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Defining the Telework Program, Microenterprise and MDOs (Micro Development Organizations) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Defining the Telework Program, Microenterprise and MDOs (Micro Development Organizations). TW Fund Checklist.  The applicant experiences a disability  The applicant’s disability creates a barrier to employment  The applicant’s proposed work overcomes that barrier

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Tw fund checklist
TW Fund Checklist

 The applicant experiences a disability

 The applicant’s disability creates a barrier to employment

 The applicant’s proposed work overcomes that barrier

 The work can effectively be performed at the proposed location

 The proposed work location is appropriate based upon its relationship to the proposed work

 The equipment to be purchased with the loan is necessary to make that form of work possible at the proposed location

 The loan increases access to technology or equipment

 The loan increases employment opportunities and competitive employment outcomes

Primary employment goal at time of application was to:

 Become newly employed in telework for an employer

 Become newly self-employed

 Change to teleworking job for an employer

 Change to self-employment job

 Expand existing business

 Other, brief description: Maintain Employment

Tw program categories
TW Program Categories

  • Employment related

  • Pre Start Up

  • Credit builder

  • Start Up (Micro and Small)

  • Existing Businesses (Micro and Small)

  • IDAs

Business plan guides
Business Plan Guides

  • Before you start writing…

  • Feasibility Analysis Outline

  • Business Plan Outline

  • Business Plan Worksheets

  • Business Plan Template

  • Cash Flow Projections

Mdo range of services
MDO Range of Services

  • Microenterprise Development Organizations (MDOs) provide a range of services, depending upon their mission, philosophy, and funding

  • The range includes the core services of Training, Technical Assistance (TA), and Credit

Range of mdos
Range of MDOs

  • Some MDOs provide just training and/or TA, some provide just lending, and others provide any combination of all the core services, as well as additional services such as IDAs and tax preparation.




Training service range
Training Service Range

  • Training services include personal effectiveness, economic literacy, and business training (business basics includes market research, cost analysis, financial projections, marketing plan, and record keeping)

  • Delivery includes classes and group work, one-on-one, webinars, and self-study

  • Services may be provided in house or through partner organizations

Business training
Business Training

  • A written business plan often the goal of training

  • Many curricula available

  • Multi-week course, 8 – 30 hours

  • Usually delivered prior to business start-up or in early stage of business

Technical assistance
Technical Assistance

  • Usually specific issues related to specific business

  • Delivery Varies: provided to individuals or groups through staff, consultants and mentors

  • Can be broad or specialized

  • Before and/or after loan disbursement

Credit service range
Credit Service Range

  • Loan Size ranges from $500 - $35,000

  • Delivery Methods include peer lending, individual loans, credit builder loans, and lines of credit

  • Underwriting requirements vary depending upon policies and loan size

Client demographics range
Client Demographics Range

  • Entrepreneurial Demographics – startup vs. existing businesses, income level (TANF recipients, low/mod income, working poor), minorities, women, youth, people with disabilities, immigrants

  • Geographic Regions - rural, inner-city, certain counties, state-wide, economically depressed areas

  • Business Sectors – child care, food sector, etc.

Program operations range
Program Operations Range

  • Some MDOs are stand alone

  • Some MDOs are housed within another organization that serves their demographic

  • Examples are Community Action Programs (CAPs), YWCA’s, and Economic Development agencies


  • Entrepreneur must be motivated and want to build a business

  • Training is critical, can be delivered in small groups or individually

  • Training helps entrepreneur think through all elements of business


  • Partners are critical

  • No program can meet all the needs of all the clients

  • Start identifying those partners now (SBDCs, MDOs, Mentors, Consultants)

  • Get to know the service providers personally


  • AEO

  • State Microenterpise Associations

  • FIELD (Aspen Institute)

  • Business Resource List