tear jerker poems
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Tear Jerker Poems

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Tear Jerker Poems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tear Jerker Poems. Katherine February 6 2012. Heaven. Author: Unknown

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tear jerker poems

Tear Jerker Poems


February 6 2012

  • Author: Unknown
  • I like this poem because of the point of view. The little kid that it is about just seems so helpless and like you just want to give him or her a hug and tell them that everything will be okay. I also like at the end where the operator gave the kid the number for the church because its kind of like a glimmer of hope because there are plenty of people there to help.
how to save a life
How to Save a Life
  • The Fray
  • I live this poem because I had a friend that said she was going to kill her self and I had to negotiate with her and even now when that song comes on the radio I usually cry because it reminds me how close I was to loosing her.
Before the War, Penny Rock

I like this poem because I’ve met people with PSTD and it makes you nervous just knowing that if you make to much noise that he will think he is back in Vietnam where Charlie is out behind every bush. I remember on veteran’s day the nursing home had small party and this one particular guy kept on staring off into space and I knew exactly what it was for. I some times wonder what these people were like before this had such an effect on how they think


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