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History of Art(3). U41H3. Lecture 8. Week 10. History of Art(3 ). Course Lecturer : . Prof. M.Helal. Course assistant : . Eng. Youmna Yakout. Course Objectives: .

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History of art 3

History of Art(3)


Lecture 8

Week 10

History of art 3

History of Art(3)

Course Lecturer :

Prof. M.Helal

Course assistant :

Eng. YoumnaYakout

History of art 3

Course Objectives:

  • General view on causes that led to the development of art ,and the transition from modern classical to romance

  • Identifying the art movements artistic styles in modern art ,its important artists, cultural ,and scientific factors that contributed to its emergence

  • Developing the student ability to understand and analyze the artistic style and characteristics , its important artists for all art movements of modern art

History of art 3

Course Description:

  • Identify the art movements and styles , that helped in the emergence of modern art from the mid-eighteenth century and until the appearance of the Romantic movement in the nineteenth century

  • Studying modern art movements stylistic development that contributed to its emergence ,Also standing on the distinctive artistic style for each art movement, and its artists .

History of art 3

Way of evaluation

The course grade is 100 in total in a final evaluation committee with three examiners

Attendance: (10)

Mid term and assignments: (30)

Final evaluation: (60)

Total = 100

History of art 3


  • Jonathan Fineberg, Art Since 1940 ,3rd Edition

  • Alan Bowness ,Modern European Art,1995


  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_art

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_movement

  • http://www.artmovements.co.uk/home.htm

History of art 3
ما هو التكعيب

  • الأتجاه الذى يتخذ من أوضاع التكعيب أساسا له فى التكوين و البناء

History of art 3
أهم الأكتشافات خلال فترة التكعيبية

"The view through the door of the

railroad car at the automobile windshield,

in combination with speed, has altered

the habitual look of things. A modern man,

registers a hundred times more sensory

impressions than an eighteenth-century artist."

Fernand Léger

History of art 3

  • الأساليب التىكعيبية التى ظهرت فى أعمال سيزان

  • الفن المصرى و النـحـــــت البدائى و الفنون الأفريقية

  • ظهور نظرية التبلور (جميع العناصـــــر المعدنية تأخذ حبيباتها و دقائقها أشكــــال هندسية التكوين )

Fauvism influences
Fauvism Influences أعمال سيزان

Henri Matisse, Blue Nude (1907)

Paul c zanne
Paul Cézanne أعمال سيزان

Les GrandesBaianeuses (1906)

Faceting أعمال سيزان

  • Different perspectives on one surface.

  • Different ways of seeing the same subject matter.

  • Using light and dark tones to capture the effect.

Egyptian art primitivism
Egyptian Art & أعمال سيزان Primitivism

Egyptian art primitivism1
Egyptian Art & أعمال سيزان Primitivism

Paul Gauguin The Moon and the Earth (Hinatefatou),

Paul Gauguin, Oviri

History of art 3

Analytical Cubism أعمال سيزان

  • From 1907 – 1912

  • Colors very muted, using mostly tan, brown, gray, cream, and some greens and blues.

  • Analytical Cubism presented multiple views of an object, using overlapping planes.

History of art 3
مراحل التكعيبية أعمال سيزان

  • المرحلة الأولى (1907-1909) وهى التى تمثل الأسلوب التكعيبى المستمد من الأساليب الفنية لسيزان 0

  • المرحلة الثانية (1910- 1912) وهى تقوم على الأسلوب التحليلى الذى يكشف عما فى أعماق الأشياء و كـــــــذا من جوانبه المختلفة0

  • المرحلة الثالثة (1913-1914)وهى مرحلة الصـــــــــورة الموحدة التى تجمع بين التكعيبية و عناصر فنية أخـــــــرى أحدث بحيث تنصهر فى هذا الأتجاه و تصطبغ بطابعه 0

History of art 3
فنانى التكعيبية أعمال سيزان

جورج براك

بابلو بيكاسو

جوان جرى


History of art 3

Bottles and Knife أعمال سيزان

Juan Gris


History of art 3

Fruit Dish And Glass – 1912

Georges Braque – 1912

Woman With A Guitar – Georges Braque –1913

Cubist sculpture
Cubist Sculpture 1912

Woman’s Head – Pablo Picasso – 1909

History of art 3

المطلوب :- 1912

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