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Digital Sales Solutions What Do I Have To Sell?

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Digital Sales Solutions What Do I Have To Sell? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Sales Solutions What Do I Have To Sell?. Michelle Johnson, Internet Broadcasting September 2011. Introduction. This session will teach you all about what products you have available in your arsenal for you to increase your online revenue.

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Presentation Transcript

Digital Sales Solutions

What Do I Have To Sell?

Michelle Johnson, Internet Broadcasting

September 2011


This session will teach you all about what products you have available in your arsenal for you to increase your online revenue.

Our goal is to position you as an expert in the digital space and believe that this information will help you act as a digital consultant for your advertiser.

today s agenda
Today’s Agenda
  • Review available products and selling strategies
  • Review IB’s selling tools including Product Catalog, Creative Showcase and Create Your Own Ads
  • IAB
    • Industry standard ad sizes as set forth by the Interactive Advertising Bureau
  • Sponsorships
    • Strategic ad placements that allow for more targeted affiliation with a topic or section for a sponsor or set of sponsors
  • Rich Media
    • Flash-based ads that contain perceptual or interactive elements beyond the standard functionality
  • House/Promo ads
    • Self-promotion ads created for a site rather than an advertiser
today s presentation
Today’s Presentation
  • Presenting to Memorial Clinical Associates Dermatology.
  • They are a current display advertiser on the site.
  • They are interested in finding out more about Sponsorships, Rich Media and Mobile ads.
  • IAB ad units run in standard placements on Home, Channel and Article pages. (1.00-1.75 points)
  • IABs most often run impression
  • based and can be targeted to
  • specific pages or can run across
  • the entire site (ROS).
  • Often appear with “Advertisement” above or
  • to the side of the placement

Display ads were responsible for 44% of Q1 2011 transactions.

This means display ads pushed about half of consumers into the purchase funnel.

According to data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), online advertising reached a quarterly spending high of $7.3 billion in Q1 2011, that is a 23% increase Year over Year.

IABs:Display Advertising still generates results

Source: BizReport, June, 2011

the basics selling iabs
The Basics: Selling IABs
  • It is recommended that most campaigns include IAB ads to maximize brand awareness
  • IABs are the only ads that have the ability to run ROS or ROC, which allows you to both maximize exposure and monetize every page of the site or section/channel
  • IABs garner high impressions but lower click through rates so they are most effective for brand awareness and exposure
premium options selling iabs targeting
Premium Options: Selling IABs (Targeting)
  • Weighted (Share of Voice)
    • Advertisers can be sold to run evenly amongst a set of advertisers, or broken out by “weight” (ex: client A runs 40%, client B runs 30% and client C runs 30%)
  • Roadblocking
    • For more robust sponsorship of a page, IABs can be tied to run together at the same time, giving the page a more branded feel (ex: Leaderboard and Medium Rectangle run at the same time)
  • Take-Over
    • Similar to roadblocking, a takeover ties the IAB units together but does so with added exclusivity of a page or section over a specified period of time. Most often effective with additional placements such as a Page Skin, Pencil Ad or Hover Ad.
additional targeting services
Additional Targeting Services
  • Internet Broadcasting offers a variety of custom targeting and scheduling options to further enhance your advertiser’s campaigns.
  • Additional targeting services include:
    • Weather-Triggering
    • Geo-Targeting
    • Day-Parting
    • Domain Targeting
    • Browser Targeting
    • Internet Connection Targeting
premium options selling iabs creative
Premium Options: Selling IABs (Creative)

In addition to the standard static and animating options,

IABs with added functionality are also available to run in

these same placements.

  • Synchronized Ads (2.25-3.00 points)
    • Click here for live example
  • Countdown Ads (3.00-3.50 points)
    • Click here for live example
  • Click To Print Coupon IAB (2.50-3.00 points)
    • Click here for live example
premium options selling iabs creative1
Premium Options: Selling IABs (Creative)
  • Expandable AdsFlash-based ads that expand to double in size from a standard IAB ad size placement when a viewer mouses over the ad unit.(3.25 points)

Expandable Leaderboard (728x180)

Expansion Diagram

Click here for live example

premium options selling iabs creative2

*Click on ad name for live example

Tabbed Ad

Rollover Ad

QA Lead Generator Ad

Drop Down Links Ad

Dynamic Scroller Ad

Drag and Drop Ad

Premium Options: Selling IABs (Creative)
  • Interactive Ads Flash-based ads that allow the viewer to interact directly with the ad unit. This increases the likelihood that they will both engage with the ad itself as well as remember the product or brand.

