern U.P. Public Private Partnership intensified in the field of technology dissemination, extension activities, soil testing, seeds, micro nutrients and farm implements. Atma Sandesh and Krishi Chintan magazines being given to farmers. Strengtheining network of SAUs. KVKs, KGKs, extension agencies, farmers and farmer organizations. Honouring leading Farmers on Kisan Samman Divas at State & District level. Skilled man power for maintenance and use of Farm Machinery • Technology Dissemination 15

  16. Mechanization Level of agriculture mechanization i.e. Farm Power availability in Uttar Pradesh is 1.75 KW/Ha. Higher than national level (1.35 KW/Ha). To promote mechanization in U.P. A Scheme in Post Harvest Management in 44 District Of the State to be launched. The Scheme on Macro Management of Agriculture was approved 10 years back now shifted to RKVY.

  17. NFSM The National Food Security Mission consists three components viz. Rice, Wheat and Pulses. It is envisaged that by the end of Eleventh Five Year Plan (2011-12) the production & productivity in U.P. will increase by:

  18. Financial Statement under NFSM 2012-13 (Rs in Lakh)

  19. Impact on Productivity Note :- Figures in parenthesis against base year (2006-07)

  20. BGREI Programme Rabi 2013-14 (Cont.)

  21. BGREI Programme Rabi 2013-14

  22. Impact of project on wheat productivity (Cont.)

  23. Impact of project on wheat productivity

  24. Extension Reforms (ATMA) Scheme (Rs. in Lakh) FINANCIAL PROGRESS: Upto August 2013

  25. Physical Progress of 2013-14 (Rs. in Lakh) (Cont.)

  26. Success Under Extension Reforms Cultivation of Vegetables and Banana : (Sri Rajesh Kumar Verma, Village Tilasia, block Sidhaur, District Barabanki). (Rs. 1.10 Lakh / Ha. Profit). Organic Farming System for cultivation of Paddy,Wheat and Sugarcane along with Animal Husbandry.(Sri Beni Singh, District Lakhimpur Kheri). Commercial Production of Vermi Compost: (Sri Krishna Chandra Verma, Kanpur & 25 other such units). Commercial Bee Keeping for Honey : (Sri Arvind Kumar, Bhartiya Gramya Vikas Sansthan, Amroha, J.P. Nagar). Diversification in Agriculture for successful cultivation of Banana, Potato and Tomato(Sri Ram Sharan Verma, Gram Daulatpur, District – Barabanki Hybrid Seed Production of Maize: (Sri Yatendra Pal, Village Behrampur, Block Dhanipur, District Aligarh). (Rs. 40,000 / Ha. Profit)

  27. Performance 2012-2013 ISOPOM (Fin. Rs. in lakh)

  28. Performance of 2013-14 (Fin. Rs. in lakh)

  29. Financial Status

  30. Suggestions-ISOPOM • Majority of oilseed growers are small and marginal having poor buying capacity. Hence need to increase the subsidy up to 75% on various components specially on seed, sprinkler sets and H.D.P.E. pipe. • For effective demonstration pattern of A-3p should be adopted for oilseed also, where a package is allowed. • Scheme should promote the small scale industries also for the establishment of expellers. • Marketing facilities should be strengthened. NAFED shuld open new doors. • State has launched a programme of promoting hybrid maize seeds in which Govt. and seed producing companies are providing assistance to the farmers. G.O.I. is requested to adopt such models for both Oilseed and Maize. • 1.0 lakh ha. area covered by the Hybrid Maize out of 8.0 lakh ha. Maize area in kharif 2013. • Insurance policy for oilseeds crops need to be revisited. • For 2013-14 central share has been reduced to 1395 lakh previously it was to the tune of1800 to 2000 lakh.

  31. RKVY Financial Status- Central Releases & Expenditure A- Previous Years Rs in Croresa B – During 2013-14 (Up to 20.09.2013) Rs in Croresa

  32. Physical Achievement : 2012-13 (I) Agriculture • 1. Strengthening of Soil survey Programme:- • Detailed Soil survey of 2.87 lacs ha. area. • 2. Adoptive Trials/Demonstrations and organizing farmers fare at RATDS:- • 547 Adoptive Trials/Demonstrations were conducted at Regional Agricultural Testing & Demonstration Station. • 3. Soil health improvement programme:- • 9086 qtl. Dhaincha seeds were distributed & 15667 Vermi-compost units established. • Conservation of Rain water in watershed area of Sengar-Rind river:- • 6379 ha. area treated with different soil conservation measures. • Strengthening of Govt. Agriculture farm and seed production:- • 14737 ha. area covered under seed production programme. • 6. Enhancing productivity of corn in U.P.:- • 929.40 MT hybrid maize seed distributed.

