tales from 2022 chronicles from two futurists are your ready for the challenge
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Tales from 2022: chronicles from two futurists Are your ready for the challenge?

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Tales from 2022: chronicles from two futurists Are your ready for the challenge? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tales from 2022: chronicles from two futurists Are your ready for the challenge?. Team “Positive Future” Members : -Angela Ferrari & Josè Miguel Molina Fernàndez. In our dream job in 2022:.

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tales from 2022 chronicles from two futurists are your ready for the challenge

Talesfrom 2022: chroniclesfromtwofuturistsAre yourreadyforthe challenge?

Team “Positive Future”


-Angela Ferrari & Josè Miguel MolinaFernàndez

in our dream job in 2022
In ourdream job in 2022:
  • I’ve just opened my eyes… I’m enjoying a wonderful view of the forest through my window as I’m getting dressed. I’ve already obtained a degree in Economy. I’m working as a counselor in a development project in the eastern side of my country. The project’s objective is to stop monocultivation, that’s actually erosioning the ground, causing enormous damage in the environment and stopping production of many other important goods, that might be even more competitive that the one being sowed. A normal day in this job goes like this: - Explain the farmers the advantages of sowing more that one thing at a time. - Thinking about new ways to produce and sell farmer’s food, in order to make them earn some more, which would be a motivation for them not to use toxic products or monocultivating. - Give the government real data about food production in the countryside, so they can plan useful projects to raise the nation’s economy. 
the role of the internet in the working arena
The role of the Internet in the working arena
  • Internet will play a centralrole in ourdreamjobs. Itwillbe the crucial medium ofcommunication, sincewewillmostlytelework (or work online). Wewillbeabletorelay on stable, high performance and affordable internet connections no matterwherewewill decide to work from.
management responsibility on damages to the environment
Management responsibility on damages to the environment
  • Companies will have to work in 2 areas: producing and trying to fix every consequence that this production has brought (even though this is already happening, this situation will be clearer by then, according to us). With scarce resources on Earth, the industry will have to be as efficient as possible, of course not forgetting to be socially responsible. As always, a determinate group of professionals will work hard to make their projects sustainable while the other will try to evade this responsibilities to make their bosses earn more than what its fair. 
technology performance the influence of retro culture
Technology performance & the influence of "retro" culture
  • Technologywillbeanexcellentaidtoindustries and itslevelofdevelopmentwillbevery high, especiallyregardingautomation and precision.
  • Nevertheless, therewillbe a returnto a more humanisticviewof work, using the intellectualresourcesof people to go back tomanual high perfomance work, contemplatingbothquality and creativity.
risks that worker s benefits will go through
Risks that worker's benefits will go through
  • In our scenario the workerswillbegivenflexibilty and work-life balance, sincethanksto online education, absorbing experiences from professors from every part of the globe would be exciting and useful.This will also allow students to be perfectly capable to work for any organization, no matter where they come from and where their headquarters are.
our dream education in 2022
OurDreamEducation in 2022
  • A perfect day in the university would be half attendance, half online.
  • Importance of post graduate studies
  • Opportunities will be there for people from all around the world to take them 
a perfect day in university would be half presencial half online
A perfect day in university would be half-presencial, half online.
  • Online-studies offered by universities will be improved and will include more fields of study, so economical situation won't be an obstacle when it comes to studying.
  • It would allow people to get access to a global education and to interact with other cultures.
importance of post grade studies
Importance of post-gradestudies
  • Tobeableto compete in the global job market wewillneedfurtherknowledgeand fine criticalthinkingskillsgivenby post graduate education. Post graduate studieswillbecomeveryimportant, notonly in mattersoflearning, butespecially in learninghowto do things.
skills expected from the future education
Skillsexpectedfrom the future education
  • Programming skills (not also for websites but also for mobile apps) because there will a lot of web related professions, English because it will be the vehicular language when working internationally, online project management working skills, because it will make team working easier, intercultural knowledge skills, since we will interact with people from all over the world, research skills because we will need to navigate through a lot of information during our daily tasks.