(4.75 points)

summary iabs
Summary: IABs
  • IABs are best for brand awareness and exposure due to high impressions
  • Premium targeting options are an available upsell to an existing IAB campaign. Options include: Roadblocking and Geo-Targeting among others.
  • Premium creative options such as Expandable Ads or Interactive Ads are another upsell opportunity, allowing the IAB placement to incorporate additional functionality within the ad
sponsorships contextual advertising

Content Integration Module

  • CIMs integrate client content directly into the site and generally appear on Channel or Article pages in the right rail unless designated and approved otherwise (.75 points)

Sponsor Blurb

  • Sponsor Blurbs also integrate client content but are reserved for sales programs such as Experts or Solutions. (.75 points)
  • Advertorial Modules integrate relevant sponsor content into an existing editorial content section on a Channel page (4.50 points)

Advertorial Module

Sponsorships – Contextual Advertising

*Click on ad name for live example

sponsorships display advertising

Section/Story Sponsorship Brick

  • Sponsorship Bricks are an alternative form of display advertising with the advantage of more direct placement within a Channel(1.25 points)

Sponsored Topper Graphic

  • Title Bar Ads contain small 100x34 images prominently on a designated content area(.75 points)

Title Bar Ad

  • Header Sponsorships allow an advertiser to sponsor an entire page or Channel with placement at the top right of the page.(.75 points)

Header Sponsorship

  • Sponsored Topper Graphics are used to brand a special section or sales program (1.00 points)
Sponsorships – Display Advertising
the basics selling sponsorships
The Basics: Selling Sponsorships
  • Sponsorships run in standard placements or publisher-designated placements on Channel and Article pages
  • Sponsorship units run weighted or SOV (share of voice) versus impression based
  • Sponsorship campaigns generally target a specific channel, most often related to the advertiser’s business
  • Sponsorships run through the entire channel, including related article pages
  • Sponsorships can include both served and hard-coded ad positions
  • Like IABs, Sponsorship units are high on impressions but low on click throughs, so they are best utilized for campaigns focused on brand awareness
premium options selling sponsorships
Premium Options: Selling Sponsorships

In addition to the standard sponsorship

units, more prominent branding options

are also available that offer the advertiser

a higher level of visibility and call to


  • Pencil Ad (1.00 points)
    • Click here for live example
  • Sponsorship Wrapper Ads

(2.5 points)

    • Click here for live example
  • Page Skins (1.75 points)
    • Click here for live example
rich media

Floating Rich Medias move over the page content upon load. They can either disappear after 10 seconds or migrate to an IAB position(2.25-3.25 points)

Floating Rich Media (with IAB Leave Behind)

  • Pushdowns are among the most attention-grabbing ads as they push the entire content of the page upon load (2.25 points)

Pushdown Ad

Pushdown Ad - Sliding

Rich Media
  • Rich Media ads engage the viewer through perceptual or interactive elements within the ad or placement itself.
  • Leave behind ads are essential to prolonging the availability of the advertiser’s message and branding

*Click on ad name for live example

the basics selling rich media
The Basics: Selling Rich Media
  • Recommended placement for most Rich Media products is the Home Page or your most highly trafficked Channel pages
  • Due to the premium appeal of these products we both recommend and default to a frequency cap of once per user per day
  • Rich Media ads are most commonly recommended for short-term promotion of events or sales but can also be used for brand awareness
premium options selling rich media

IB Hover Ads are available both with and without subtle animation so as not to distract from the viewer’s experience(4.00-5.00 points)

IB Hover Ad (with or without Animation)

  • A click-to-print coupon version is also available which includes additional tracking availability(5.25 points)
  • IB’s Hover Ad with Video option includes a silent teaser to attract viewer attention which expands to full video screen with audio upon click(8.00 points)

With Coupon

  • Leave Behind Ad included in all options, but also available is a separate Pencil Ad(1.00 points)

IB Hover Ad with Video

Leave Behind

Premium Options: Selling Rich Media
  • IB Hover Ads Grab viewers’ attention without disrupting their experience or hindering content. Ad “anchors” at the bottom of the page while still allowing the viewer to scroll behind it.

*Click on ad name for live example

premium options selling rich media1
Premium Options: Selling Rich Media
  • IB Hover Ads offer successful performance with high click-through rates
  • Advanced tracking is a feature enhancement
  • Over 14.3 millionIB Hover Ads were served during Q2 2011 with an average CTR of 1.23% (an increase of .03 over Q1)!
  • IB Hover Ads with Animation continued to lead all variations of the product with a 1.31% CTR in Q2.
  • Pair the IB Hover Ad with the Pencil Ad product to provide a more robust sponsorship.
  • Peninsular Pest Control– 4.73 CTR
  • Art Van– 3.63 CTR
  • UPMC – 3.20 CTR
  • Steinhafels– 3.01 CTR
  • Knoebels Amusement Resort – 2.94 CTR
  • Over 1.2 millionIB Hover Ads with Video were served during Q2 2011, with an average CTR increasing by .12% to 1.27%.
  • :15 or :30 second video
  • IB Hover Ads with Video are able to capture engagement, using trackers for the following:
    • Video Play – Start, Mid and End
    • Collapse
    • Expand
    • Close
    • Click-thru
  • Harvard Pilgrim– 2.74 CTR
  • Performance Fiberglass Milgard– 1.60 CTR
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – 1.67%
premium options selling rich media2

Teaser Ad

  • Teaser Ad encourages the viewer to click to peel back for content
  • Peelback Ad includes content, link and images. Expansion is user-initiated.
  • Due to placement, IB strongly recommends roadblocking Peelback with a Leaderboard Ad

Peelback Ad

Premium Options: Selling Rich Media
  • Peelback Ads High impact rich media that offer prime placement at the top of the page. (5.00 points)

*Click on ad name for live example

email newsletter ads

Email Newsletters that are delivered via HTML will contain a standard IAB placement (either a 300x250 Medium Rectangle or a 160x600 Wide Skyscraper Ad)available to an advertiser (1.00 point)

  • Email Newsletters can also be delivered as text-only, in which case a text version of the ad is available (.25 points)

Click for HTML example

Click for text-only example

Email Newsletter Ads
mobile ads

IB creates Mobile Ads to be served both through DFP as well as third-party ad servers

  • Multiple ad sizes are created and served; devices will identify the appropriate size and display accordingly
Mobile Ads
  • Mobile AdsAds that appear on the wireless version of a website or in a smartphone application. Logos, Banner Ads and Jump Pages are all available Mobile products.(1.00-2.25 points)
  • Additional features such as Click to Dial and QR (Quick Response) code inclusion is also available
  • Additional trafficking charges may apply to IB served ads (.25-.50 points)
mobile ads1
Mobile Ads
  • Internet Broadcasting has additional Mobile products on our roadmap for development and release in 2011:
    • September 2011:
      • Database Marketing (Text/Email sign-up)
    • October 2011:
      • Mobile Couponing (Bar Code/QR)
    • November 2011:
      • SMS Promotions (Text to win, Text to coupon/offer)
      • HTML5 Ads (iPhones, iPads, iPods)
the basics selling mobile ads
The Basics: Selling Mobile Ads
  • Mobile site and smartphone apps can be packaged together just like a standard ad package on the site
  • Convergence opportunities with on-air and online ads can tie all mediums together and offer the advertiser additional exposure
house ads and promotional ads

House Ads run in the standard IAB placements on a site (1.00-1.75 points)

Click here for example

House Ads and Promotional Ads
  • House AdsSelf-promoting ads created to run only when there are no paying ads available to run.
  • House Ads are scheduled at a lower priority within the ad server to ensure that paying advertisers’ ads run first
  • Promotional Ads are used to promote a site’s section or events. While any IB product can be ordered as a promo ad, these do run as part of a site’s inventory and compete with paying clients’ ads
premium options selling promotional ads

A sponsor logo placement or ad tag is available on the standard IAB ad sizes used for Promotional Ads (.75 points)