  33. 7. Strengthening of IPM programme:- • 400 IPM training cum demonstration were conducted. • 3.5 Lacs ha. Area treated with herbicides/ rodenticides. • Proper storage facilities provided to 2.34 lacs MT food grains. • 67 qtl. Bio-Pesticide/ Bio-Agent produced. • 8. Land Reclamation of ravenous (Katri area) in Ram Ganga river catchment:- • 13385 ha. Ravenous area reclaimed. • 9. Strategic Plan for Extending Green Revolution to Eastern U.P (BGREI) :- • Block demonstration were conducted in 67202 ha. area in Rice & 62000 ha. Area in Wheat. • 70875 ha area covered under Line sowing of Wheat. • 6316 Pump set, 709 Zero till/seed drills, 64 Drum seeder & 24835 nos of HDPE/PVC Pipe were distributed. • 24835 borings done at farmers field. • 10. Integrated development of 60000 pulse villages in rainfed areas:- • 9700 ha area covered under Arhar,Urd and Moong in A3p • 89 Pucca Check dam & 88 farm ponds were constructed under in situ moisture conservation. • 11. Rainfed Area Development Programme (RADP) :- • 8409 ha. Area covered under Integrated Farming System. • 12. Accelerated Fodder Development Programme (AFDP):- • 20355 ha area covered under fodder crop. • 1541885 Post harvest implements were distributed. • 13. Initiative for Nutritional Security through Intensive Millet Promotion (INSIMP) • Demonstrations were conducted in 10 thousand ha. area • 10,000 seed mini-kits and input kits were distributed. • 15 processing units were established.

  34. (II) SIMA Rehmankhera • Agriculture farm mechanization and technical training:- • 543 tractor mechanics & 164 farmers were trained for farm machinery/implement use. • 21 Agriculture/farm implements were tested for their certification (III) Horticulture • 1. Nursery seedling raising in low tunnel polynet and production of high value vegetables:- • 6934 ha area covered under high value vegetables production. • 2. Onion production with the introduction of improved varieties • 769 ha area covered under onion production. • 3. Horticultural development scheme for 30 Non-NHM districts • 1054 ha area covered under orchard development. • 1635 ha area covered under floriculture & 2025 ha area under spice cultivation • 4250 farmers were trained.

  35. (IV) Sericulture • Proposal for increase income of the farmers:- • 560 cocoon rearing houses were established for silk production. (V) Animal Husbandry • 1. Broilers bird keeping scheme:- • 750 Broilers bird units were established. • 2. Goat Farming Scheme:- • 150 Goat units were established. • 3. Certified fodder seed production programme for distribution to livestock farmers:- • 1000 ha area covered under fodder crops for seed production • 4. Goatery scheme under NMPS:- • 35 goatery units (95+5) were established. (VI) PCDF Saghan Mini Dairy Projects • 784 animals purchased and 283 employment generated. • Special Dairy Development Project under NMPS:- • 3184.78 MT animal feed distributed.

  36. (VII) Sugarcane • Sugarcane seed production programme:- • 1600 Demonstration were conducted at farmers field. • 18293 Agricultural Implements were distributed. • 48000 MT foundation seed produced & micro nutrient distributed for 1.5 Lacs ha area. (VIII) UPCSR- Shahjahanpur • Improvement of productivity and profitability of sugarcane through modified trench method of planting with intercropping:- • 170 Demonstrations were conducted at farmers field & 24 Qtl. Bio Products produced. (IX) CO-OPERATIVE • Assistance to PACS societies in districts of Eastern U.P. :- • 204709 MT Fertilizer & 43498 qtl Seeds were distributed in 975016 beneficiaries. (X) Fisheries • Strengthening of development fish farm :- • 6 Govt. fish farms were strengthened. • Distribution of minikits to fish farmers :- • 4058 minikits were distributed.

  37. Issues • Procurement of Pulses and oil seeds at MSP. • Control measure for blue bull menace. • Banks should be directed for expediting KCC to farmers. • Private fertilizer manufacture and supplier s agency should appoint handling agents in every district.

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