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PMO Community of Interest Event 30 th January 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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PMO Community of Interest Event 30 th January 2009

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PMO Community of Interest Event 30 th January 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PMO Community of Interest Event 30 th January 2009. Structure. APM Background APM NI Quest for Chartered Status Continuing Professional Development APM and CoE. Paul Cooke – profile. IT Systems Development Financial Services, Northern Bank, National Australia Group and Danske Bank

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Presentation Transcript

APM Background


Quest for Chartered Status

Continuing Professional Development

APM and CoE

paul cooke profile
Paul Cooke – profile

IT Systems Development

Financial Services, Northern Bank, National Australia Group and Danske Bank

Project and Programme Management

Programme Management Office

Portfolio Management

Implementing Business Strategy

Currently working in Reform Delivery Unit within Delivery & Innovation, PMO Support and Benefits Realisation

APM NI Vice Chairman & Treasurer

apm mission activities
APM Mission / Activities

"To develop and promote the professional disciplines of project and programme management for the public benefit"

Our aim is to develop and promote project management across all sectors of industry and beyond.

apm ni activities
APM NI Activities

The Northern Ireland Branch of the APM was established in 1990.

The leading professional body in project and programme management in Northern Ireland. It is supported by an elected committee of members who are passionate about success. 

Secretariat which deals with local administration and member services.

5 Best Practice Groups (BPGs)

Public Sector

Information Technology (IT)



Project Performance 

project management in uk
Project Management in UK

Accelerating pace of change

Larger and longer lasting projects

Greater focus on improving governance

More discriminating and demanding users

Recognition that effective project management requires its own distinctive set of professional skills

Increasingly positive perception of project management:

APM research evidence of “profession of first choice”.

Project management community:

ca. 250,000


ca. 90% retention rate

No sector accounts for > 14% of membership

apm s quest for chartered status
APM’s Quest for Chartered Status
  • Become the Chartered UK professional body for project management
  • Administered by Privy Council
  • Self-regulating:
    • Code of Conduct
  • Develop and operate a register of Chartered Practitioners:
    • Chartered Project Professionals.

Benefits include:

  • Mark of excellence for individual project professionals
  • Rigorous bench-mark of relevant competence and commitment to professionalism
  • Parity of esteem with other Chartered practitioners.

The importance

of influence

Phase 1

APM as Chartered Body

APM as Chartered Body

  • Over 50 letters of support:
  • Government Departments
  • Professional Bodies
  • Major organisations.

Phase 2

Phase 2

  • Benefits include:
  • External recognition of profession
  • Enhanced professional standing
  • Increased demand for project professionals
  • Enhanced profile for APM
    •  increased influence.

Chartered Project Professionals

Chartered Project Professionals

Phase 3

Phase 3

Harvest the benefits

Harvest the benefits

indicative timetable
Indicative Timetable

Note: timetable is outside APM direct control; dependent upon Privy Council process.


Chartered Project Professional

Will demonstrate the capabilities of a responsible leader, have the ability to manage a complex project and use appropriate project management tools, processes and techniques.

Chartered Project Professional status should be:

  • simple to understand and consistent,
  • attainable, worth attaining and worth maintaining,
  • comparable to other Chartered professions,
  • consistent with the APM Competence Framework,
  • credible, giving confidence to employers.
launched in january 2008
Launched in January 2008…

Continuing Professional Development

47 competence elements, grouped into 3 domains:

  • 30 Technical
  • 9 Behavioural
  • 8 Contextual

Plus 5 underpinning Key Concepts, referring to the environment within which a project is undertaken:

  • Project management
  • Programme management
  • Portfolio management
  • Project context
  • Project office
career long qualifications

Professional capability





Entry standards and criteria





apm and coe
APM and CoE

Increasing strategic relationship between OGC and APM

Develop regular contact “on the ground”

Involvement/influence at NI Committee and Branch Level

APM NI support for NICS PPM Professionalism

Supporting / Building expertise in NI PPM community

An exciting opportunity to progress your career through professional development

Paul Cooke

Reform Delivery Unit

Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP)

Delivery and Innovation Division (DID)

Tel: 028 908 16867 / 76867 Clare House

Mobile: 07795 083009 303 Airport Road West

e-mail: Belfast BT3 9ED

Thank You