  • Logos are static and include “Brought to you by” text
  • A Video Tag is also available to run at the end of a Web Driver, Flash Video or Pre-Roll Video (2.25 points)

*Click here for Video Tag example

Premium Options: Selling Promotional Ads
  • IB offers opportunities to integrate an advertiser into Promotional Ads as you aim to promote your special sections and programs.
video ads

Pre-Roll Video Ads offer high recall and CTRs for advertisers. These :15 ads run before a video in the site video player or editorial content player (.75 points)

Pre-Roll Video Ad

  • Flash Video Ads are :15-:30 ads served through the ad server into a Flash video player placed on Channel pages or sales pages (.75 points)

Flash Video Ad

Video Ads
  • Video Ads Multiple options are available which allow advertisers to integrate directly with video content on the site or engage the viewer with their own messaging and content.

*Click on ad name for live example or placement example

the basics selling video ads
The Basics: Selling Video Ads
  • Pre-roll is recommended as packaged with additional ad units such as run-of-site IAB ads or a Channel sponsorship package
  • Companion Ads are packaged with Pre-Roll and can include a Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle or both dependent upon a site’s video player structure
  • Flash Video Ads on sales pages can also be set up to run outside of the ad server through a Video Showcase Player which enables the viewer to initiate chosen clips versus being delivered via ad server rotation
premium options selling video ads
Premium Options: Selling Video Ads
  • Additional Video Ad products are available that combine features and placement of IAB positions as well as offer attention-grabbing options for advertisers
  • IAB Ad – Video Expanding

(5.00 points)

    • Click here for live example
  • Medium Rectangle Ad – Video

(4.75 points)

    • Click here for live example
  • Walk-On Ad

(3.00 points)

    • Click here for live example
video production services
Video Production Services
  • Any available video products found in Internet Broadcasting’s Product Catalog can be ordered with IB produced video. If your client does not have video available, IB can shoot, script and edit for a few additional points.
  • Our Video Productions team can fulfill custom video needs for any of the following:
  • B-Roll Production
  • Commercial Production
  • Flash Video Ads
  • IAB Ad – Video Expanding
  • Medium Rectangle Ad – Video
  • Pre-Roll Video Ads
  • Video Tag
  • Walk-On Ad

Click here for an example of IB’s start to finish Video Production capabilities.

today s presentation1
Today’s Presentation
  • Now that we have reviewed what Memorial Clinical Associates is interested in, what else can we offer?
  • In addition to standard served positions and opportunities, your advertisers also have full page options and program sponsorship opportunities available
full page ads

A variety of template options are available to choose from

Click here for example

Full Page Ads
  • Full Page Ads Advertiser-based content pages that incorporate logos, images, text and links. Full Page Ads enable the inclusion of additional content for advertisers looking for larger capacity messaging. (2.50-4.00 points)
  • Modules can be ordered which can incorporate additional features and functionality including coupons, video, galleries, lead generation forms and web chat capabilities among many others
  • Pre-designed PSDs can be provided for build-out at a lower point cost
the basics selling full page ads
The Basics: Selling Full Page Ads
  • Full Page Ads are excellent options for advertisers who do not have a website or have older, out-of-date looking sites
  • Full Page Ads are also effective options for advertisers who wish to provide more expansive information on their products or services
  • Full Page Ads allow advertisers to incorporate additional functionality beyond what served ad units can accommodate
premium options selling full page ads

Video Modulesallow for rotating video clips which can be autoplay or user-initiated

  • Mappingfeatures allow for a clickable map to launch a pop-up window displaying the full-sized version
  • Web Chatallows for visitors to log in and chat with a client or subject matter expert and are moderated by site personnel
Premium Options: Selling Full Page Ads
  • The inclusion of available Modules can add increased value to Full Page Ads by offering additional methods of client exposure and messaging. A few of the more premium options can include:
contest pages

Contests include a standard form with a minimum requirement of entry fields included. Additional information can be added through question module add-ons

  • All contests include default opt-in opportunities that allow viewers to receive email newsletters from the website as well as marketing information from the advertiser
Contest Pages
  • Contest PagesInclude data collection functionality enabling the compilation of entrant databases. (3.75-5.50 points)

Click here for example

the basics selling contest pages
The Basics: Selling Contest Pages
  • Contest Pages allow for the advertiser to gain added exposure through contest newsletters and pages in addition to their campaign elements
  • Contest Pages allow the advertiser to collect contact information for future offers and promotions
  • Entrant data can be pulled up to once-per-week per contest
premium options selling contests

A Customized Thank You Page allows for graphics and a custom message from the advertiser

  • An Email Blastis a customized email sent once a contest ends to all contest entrants. Email Blasts often announce winner information or general thank you for entering messaging
  • A Winner’s Pageis available to announce the winner once a contest has ended. Contests with multiple winners are especially good candidates for this add-on
Premium Options: Selling Contests
  • Most Full Page Ad Modules are also available for use on Contest Pages. In addition, Contest-only Modules are also offered, which can include:
  • A Bounce-Back Email is a text only email sent to entrants immediately after contest entry. May include external links to additional offers for the advertiser
programs multi sponsor

Two section templates are available, each housing all elements of the campaign which include a topper graphic, IAB ad and sponsor blurb placements as well as a fixed category links area

  • Sponsor Pages house all sponsor specific content including full page ads and rotating IAB units
Programs: Multi-Sponsor
  • Multi-Sponsor ProgramsAdvertiser-content driven solutions as determined by a site. Known also as “Local Experts”, these templates allow for advertisers to be framed as leaders in their field and can include both broad and narrow topics as their focus.(7.5 points per Sponsor plus 12.0 points Program set-up)
  • Section branding can be customized to the site. Logo creation and branding for the section is available through IB

Click here for section/channel example and story/article example

programs solutions

15 pre-determined topics relevant to overall content focus (ex: Home Solutions includes topics such as Roofing, Flooring and Appliances)

Click here for example

Programs: Solutions
  • Solutions ProgramsAnother new feature from IB’s product roadmap, Solutions Programs also offer sponsorship opportunities for topical content but in a more robust program including multiple topics within a content category.(24.00-60.00 points)
  • Custom topic build beyond the core 15 available
  • Individualized topic interactive for each featured topic (standard 15 plus custom topics)
  • Twice-monthly content updates included
  • Search Engine Optimization included
  • Advertiser –supplied content options available for lower point cost
programs essentials

Content-driven solution offering direct sponsorship of thematic content

Click here for example

Programs: Essentials
  • Essentials ProgramsA new feature from IB’s product roadmap, Essentials Programs offer sponsorship opportunities for topical content for advertisers. (11.00-29.00 points)
  • Essentials topics will cover an array of subject matter to appeal to multiple advertisers within a given category (ex: Senior Care)
  • Standard sponsorship placements including IAB and sponsor blurb placements as well as premium sponsorship opportunities for top-tier sponsors are all available
  • Program includes twice monthly content updates as well as multiple topic-relevant interactives
  • Recommended for one to three key sponsors
editorial calendar sponsorships

The Editorial Calendar contains 20 templated sections available for sponsorship

Click here for example

Editorial Calendar Sponsorships
  • The Editorial CalendarA list of short-run, revenue-generating sections that run throughout the year and focus on season-specific topics and events.(package costs will vary)
  • Topics and events chosen are popular and valuable topics for advertisers (ex: Breast Cancer, Holidays)
  • Sections contain feature stories, slideshows, videos and interactive content specific to the topic or event
  • Sponsorship placements are templated around the content to allow advertisers to have significant presence around the content
the basics selling programs
The Basics: Selling Programs
  • Multi-Sponsor Programs allow for a group of advertisers to be positioned as experts or leaders in their given fields. Advertiser-supplied content allows for the sponsor to maintain exclusive control over featured content and messaging
  • Solutions Programs are a content-driven section allowing for advertisers to sponsor a specific topic within a category, while incorporating editorial-supplied content and engaging topic-specific interactives
  • Essentials Programs are a content-driven section allowing for a single advertiser or small group of advertisers to sponsor topic-relevant category incorporating editorial-supplied content
  • Editorial Calendar shrink-wraps allow for short-run sponsorships throughout the year which focus on seasonal events and contain consistent sponsorship opportunities throughout the template
premium options selling programs

Upgrade to a Half Page Ad (300x600) from a Medium Rectangle to run in your 300x250 IAB placement

  • Include a Sponsorship Wrapper around the topic interactive in Editorial Calendar sections and Essentials or Solutions Programs
  • Include a Featured Sponsor on Promotional Ads promoting the Program or Section
  • Include Hover Ads or Peelback Ads on the Home Page of the Site or Program section
Premium Options: Selling Programs
  • Additional options for top-tier sponsor packages or premium advertiser opportunities can include:

From types of ad units to files required for the best execution, IB’s Product Catalog is an easy to navigate, one-stop-shop guide for your online ad product needs.

  • The Catalog includes a list of products with clear definitions, detailed specifications, file requirements, placement guides, required production time, best practices and more.
  • Customers are provided with a customized catalog containing only the products and services available to their sites. Catalogs are username and password protected.

Click here for Product Catalog

Tools and Features: Product Catalog


IB’s Creative Showcase gives you access to real examples of ads created and run on IB’s sites.

  • Links from the Creative Showcase are available for use in presentations or on sales calls. Just click on the “Get Link” feature for the ad and then copy the URL from the browser.

Click here for Creative Showcase

Tools and Features: Creative Showcase

tools and features create your own ads

Powered through ipromote, the tool scans an advertiser’s website for images, logos and content and auto-generates professional, flash-based IAB units within a standard template

  • Preview and edit your ads within the tool. Stock imagery related to the website is also pulled by the tool, and images can also be uploaded directly into the tool via the “Add New Media” button
  • Once complete, enter your email address to have the ad tags sent to you

Click here for WebScan

Tools and Features: Create Your Own Ads
  • Our Create Your Own Ads tool provides a cost-effective way to create quality ads quickly.
  • There is no cost to use the tool. Pay only when you decide to run the ads on your site.
  • IABs
    • Run impression based in static placements on site
    • Premium targeting options are available as an upsell to existing IAB campaigns
    • Premium creative options are also available allowing the ad placement to incorporate additional functionality within the ad itself
  • Sponsorships
    • Include both contextual and display advertising
    • Most often run weighted or share-of-voice
    • Premium options allow for more prominent branding and placement
  • Rich Media
    • Rich Media Ads offer higher visibility and higher click through rates for advertisers
    • Best for short-term promotion of sales or events
    • Premium options allow for advanced tracking within the ad server
  • Mobile
    • Mobile Ads allow for multi-platform convergence opportunities
    • Additional Mobile products are being developed for release in Q4
  • House/Promotional Ads
    • Upsell special sections and programs with sponsor logo inclusion on promo ads
  • Video
    • Premium ad units beyond the standard Pre-Roll and Flash Video options are available
    • Custom Video Production services are available for all video products in IB’s Product Catalog
  • Full Page Ads and Contests
    • Allow advertiser to provide more substantial content
    • Allow for database collection
    • Modules and add-ons allow for premium or upsell opportunities
  • Programs
      • Consistent sponsorship placements
      • Tiered or premium sponsorship opportunities available
      • Allow for advertiser-provided content OR sponsorship of editorial content
      • Options include:
        • Multi-Sponsor
        • Essentials Programs
        • Solutions Programs
        • Editorial Calendar Sponsorships
  • Tools
    • Product Catalog
      • Specific to your client group
    • Creative Showcase
      • Pull “real-life” examples for sales calls
    • Create Your Own Ads
      • NO COST method for mock-up ads; pay only when trafficked



AD STRATEGY – Social Media 101

“Why and when should I Tweet?” “How do I get more Facebook Fans?” This session will answer these questions and more. We will focus on social media sites as well as recommendations when a client should use social media to complement an ad campaign.

Monday, September 19 1pm CT

Friday, September 23 8:15am CT

AD SOLUTIONS – “Shrink Wrap” selling (IB Vertical Content Sections Sponsorship)

IB provides short-run, revenue-generating sections throughout the year which focuses on seasonal events and provides topical sponsorship opportunities for your advertisers. This session will review the convergence opportunities available, strategies for station management, why sponsors are renewing and how you can fully capitalize on all the surrounding promotional materials provided by IB.

  • Monday, October 3 1pm CT
  • Friday, October 7 8:15am CT