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  1. MBT in BFSI Testing of a Net Banking Application using Selenium Framework Document No :​IBSIPL-016/2012

  2. Evolution in Software Testing • Challenges in Test Automation • Challenges Back at Home • Model Based Testing • MBT with Selenium Architecture • Case study on Banking Application • Summary

  3. Evolution of Software Testing MBT FrameworksKeyword Driven Manual Scripts-BasedCapture/Replay Latest Test Design approach, where we feed in functional requirements/business-logic to get automatically generated test design models, test cases, automation scripts and test documentation. 100% test reusability and Req. coverage with 50% less time/effort, higher defect tracking, higher maintainability More advanced approach in testing where we create a test-framework to automatically execute the automated test cases/scripts, without manual intervention, & get test results. Lower test – reusability and maintainability Advanced approach of recording and replaying test automation scripts (e.g. Visual Studio etc.) using Record/Play feature. The challenges include maintaining test data, data-source connectivity and identifying functional defect, . lower test – reusability and maintainability Traditional approach of writing test manually, with higher efforts & resource allocation. Significant efforts on test collaboration documentation,, higher Fault-Slip-Throughs (FST), higher efforts in regression testing, absence of test reusability

  4. Challenges in Test Automation

  5. Challenges in Test Automation • Initial investment of creating the test scripts • Automation is long term strategy : Investment is justified when product is evolving and Market penetration is growing • Maintainability of volume Test cases/Test scripts • Demands for different types of test suites (Build Sanity test, Regression suites, Priority based test suites) with little or no additional effort • Faster test cycles with scripting demands due to Faster product builds, Agile process • Migrating between framework/scripting language

  6. Challenges back at Home

  7. Want to take a ride !??!

  8. Test Incorrectness…

  9. Release Deadline…

  10. Invalid Test Case…

  11. Higher Maintenance…

  12. Coverage… What !??!#$*

  13. An evening of one Mr. Tester

  14. Model Based Testing • Automated Test Design TM • Automates ”thinking” of test cases based on a system model • Integrates with existing test execution automation • Provides • Faster test design • Better test coverage • Higher test quality • Easier test maintenance CONFORMIQ DESIGNER Fig: Test flow, with Manual Test Design replaced by MBT

  15. Automated Test Design flow Direct & ReviewTest Design Use Test Scripts& Documentation DevelopSystem Model Generate and verify test case completeness and correctness Manually capture system functionality Output reports and executable scripts ConformiqPublisher ConformiqDesigner Conformiq Modeler

  16. Paradigm Shift in Test Automation Test Development Test Execution Input: Customer requirements,Function Specifications, Function Descriptions, Interwork Descriptions, etc. Generate Test cases Test documentation Model design Test Management tool Import Automated test scripts Input Generate MBT tool(e.g. Conformiq)‏ (UML) Modeling tool Test automationtool/framework Execute Test results

  17. MBT Test scripts **Note: This is a suggestive list. Ideabytes can create plug-ins for any scripting language output

  18. Model at a Glance - Sample • Modeling can be done using Conformiq Modeler, Rational RSA, Rational Rhapsody, Enterprise Architect. • The Models can be given as input to Conformiq Designer to derive automatic test cases, scripts and documentation

  19. Reusable Test Architecture

  20. Benefits of Choosing Selenium • Platform, Browser Independent • Scripting possibility in popular programming languages:C#,  Java,  Groovy,  Perl,  PHP,  Python and Ruby • Open Source – Cost advantage • Reusable components and Libraries • Open Source community Contributions • Several variants ( IDE, RC, Web Driver, Grid) depending on the test environment

  21. SUT – Banking Application Web Browser … Banking Application • Testing: • GUI Operation • Banking Functionality MySQL

  22. Tested Functionality • Login, Logout • Create New Account • Modify Account Information • Funds Transfer • Reports

  23. MBT Architecture with Selenium System Model of NetBanking App Test Reports (Test Mgmt) Test Harness (Framework APIs) Selenium Server Scripting Plugin C# Test Scripts NetBanking App Test Plans and Documentation (Word/Excel/HTML)

  24. System Interfaces ToUser: Show Home Page, Show Account page FromUser: ”Login”, ”Click”, UI Banking Application FromDBHandler: QueryResponse ToDBHandler: Query

  25. Demo • Please visit our booth for a Short Demo of Banking application test automation using MBT using Selenium framework

  26. Motivate Testers to efficiency • MBT is a revolutionary technology • Well managed introduction of Test Automation and MBT motivates adoption by testers • Companies achieve immediate benefits Kick-start plan with ramp-up with Competence build-up planning • MBT is suited to all software testing domains Table: Typical end -2- end automation results from active and completed projects at Tier - 1 Customers

  27. MBT Advantages in BFSI • Survey at 2011 MBT User Conference in Berlin (ETSI) • Fault Slip Through (FST) reduction: 59% • Testing duration reduced by 25% • Testing costs reduced by 17% • Usage spans application stackssoftware processes, application domains • MBT is accessible and practical • Other Advantages • Early detection of specification faults • No Dependence on scripts, and Test Infrastructure ( Leads to Future proof technology) • Documentation : 100% automatically generated and its by-product of Model - Always in synch • Significant reduction in Effort for regression test cycles • One Model – Many test suites ( Functional, Regression, Sanity, Priority)

  28. Srinivas Reddy Katta / Mrinal ChatterjeeIdeabytes Software India Pvt. /mrinal.chatterjee@ideabytes.comWebsite: