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5 rule and regulations of football PowerPoint Presentation
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5 rule and regulations of football

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5 rule and regulations of football
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5 rule and regulations of football

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  1. 5 rule and regulations of football From STEPHEN JOHNSTON

  2. Size of ball • The size of the ball depends on the age group. • 5 year olds - size 3 or 4 6-12 year olds - size 4 12-adult - size 5

  3. Size of pitch • It should also be remembered that adequate space should be allowed for a safety margin or run-off around each pitch. The FA recommends a 3.66m wide margin around the pitch perimeter. However, if 2 pitches are side by side then there should be a minimum of 5.48m between pitches.

  4. Handball • In football the goalkeeper is only player allowed to Handle the ball in their 18 yard box anywhere else or anyone else seen or caught handling the ball on the pitch will be penalised and a free kick given (except for throw – ins

  5. Corners and throw – ins A corner is when the ball has gone pass the goal line as for a throwing if it goes off the side line it will be a throwing or corner.

  6. Clothing • Clothing is when the players come to a game with there full kit and they really need to bring shin pads so they don’t get injured

  7. OFFSIDE • A player is offside, when he is closer to the opponent’s goal line and playing a affective role in the attack and there are not two defensive players closer to the goal line than he is offside. There is no offside, when he is making a run from his own half when the ball is struck, you are also not offside from a throw-in, corners and goal kicks.

  8. Kick off • The game is started at the centre of the pitch. The team who kicks off has to pass the ball Forward to a team mate at the referees signal. • The whole ball must roll into the opposing half at kick off, if it is not done correct it will have to be retaken.

  9. One rule they could adapt or change • Handball • This rule could is important as anyone could just pick up the ball and run off and score with it, in some cases teams could feel hard done by as in the 2010 world cup Ghana had a shot blocked on the line by a hand of the opposing team and the result was a penalty and not a goal the penalty in the last min of extra time it was missed and they went on to lose the game on penalties. The rule could be changed and made so anyone given a deliberate handball on the line would automatically result in a goal as then it would stop players from handling the ball on the line and make the game more fair.