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My family
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My family

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  1. My family

  2. Let me introduce myself. • My name is Rita. I am 12 years old. I was born in Saratov in 1998. My birthday is on the 30th of June. It is the day when all my dearest and nearest come together to have a party. I am in the 6th form. My favorite subjects at school are Russian and Mathematics. My hobbies are drawing and dancing. I also go in for basketball. I have got many friends and I get on well with people.

  3. My mother • I live with my Mum. Her name is Lily. She was born in Cheboksary in 1977. She was 14 years old then the family moved to Shikhany. She is a pretty and slim woman of 35th years old. She has long brown hair and big green eyes. I think I look like her. Mum works in the administration of our town as a general director. It is a well paid job and she is very efficient and she enjoy it though she works in-doors all day long. She has got two higher educations. Before she graduated from the PPAGU. In 2003 she had graduated from the economic institut in 1994. She enjoys embroitering and goes in for aerobics as well.

  4. She got married in 1996, but then my parents divorsed then I was 6 years old

  5. My father • My father is a handsome man. He is tall and fat, he has black hair and brown eyes. I often meet him, I visit him and his parents and we celebrate holidays together. Father works in the Shikhanys detachment of the Ministry of Emergency situations. He is a saver. His work is hard and dangerous.

  6. My mothers parents and fathers parents are my grandparentsI am very happy that they all live in Shikhany. I love them and they love me