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The Crucible Review Game

The Crucible Review Game. This character is Rev. Parris’ daughter. A. Abigail • B. Ruth • C. Betty • D. Tituba. Betty. John’s Wife. A. Rebecca B. Tituba C. Betty D. Elizabeth. Elizabeth. Who arrested Elizabeth?. A. Proctor B. Reverend Hale C. Cheever D. Dansforth. Cheever.

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The Crucible Review Game

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  1. The Crucible Review Game

  2. This character is Rev. Parris’ daughter • A. Abigail • • B. Ruth • • C. Betty • • D. Tituba

  3. Betty

  4. John’s Wife • A. Rebecca • B. Tituba • C. Betty • D. Elizabeth

  5. Elizabeth

  6. Who arrested Elizabeth? • A. Proctor • B. Reverend Hale • C. Cheever • D. Dansforth

  7. Cheever

  8. Who was pressed to death? • A. Proctor • B. Putnam • C. Miller • D. Corey

  9. Giles Corey

  10. She is the primary cause of the witch trials • A. Betty • B. Tituba • C. Ruth • D. Abigail

  11. Abigail

  12. Judge • A. Miller • B. Putnam • C. Danforth • D. Cheever

  13. Danforth

  14. Who is the expert spirit remover? • A. Parris • B. Proctor • C. Hale • D. Putnam

  15. Hale

  16. Who is the author of The Crucible? • A. Arthur Miller • B. Dr. Seuss • C. John Grisham • D. Donald Duck

  17. Arthur Miller

  18. Who gave a Poppet to Elizabeth? • A. Betty • B. Mary • C. Abigail • D. Mercy

  19. Mary

  20. Who lost 7 babies? • A. Proctors • B. Putnams • C. Coreys • D. Parris

  21. Putnams

  22. Had an affair with Abigail • A. Putnam • B. Parris • C. Proctor • D. Hale

  23. John Proctor

  24. Who is Parris’ slave from Barbados?

  25. Who is accused of killing babies but maintains her innocence? • A. Abigail • B. Tituba • C. Mary • D. Rebecca

  26. Rebecca Nurse

  27. He doesn’t like Proctor/Proctor doesn’t like him

  28. True or False

  29. T or F • The Puritans came to this country for religious freedom; however, when they got here they persecuted others as they had been persecuted. They turned their colony into a place almost as bad as the place they left.

  30. True

  31. T or F • Being under such strict laws and commandments, the Puritans had to repress a lot of their anger and spirit of revenge towards their neighbors. When the witch hunts started, it was an excellent opportunity for them to “let their hair down” and get revenge on their neighbors for whatever petty squabbles they had been having.

  32. True

  33. T or F • Thomas Putnam was a kind and gentle man of good character.

  34. False

  35. T or F • Parris was in charge of the congregation that was split; his ministry was not popular with everyone

  36. True

  37. T or F • The Nurses were not liked by the Putnams because of some land disputes, and this conflict was somewhat revenged by the Putnams when Ann Putnam accused Rebecca of bewitching her newborn babies (implying she was responsible for their deaths).

  38. True

  39. T or F • Proctor does not attend church because he doesn’t like Parris

  40. True

  41. T or F • Reverend Hale has come to Salem to take Parris’ place.

  42. False

  43. Why does Elizabeth think Abigail wants to kill her? • A. She is sick and paranoid • B. She believes that Abby wants to take her place as John’s wife. • C. She believes Abby is bewitched and will try to destroy anything good. • D. All of the above

  44. Abigail wants to be John’s wife

  45. What is Hale’s problem as Proctor and his friends present evidence to Danforth? • A. He worries about his own safety from the girls’ accusations • B. He sees that he has been a failure at removing witchcraft from Salem • C. He thinks his reputation will be ruined • D. He begins to realize that the people who had been accused and sentenced so far could be innocent

  46. He realizes they may be innocent

  47. What does Giles Corey accuse Putnam of? • A. Killing the neighbors for their land • B. Being in service with the devil • C. Taking advantage of the girls • D. Being a hypocrite

  48. Killing the neighbors

  49. What does Mary tell Danforth? • A. Abigail is not evil; she’s just in love with Proctor • B. The girls have been lying • C. Tituba as responsible for their actions in the woods • D. Abigail gave Elizabeth the doll

  50. The girls are LIARS!

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