review of regional planning group workshop 15 8 12 perth royal infirmary n.
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Review of Regional Planning Group Workshop 15/8/12 Perth Royal Infirmary PowerPoint Presentation
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Review of Regional Planning Group Workshop 15/8/12 Perth Royal Infirmary

Review of Regional Planning Group Workshop 15/8/12 Perth Royal Infirmary

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Review of Regional Planning Group Workshop 15/8/12 Perth Royal Infirmary

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  1. Review of Regional PlanningGroup Workshop15/8/12Perth Royal Infirmary Heather Knox, WoSPG Mark O’Donnell, Scottish Government

  2. We asked….You said…. Review of Regional Planning

  3. What has worked well? • Collaborative focus, corporate approach and ability to develop working relationships • Safe place to develop a common view / reflect • Driving through redesign • Useful role of team – “honest broker” facilitator • Useful to have regional planning perspective – thinking out with normal boundaries • Clearing house roles of DoFs / DoPs or specialist services groups

  4. What has worked well • Valued the input of the workforce perspective around the table • “Patients don’t recognise boundaries so we need to ensure equity and consistency across the region” • Medical workforce planning and input from NES • Success across a range of services, cancer, paediatrics, specialist mental health etc • Collaboration across regions and NSD really positive • Where would we have been if we hadn’t had it

  5. What has got in the way? • Resource? Although financial climate has sharpened focus • Agenda may not always target the best / most high value activities • Doesn’t work it is not mutually beneficial • Personalities • Clinical teams local focus – (can also work as a positive force) • Communication within Boards • Parocialsim • Board performance management doesn’t take account of how Boards engage regionally • Inter Board tensions

  6. What has got in the way? • Assumption against centralisation • Politics – local & national, but regional planning can also help • Lack of clarity around medical workforce agenda nationally • Tension between being an agent of the Boards and also taking direction from Scottish Government • Not taking the leap around shared services • Disconnect between buy-in at CEO level and middle managers • Goes against the prevailing organisational culture • Time!! • Competing priorities!!

  7. Links between Regional & National Planning • Regional planning groups can help to drive the agenda eg TAVI • NDP specialist Paediatrics – excellent model here re the pan Scotland work • Regional overview to inform national planning • Boards can choose to use Regional Planning Groups to develop a common view – this then gives legitimacy to representation on at a national level • BUT need to be sure that form fits function regional planning not the only game in town. Board representation is key. • Key role in influencing workforce planning nationally

  8. Role in supporting NPF • Depends on the issue – form follows function, some topics appropriate for regional approach, other not • Do we need 14 Boards around the table if TCGP structure is strong enough to support and represent? • 2 way flow –key role in shaping NPF agenda and also taking away issues to work on them

  9. Role in supporting CEO Group • CEOs require a clearing house and the ability to commission work more easily than currently • Filter in and out needs to be strengthened and RGP(s) could be part of this • Needs clear link to NPF • Horizon scanning – are we behind the curve? • Where are we with national forward planning? • RPGs can be used as a forum to develop a view

  10. Role in supporting the Quality Agenda • Should be integral, not an add on • Have we got enough focus on outcomes in regional planning? • Not about performance management but joint collaborative review • “I’m not feeling the connection” • Not sure where the Quality Alliance Board and the Strategy Delivery Group fits in?

  11. How would you like to see Regional Planning evolve? • Build on it • More focussed outcomes • Is there a role for national planning resource and how would this link to Regional Planning? • Need to consider the implications of the health and social care integration agenda • Should we develop clinical services review on a regional basis? • What will the impact be of diminishing resource both financial and workforce?

  12. Workshop A Questions • How can we build upon regional planning? • If regional planning is to be more outcome-focused, what needs to happen? • Is there a role for a more formal performance framework? • How do we create a better two-way flow between National Planning and Regional Planning?

  13. Workshop B Questions • What will the impact be of diminishing financial and workforce resource on regional planning and how should we respond? • If we are to develop clinical service reviews on a regional basis, how should we go about it / what are the principles? • What are the implications of H&SC integration for regional planning and is a response required?