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How To Host a FIRST Robotics Workshop Day PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Host a FIRST Robotics Workshop Day

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How To Host a FIRST Robotics Workshop Day - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Host a FIRST Robotics Workshop Day. Nancy McIntyre FIRST Senior Mentor Chair Southern California Regional Organizing Committee Program Director Eagle Engineering Team #1138. To prepare teams for the upcoming FIRST season. To help teams get organized.

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how to host a first robotics workshop day

How To Host a FIRST Robotics Workshop Day

Nancy McIntyre

FIRST Senior Mentor

Chair Southern California Regional Organizing Committee

Program Director Eagle Engineering Team #1138

purpose of the day
To prepare teams for the upcoming FIRST season.

To help teams get organized.

To encourage teams to fully participate in all of the facets of the competition.

To get teams excited about the upcoming season.

To bring local area teams together.

Purpose of the Day

Mentor Engineers



Potential Sponsors

Rookie Teams

developing a planning schedule
Start Early

Work backwards from the event date.

Order materials so that they arrive a week ahead of time.

Follow up with presenters for last minute changes.

Have all details taken care of early in the week of the event.

Developing a Planning Schedule
selecting a day
Begin at least six months ahead of time to secure a location.

Check with area schools to see what else is going on locally that could impact your event.

Check with the College Board exams that take place in the fall.

Stay away from holiday weekends.

Inform teams of the date well in advance of the event.

Selecting a Day
the program
Motivation Motors Drive Systems Pneumatics

Arms and Lifts CAD 3D Studio Max Animation

How To Story Boarding Animation Work Session Website Design How To Give a Presentation FIRST Awards FIRST Scholarships Chairman’s Award Intro to Electronics Advanced Electronics Programming Intro to C Advanced Programming Sensors Camera Rookie Workshop Design Process Business Plan Systems Engineering Leadership/ Team building Organization Mentor Workshop Team Organization Time Management Team Spirit Summer Camps Vex FIRST Lego League How to Use Parents Safety Project Management Teacher’s Workshop/NASA Alliance Robotics Projects Scouting Welding FIRST Store

Lunch Time LAPD Bomb Squad Medtronics Caltech DARPA Team Shell Solar Technologies ITT Tech Walt Disney Imagineering

The Program
lunch time
Demonstrations and Table Presentations

Local Bomb Squad

Local Technology Companies

FIRST Scholarship Providers

Local Professional Organizations

Food Options {Keeping teams at the event site provide them with the opportunity to share information that they have learned in the morning sessions.}

Have teams bring a potluck lunch and tailgate

Have a local company cater lunch

Have everyone bring their own lunch

Lunch Time
strand workshops

Introduction to FIRST

Fund Raising

Project Management


Autodesk {Double Session}


Work Session


How to Use Parents

Organization Techniques

Robotic Curriculum for the Classroom


How to be a Mentor

Project Management


Strand Workshops
securing equipment
Communicate through writing to with each of the presenters to find out what they need to be successful.

Have needed materials in place in their rooms or at a central check in location.

Typical items include DLP projectors to hook up to lap tops, Internet access, Overhead projectors, microphones.

Securing Equipment
developing an event budget
Location rental

Equipment rental

Food for hospitality room for presenters.

Making Photo copies.


Office supplies



Security or Physical Plant staff as needed.

Thank you gift for presenters.

Developing an Event Budget
Have teams pre- register to ensure that you have enough sessions and rooms.

Provide a financial incentive for teams to register early.

Allow for onsite registration at an increased rate.

Develop a budget for the event and use the funds to offset your expenses

volunteer staff
Develop a committee to complete the advance work.

Speaker Coordinator.

Lunch Time Presentations.

Lunch Food for Presenters, Staff, Audience.


Location Liaison



Volunteer Staff
additional volunteer staff onsite
Presenter Check In

Hospitality Center for Presenters

Team Check In

Coordinator for student team to assist presenters with materials to their rooms.

Staff an information table on FIRST.

Keep a person in the event office for the day.

Additional Volunteer Staff Onsite
selecting presenters
Look for local experts who work with teams.

Look for companies that you would like to involve in FIRST and ask for their time.

Look for groups and organizations who specialize in a specific area.

Work with local universities, community colleges, and trade schools.

Selecting Presenters


Air conditioning / Heat

Signs for rooms/ maps

Two way radios or cell phones are a good source of communication for trouble shooting.

Having an adult in each room.

how to get started
Address the needs of your local teams

Start small

Add one or two new things each year.

Ask for feed back from students and adult participants.

Involve teams in support roles.

Hosts for the event.

Check in

Demonstrations at lunch

How to Get Started
For additional information or

To attend our event on November 4, 2006 at California State University Northridge

School of Engineering

Northridge, California


Nancy McIntyre

818 347 8300