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Developing Employee Relations . 13. Challenges. What are examples of programs used to facilitate employee communications? How can employees use various appeals procedures to challenge management actions? How can managers use employee assistance programs effectively?

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Challenges l.jpg

  • What are examples of programs used to

    facilitate employee communications?

  • How can employees use various appeals procedures to challenge management actions?

  • How can managers use employee assistance programs effectively?

  • What are examples of technological innovations that facilitate dissemination of information?

Employee relations rep l.jpg
Employee Relations Rep

Member of HR who

  • ensures policies are followed

  • consults with supervisors

  • consults with employees

Employee relations policy l.jpg
Employee Relations Policy

  • Communicates management’s thinking about employee-related matters

  • Prevents problems in workplace from becoming more serious

Communication process l.jpg
Communication Process



Sender Receiver

(encodes message) (decodes message)


How to communicate feedback to employees l.jpg
How to Communicate Feedback to Employees

  • Focus on specific behaviors

  • Give feedback at appropriate time / place

  • Focus negative feedback on behaviors that can be controlled by employee

Downward communication l.jpg
Downward Communication…

allows managers to implement

their decision and

to influence employees lower

in organizational hierarchy

Upward communication l.jpg
Upward Communication…

allows employees at

lower levels

to communicate

ideas and feelings

to higher-level decision makers

Information dissemination l.jpg
Information Dissemination

  • Employee Handbook

  • Written Communications

    • Memos

    • Financial Statements

    • Newsletters

    • Bulletin Boards

Information dissemination cont d l.jpg
Information Dissemination (cont’d)…

Audiovisual Communications

  • Video Presentations

  • Teleconferencing

    Electronic Communications

  • Voice Mail

  • Electronic Mail

Information dissemination cont d11 l.jpg
Information Dissemination (cont’d)…

  • Meetings

  • Retreats

  • Informal Communications

Employee feedback programs employee attitude surveys l.jpg
Employee Feedback ProgramsEmployee Attitude Surveys






To what extent are you

satisfied with...

  • 1. pay and bonus

  • 2. chance to get a promotion

  • 3. respect from management

  • 4. morale of my division

  • 5. responsibility to do work






Slide13 l.jpg

Management Actions Commonly Appealed

  • Allocation of overtime

  • Warnings for safety rule violations

  • Size of merit pay increases

  • Specification of job duties

  • Employer’s reimbursement for claims filed by employees

  • Performance evaluations

Employee feedback programs appeals options l.jpg
Employee Feedback ProgramsAppeals Options

  • Open door program

  • Speak-up program

  • Grievance panel – non union firms

  • Union grievance procedure

International comparisons of employee satisfaction l.jpg
International Comparisons of Employee Satisfaction










Percent Satisfied with Company

as an Employer


A troubled employee may have l.jpg
A troubled employee may have…

  • excessive absenteeism patterns

    2. poor judgment and bad decisions

    3. unusual on-the-job accidents

    4. involvements with the law

    5. deteriorating personal appearance

    6. problems relating to other people

Employee assistance program eap l.jpg
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Identify troubled employee:

  • Self - id

  • Supervisor id

EAP counseling

Problem solved;

employee keeps working or, if on leave, returns to work

Employee refuses help;

is terminated if

problem has

significant impact on



Treatment unsuccessful; employee is terminated.

Employee recognition program suggestion systems l.jpg
Employee Recognition ProgramSuggestion Systems

  • “Suggestion evaluation committee” evaluates suggestions; explains to employees why some suggestions have not been used

  • Implement accepted suggestions immediately and give credit to the suggestion’s originator

  • Make value of reward proportional to suggestion’s benefit to the company

Employee recognition systems employee awards l.jpg
Employee Recognition SystemsEmployee Awards

  • Give public credit to people or teams who make outstanding contributions

  • Can be initiated by anyone

  • Celebrates team or individual success

  • Encourages organization members to

    work toward the organization’s goals

Slide20 l.jpg

Some employees feel uncomfortable when

recognized in a public way. As a manager,

how would you work with HR staff to design

an employee recognition program for your

Department, taking into account recognition

for both individuals and teams.