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  1. HSPcomplete

  2. Our Solution ManagementCost SoftwareCost HardwareCost VPSN VPSN VPSN VPS4 VPS4 VPS4 VPS3 VPS3 VPS3 VPS2 VPS2 VPS2 VPS1 VPS1 VPS1 Virtualization & Automation The Problem Virtualization & Automation • Even MORE Servers • Larger Concentration • Many Servers • Many Desktops Service Providers / Outsourcing Citrix+, Server-based Apps • High cost • Low Service Level • High complexity • Low flexibility • Decreases cost • Provides Service Level • Lowers complexity • Higher flexibility

  3. Hosting Software Global Leader • More than 50,000 servers are managed by our software, 3-5,000 more each month • Over 3,000 hosting providing customers in over 100 countries • 8 of the top 10 providers worldwide • Largest Hosting Company in the world - 1&1 - buys hosting software from us • Largest dedicated hosting providers • both revenue - RackSpace and • number of servers – Ev1servers • 5 of the top 5 European providers • Over 170,000 VPS in production • Over 5 mln domains managed • Over 35 mln e-mail users • Largest R&D team focused on the hosting software - more than 200 engineers with more then 3 years hosting software development experience on the average • SWsoft is the only major hosting software vendor which is cash positive and profitable

  4. HSPcomplete SWsoft Overview • Global software company headquartered in Herndon, VA (near Washington) • Offices in USA, Europe and Asia • Privately funded, strong financials • 750+ mln company of the same founders • Expert team: 250+ : mostly engineers, support and services (200+) • Alexey Kuznetsov,Chief Software Engineer • 21U.S. patents pending Our Business • Services and 24x7 support MoscowR&D Headquarters Washington DC Sales & MarketingSupport, Services NovosibirskR&D BremenEuropean Operations

  5. & HSPcomplete The Only True VPS Proven The Most Comprehensive Future of xSP Infrastructure SWsoft Products & Technology Virtualization Automation 1st Generation Plesk & Confixx are the latest release in the award-winning family of SWsoft Control Panel products. They were first released in ’99 and now it is deployed on >50K servers worldwide They have the most comprehensive set of features that hosting providers can find on the market today. The only true VPS technology. Mainframe-like dynamic partitioning, resource management with full isolation of each partition, OS virtualization allowing migration of a VPS to another server, and templating for mass deployment of updates and apps. Over 1.5K servers • SWsoft has the most complete product & services portfolio now and it will continue to enhance its completeness to cover all aspects, all platforms and all types of hosting in all languages to become “1-stop shop” for providers 2ndGeneration 3rd Generation Provides all of the Plesk/Confixxfeatures + allows to provision/resell VPS, dedicated and managed hosting, manage 100s of thousands accountsin a highly distributed environ-ment, migrate accounts between servers, monitoring, package mgmt, marketing, e-commerce, billing and customer care capabilities, customize on all levels, extend and integrate with existing software. The most comprehensive full business life-cycle hosting automation solution available. Manage hardware, OS, apps, backups, IPs, customers, resellers, e-commerce. Flexible billing system integrated with automated account provisioning scalable to tens of thousands of accounts.

  6. HSPcomplete 2.0 SWsoft: Customers Over 150 reference customers Total 300 (additional 150 customers) “…We are pleased to launch our using both SWsoft's Virtuozzo and HSPcomplete. Our new virtual server offerings are robust, with 5/10GB service plans hosted on Linux servers. We have been offering hosting since its infancy, and want this strong feature set available to our business customers...” Dan Handy GM of GlobalServers and VP of About Web Services, “…With SWsoft's HSPcomplete IQuest was able to consolidate multiple diverse systems consisting of Ensim's ServerXchange and other legacy solutions into single centralized powerful hosting platform. HSPcomplete allowed us to focus our efforts on growing our hosting business, increasing profitability, and delivering 100% satisfaction to all of our customers…" Larry Zore Director Hosting Division IQuest Internet “Hosting in Europe is very competitive and prices for shared hosting have been pushed down to nearly unprofitable levels. VPS accounts can generate revenue much closer to dedicated server prices and are much more attractive to me, financially.” Thomas Strohe Co-founder and Director of Business Development intergenia AG “The flexibility of Virtuozzo is amazing. I’m running hundreds of VEs on a single box to improve security for my department and can rapidly deploy new VEs for staging servers or as controlled back-end servers for thin clients.” Joe Little Principal Software Developer Stanford University CS and EE Department Major Fortune 100 company hosted by major Service Provider

