cables for the re4 upscope in cms n.
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Cables for the RE4 Upscope in CMS PowerPoint Presentation
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Cables for the RE4 Upscope in CMS

Cables for the RE4 Upscope in CMS

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Cables for the RE4 Upscope in CMS

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  1. The following will be covered in the Cable production. Specification Supply Chain Purchasing Production Rate QA & QC Packing & Transporting Installation Commissioning Scheduling Cables for the RE4 Upscope in CMS

  2. The Range of Cables • Chamber cables • HV cables from patch panel(YE1) to chamber • LV cables from Caen 3009 (Racks) to chamber • DCS cables from Link Board Crate to chamber • Signal (LVDS) from Chamber to Link Board crate (LBB) • Temperature sensors. • Inter rack cabling • LV (48V) cables from Mao(ACDC) to Easy Crate , Caen 3009 (x4) • LV 3 phase from rear of rack to ACDC. (x2) • Caen bus communication cables(x4) from Mao to Easy crate • USC/UXC cabling • Branch Controller (LV and Comm.) to YE1 PP and YE1PP to Mao. • HV, USC/UXC connection is there, had been installed for RE1/1

  3. Trigger Cables • Trigger Cables (& Fibres) • 12 new LBB crates each with 4 LV cables (2.5V & 3.3V) from the Caen 3016. The cable is in the ISR. • The signal fibres from the LBB to the USC are already in place, only 50%used. • New “Double” fibres (80) are needed from each tower thru’ the Mini Cable Chains to YE1 Fibre PP. • TTC fibres on YE3. • Ethernet cable ring on each yoke. • The new LBB will not need the add on regulator with its associated cabling. • The Polish expert is Krzysztof

  4. HV Connector Cable needs are 2.1km. In stock are 3.1km. 3 pole CPE connector, old design with Stycast potting 144 Cables plus some flying spares to use through out the system for repairs and debugging

  5. HV update • All HV connectors for P5and the assembly sites have been delivered, • except for the Jupiters for the USC –UXC umbilical cables in the USC. These have to be ordered soon. • Inspection of Jupiter connector s reveals non of the previously known defects. The 3 pole connectors will be inspected this week. Test cables will be assembled this week with Imtiaz. • • Assembly and Test procedures will be established and written. Cycling to 15kV with minimal load will be part of the testing.

  6. Signal to Chamber cables 864 cables to Manufacture Skew Limit 1.5ns/15m Skew [ns] Remaining cables from RE1,2 & 3 production retested in July 2011. Technikable seem are slightly better. Length is sufficient as we have 23km in stock and we need 9493m. But will check stock of Technikable.

  7. The signal (LVDS) cables • The offer from the previous company has been accepted by our resource manager. • Production time is 2-3 months, perhaps the company can do the skew measurement in house • The destination/endpoints (Racks & chambers) have been finalised last week • Cable paths have been established in situ in the UXC. 16 real signal cables were laid last week to confirm accuracy of the 3D model. Integration with CSC services is starting. • The 3D integration model will be remodeled this week and lengths established. • Confirmation of pin-out will be given this week. • Cutting lengths should be with the manufacturer by the first week of • October along with the printed labels. • The skew measurements remnants have been found but must be put back in operation with TDC, PC etc. See Photos •

  8. LV Cables • Chamber cabling • Power pole connectors (15/45 & 75Amp) • Molex connectors • Cable • Rack Cabling • 48V LV cable from ACDC to (MAO) to Easy crate • 3phase cable from rear of rack to ACDC. • Branch controller (BC) in S4F03 in USC • 48V service power to UXC YE1 PP (x2) • 48V service power from YE1 PP to ACDC on YE3 thru’ Mini Cable Chains. • Communication from BC to YE1 PP • Communication from YE1 PP to ACDC on YE3 thru’ Mini Cable Chains. • Sergei Lusin’s schematics: •

  9. The cable space allocated in 904 will be used for assembly & storage . Signal cables made with previous company near Neuchatel. 3D model will be ready this week for signals. HV & LV will be derived from this established base. QA & QC procedures almost established for each cable type. All cable types are in drum form, require connectorising, Full breakdown of cabling needs is being built here: “ re4upscope/RPC/Services/CableOverView/ file name “CablesUXCUSCRE4.xlsx” All chamber to rack/PP components are ready for assembly. Inter rack and USC/UXC cabling is under investigation. Cables should be ready for installation March 2013.This talk can be seen at; upscope/RPC/Services/CableOverView/ File name “Cables25Sept2012” Questions and Conclusions