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GOOD FOR BUSINESS. What Can VivaCore do for YOU? Improve employee morale and dedication Decrease work stress Increase productivity Reduce worker’s compensation costs Improve your bottom line!. How Can YOU Improve your Bottom Line? Provide team building exercises

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What Can VivaCore do for YOU?

Improve employee morale and dedication

Decrease work stress

Increase productivity

Reduce worker’s compensation costs

Improve your bottom line!


How Can YOU Improve your Bottom Line?

Provide team building exercises

Decrease work stress

Provide opportunities for physical activity

Provide opportunities for proper nutrition



The Proof.

Statistics Canada reports that an estimated $12 billion is lost to workplace absenteeism each year.

The odds of being absent from work were almost four times higher for obese young men aged 18 to 34. Obese women aged 35 to 64 were more likely to report reduced work activities due to a long-term health problem

Obese men aged 55 to 64 had a higher risk of reducing their work activity due to a long-term health problem. Obese women age 35 to 54 were significantly more likely to have reported a work injury during the past year.

Obesity on the Job, 2009

Physically active employees report 14% to 25% fewer disability days. Per capita worker compensation costs can be reduced by 45% if employees are regularly active.

Benefits of Physical Activity @ Work, 2007


The Proof.

As many as 55% of Albertans say their employer provides little or no encouragement for physical activity. Of those reporting no support, 62% believe that employer encouragement would help them to be active. Of those having some support, 69% think that such support actually helps them to be active.

Incentives and rewards for physical activity at work—22% of working Albertans can organize or participate in a community physical activity event during work hours without pay deduction, but very few report workplace awards, recognition, or other types of motivation to encourage being active.

Fitness programs at work - 75% of working Albertans do NOT have programs to improve health, physical fitness, or nutrition at their workplace.

76% of Alberta workers do NOT obtain information on physical activity through fitness or health bulletin board, a newsletter or email at work.

WellSpring, Fall 2003


VivaCore Services.

Tailored wellness needs assessments of workplaces including satisfaction of employees, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (current satisfaction and health of employees).   This assessment is free for organizations with 50 or less employees. We will also provide you with a detailed report indicating the findings. Based on organization size: 

51-100: $1000

100 – 500: $ 200

500 + $ 5000

E-learning modules that educate and provide certification to businesses (employers and employees) on why and how to create a healthier more productive workplace. Purchase of e-learning module would include monthly wellness newsletter tips for all staff . Module for employers/businesses which comes with certification with one year of ongoing services is $5000 or $100/person.


VivaCore Services.

Event planning for wellness retreats and corporate wellness challenges.

25-50 people: $ 500

51-100 people: $ 1000

100 – 500 people: $ 2000

500 + people: $ 4000

Social marketing products including signage that promote positive health behaviour change in lunch rooms and by stairwells.


VivaCore Services.

Dependant on the number of employees and topic matter an hour session would run from $500 - $1500

Facility development and management referral ( if there are needs for aesthetic stairwell enhancement, alterations of desk set-up related to ergonomics, or addition of wellness/work-out space(s).

Ergonomic analysis and adjustments run from $1000 to $5000

Facility enhancements run from to $1500 and up.

Ergonomic analysis and adjustments run from $1000 to $5000 depending on the size of the organization.


VivaCore Services.

8.  Tailored wellness seminars: topics may include nutrition, time management skills and simple adaptable physical activity regimens. Outreach and referral starts at $100 and increases according to number of referrals needed.

Platinum, gold and silver annual packages including a selection of services are also offered. All include an annual report tangablizing the improvement in the health and wellness of your places as well as demonstrating the savings incurred from less sick days, improved morale and motivation of staff. 

Platinum: $5,000 - includes up to eight services

Gold: $3,000 - includes up to five services

Silver: $1,500 - includes up three services



Minimum of 5% improvement of employee morale, productivity.

Minimum of 5% decrease in combined overall stress and absenteeism.

An increase in YOUR bottom line!