  7. Largest and Most Serious HSPs & SWsoft: Customers Over 3,000 customers "By offering PSA, we can build even more value into our clients' UNIX and Linux servers by offering ease of administration through a Web-based graphical user interface. PSA gives our clients the ability to focus more time and resources on growing their business and less on ongoing server administration support." Graham Weston CEO, “"When determining the configuration of our new shared offering in Germany, we searched the world for a unique solution that would strongly position Intergenia against our competitors. We needed a new control panel with a feature set that could run and manage dozens of servers handling more than 100,000 customers within the first two years. SWsoft's Plesk Enterprise was the only hosting product that met and went beyond our requirements...“ Jochen BergerCTOServer4You “We looked at them all… No one has the breadth of capabilities out of the box, the ability to meet all of our needs today, or the architecture to support our future needs for customization, expansion, or integration. The innovation that Plesk brings to bare with PEM builds on their reputation as the leader in Hosting Automation and now Distributed Hosting.…” Tim Dufour President and CEO RackForce Hosting Inc. „SWsoft's Plesk is the right product for the mass market we are addressing and gives our customers the best possible value for money. SWsoft's suite of products provides 1&1 with the comprehensive solutions demanded by today's sophisticated hosting consumer.” Andreas Gauger CEO 1&1 Internet AG

  8. SWsoft: Partners & Analysts Hardware Partners: Channel Partners: Research Companies: Software & Webservices Partners Operating Systems Vendors Provider Software Vendors “…HSPcomplete 2.0 is a comprehensive automation solution, flexible and powerful enough to manage hosting businesses of any size…” Jeb Bolding Senior Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates “We see this acquisition establishing SWsoft as the leader in providing hosting software solutions, in terms of total number of control panel licenses” Joshua Beil VP Research and Development Tier1 Research System Software: Application & Database Servers etc User Applications Payment, Certificate & Domain services

  9. & Proven • Manage Hosting Server: • Web, Mail, FTP • DNS, Server, Backup, • Database, Firewall, Antivir/spam, FP, CGI, Cron, Tomcat, ... • Delegate to: • Reseller, Domain Admins, Mail Users • SWsoft have released Plesk 7 & Confixx3 for Linux, FreeBSD and Windows with dozens of new features to General Availability in Feb’04 Proven & Powerful Full Fledge Hosting Control Panel Software • The most proven product on the market, around since ‘99, 50K licenses sold • Empower your customers with the richest set of features on the market • All levels could manage all levels without re-login • Simple and clean interface – reduce tech support calls • Seamless integration with other SWsoft products and dozens of third party applications to manage full-scale hosting business • Multi Server Features, Scalability, Customization, Anti-Spam, All Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD and Windows and many more…

  10. Virtuozzo • Dynamic partitioning of servers into hundreds of Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) with full dedicated-server functionality – root access, rebootable, ability to install any application, change any file, any IP settings Mainframe-like partitioning and manageability on commodity x86 machines. Concepts proven in enterprise data centers on mainframes for over 30 years. Works as light add-on on top of standard OS • SWsoft targets Virtuozzo Windows2003 & Solaris forsummer ’04. • Resource Management – CPU, memory, disk, I/O, etc., min/max values per VPS. Full isolation of VPSs • OS Virtualization allows VPSs to quickly be moved between physical machines • Mass Management – Tools and OS & Application Templates to enable automated mass management and updates of thousands of VPSs

  11. HSPcomplete Why SWsoft? • The Very Global World Wide Leader • Strong & Sustainable position on xSP market • More then 150% per year growth • Constantly hiring – Nsk, Msk, Was and Bre • Top notch engineering organization • People & Expertise • Tools & Process & Products • The actual Technology Edge with many things done • World Class Organization • End 2004 and thereafter • Better employee benefits • Already started • Better carrier opportunity • Here and abroad • Growing salaries

  12. What we want in “Academgorodok” • Scientific research in Computer Science topics related to SWsoft (including Master degree and PhD programs) • Attracting top developers to work on industrial projects with strong scientific content • Development of commercial grade software which includes results of scientific investigations • Educating students and NSU/SO RAN postgraduates in technological aspects of software development process (as a way to attract new “ready-for-use” top-class engineers into SWsoft R&D centers)