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ch teau de villandry n.
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Château de Villandry PowerPoint Presentation
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Château de Villandry

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Château de Villandry
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Château de Villandry

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  1. Château de Villandry Kathleen Todesco and Felipe Ferreras

  2. Where is the Château de Villandry? • Like most of the châteaux in France, the Château de Villandry is located in the Loire Valley • On the river Cher, a small branching river from the Loire. • Some equally important châteaux in the area include Amboise, Chambord and Chenonceau.

  3. History of the Château de Villandry • In order to build the present château, the financer Jean le Breton had to get rid of an old XIIth castle, from which he had only kept a tower. • Completed main structure in 1536.

  4. Architecture in the Château de Villandry • Sits on a small section of the Cher River • Architecture inspired by Italian Renaissance buildings. • Interior was remodeled in the 1790s to fit Classical luxury. • Marquis de Castellane, the King’s ambassador, played a key role in the ‘re- design’ of Villandry after he acquired the château.

  5. Villandry Gardens The gardens of Villandry

  6. Overview • The gardens are divided into sections by a change in elevation. The “kitchen garden” is on one level, the “love garden” and “music garden” are above that These changes in elevation feel very different from how they look from the palace.

  7. The Garden of Love • The garden of love is divided into two sections: • Tragic Love : • this garden shows the blades of daggers & swords used during rival lover’s duals. In this garden, there are red flowers symbolizing blood spilled. • Fickle Love • Fans in the corners represent the volatile nature of feelings. The center itself represents the letters one would send a lover and contains yellow flowers which represents jealousy.

  8. The Garden of Music • As you can see, on the outer side of the “garden of music” are grape vines which symbolizes parties (or balls at that time )with laughter and music. • This garden is one of the most festive gardens within Villandry

  9. The Garden of Herbs • As you can see, this photo is where most of the fruits and vegetables were collected for the inhabitants of the palace. • One of the things to notice about the “garden of herbs” also known as “the kitchen garden” is the variety of foods planted. This not only made for a tasty meal but shows power to have all different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

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