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The Company

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The Company. Founded in 1987 Independent company. Commitment to Innovation. The company focuses on innovative systems for the home and the vehicle: Home systems Home networking, end-to-end home connectivity Consumer electronics, home appliances, energy management devices Automotive systems

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The Company

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the company
The Company
  • Founded in 1987
  • Independent company
commitment to innovation
Commitment to Innovation
  • The company focuses on innovative systems for the home and the vehicle:
    • Home systems
      • Home networking, end-to-end home connectivity
      • Consumer electronics, home appliances, energy management devices
    • Automotive systems
      • Vehicle networking, end-to-end vehicle connectivity
      • Automotive electronics
  • It provides software technology as well as engineering, software development and consultancy services
    • For real-time embedded systems and software
    • And their integration in tomorrow’s "pervasive computing" architecture
domains of experience
Domains of Experience
  • Real-time distributed systems and networks
  • Telecommunication software, networking protocols
  • Internet end-to-end connectivity
  • Embedded real-time software for microcontrollers
  • Value engineering for software-hardware end products
  • Software technology development and marketing
trialog is a software technology enabler
Trialog is a software technology enabler
  • Trialog ’s objective
    • Foster the introduction and the mastering of (new) software technologies
    • For its customers: technical management teams, engineering teams
  • Trialog ’s know-how
    • Design a software intensive embedded system
      • with respect to constraints from top-level and end-to-end system architecture
    • Build it with small memory footprints and superior real-time performance
    • Integrate it within the home system and the end-to-end system
  • Trialog delivers solutions
    • For the home and home connectivity
      • EHS and Convergence protocol stack,
      • End-to-End Connection (Home Gateway, CTI)
    • Subcontracting of software subsystems & components
    • Delivery of software technology
    • First-class engineering services
trialog is a software technology provider
Trialog is a software technology provider
  • EHS Technology
    • First implementation of European Home Systems on micro-controller
    • Leader in Europe for EHS technology
  • OSEK/VDX technology
    • Delivery of a VDX/OSEK compliant kernel for the 68HC12 and 80C167 MCU
    • Delivery of small footprint protocol stacks for vehicle networking
    • Participation in OSEK/COM working group
  • JAVA technology
    • Java platform for remote vehicle diagnostics
    • Application of Java to automotive control systems
    • Participation in real-time Java standardisation
  • Training in real-time software technology
    • on-site training, available courses:real-time software design, UML & real-time software, real-time Java, survey of real-time kernels
home systems
Home Systems
  • Trialog is a leader in home network technology since 1992
  • Relationships with power utilities, telecom operators and home appliances manufacturers
  • Provides Protocol Libraries, Tools and Training Course in Europe
  • Deeply participates to standardisation (Convergence, European Home Systems)
  • Members of EHSA and Convergence association
current home network technology offer
Current Home Network Technology Offer
  • Embedded Protocol Library :
    • EHSLite 1.3 on Power Line and for 8051, H8, ST7 micro-controllers
  • Development Tools :
    • EHS-Simul, Windows™ library,
    • Development boards on 8051, ST7
  • Appliances Kit
  • Training Course on EHS
  • Development
    • Design, Develop and Ready-for-the-market Application Software
    • Sub-contract Products (hardware and software)
    • Libraries portage, adaptation
    • New media development

Next Future Convergence Offer

  • Trialog’s objectives is to follow the trends towards an unified European Home and Building Home Automation communication protocol
  • Enabling EHS customer with :
    • Embedded Protocol Library
      • CNVLite on
      • Twisted Pair, Power Line,
      • Radio Frequency
    • Development Tools :
      • CNV-Simul, Windows™ library,
      • Development boards on 8051, ST7
    • Kit Appliances
creating innovation
Creating Innovation
  • Home Networking
  • Home Services via PSTN, Internet, GSM
protocol testing system testing
Protocol Testing & System Testing
  • Trialog has developed comprehensive experience in telecom protocol testing
    • ISO 9646: validation of protocol implementation (TTCN)
    • Customer projects: test suite development
      • For: GSM version 2 MAP (mobile application part) protocol stack, intelligent network INAP protocol stack, GSM SMS servers
  • Trialog applies these techniques to the testing of home, automotive and industrial systems
    • Customer projects: test suite and test bench development
      • For EHS, Convergence, Home Appliances,
      • For multiplexed vehicles, automotive ECUs, vehicle gateway, telematics unit, lift controller
      • Integration of our test technology with the test technology of our clients
    • Company internal:
      • For the validation of software technology products for the home and the vehicle
automotive systems
Automotive Systems
  • Trialog has been active in automotive market since 1987
  • With car manufacturers and car suppliers
  • Trialog has developed its know-how in several areas
    • System & software architecture
    • Real-time and communicating systems
    • Constrained software for dependable low-cost products
    • Software reuse
  • Long-term relationship with Car Manufacturers, Suppliers
  • Technology Supplier (Real Time, Java based kernel)
trialog is a partner of and subcontractor to major car suppliers
Trialog is a partner of and subcontractorto major car suppliers
  • Engineering
    • System and software architecture for complex electronics subsystems
    • Functional analysis & software requirements specification
    • Value engineering
    • Validation test specification
  • Delivery of software components & subsystems for production cars
    • Infotainment applications & control applications
    • Delivered on target hardware
  • Software process
    • Software development process auditing & enhancement
    • Software platform process management
  • For: Renault Megane, Peugeot 406, Renault Premium truck, 2000 and 2001 models at Renault, PSA, GM Europe and US, BMW, VW, etc.
network connectivity for the vehicle
Network Connectivity for the Vehicle
  • R&D projects
    • End-to-end infrastructure for remote vehicle diagnostics
      • Access point: standard browser
      • Ground : Internet
      • Gateway : GSM or ISO9141 or Bluetooth
      • Vehicle : CAN/OSEK/JAVA
    • Distributed Java-based platform
    • Vehicle gateway architecture
  • Customer projects
    • Gateway software development
    • Telematics software development
    • Testing of telematics applications

Communication Service Provider

Service Centre

some company references
Some Company References
  • Energy
    • European power utilities, Sagem, Siemens Metering
  • Telecom
    • France Telecom, Cegetel-SFR
  • Automotive
    • Renault, Renault trucks, PSA
    • Magneti Marelli, Sagem, Valeo, VDO Car Communication, Actia, Eaton
  • Consumer electronics & home appliances
    • White and brown goods manufacturers, plug manufacturers
  • Control systems
    • Schneider Electric Tour & Anderson, Schindler, Siemens Bosch Hausgeräte
  • European Community projects
    • Trialog participates in R&D projects sponsored by the European Community