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From uneasiness to integration PowerPoint Presentation
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From uneasiness to integration

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From uneasiness to integration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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From uneasiness to integration . Raffaele D’Errico AIFA Onlus National President Italian Association of ADHD Families.

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From uneasiness to integration

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    1. From uneasiness to integration Raffaele D’Errico AIFA Onlus National President Italian Association of ADHD Families

    2. To give “voice” to ourselves, parents of ADHD children, to tell our experiences in order to help people understand what it really means to live with an ADHD child in the family. AIFA onlus goals

    3. AIFA onlus who is AIFA? Italian Association of ADHD FamiliesOnlus A no profit Organization that aims only to social solidarity, information and scientific diffusion regarding the field of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, which expresses itself in a project called………...

    4. AIFA onlus Project “Parents for Parents”

    5. october 20th 2001… …"Parents for Parents" project is introduced to the Holy Pope for the first time on October 20th 2001, at Saint Peter Square, Rome and broadcasted by the main Italian TV Channel “RAI 1”.… AIFA onlus

    6. AIFA onlus Project “Parents for Parents” • To create a net of parents willing to listen and help those who find themselves in trouble. • To coordinate and encourage contacts between families with the ADHD problem.

    7. AIFA onlus Project “Parents for Parents” • To inform and update on latest scientific findings using mainly the informatics means.

    8. AIFA onlus Project “Parents for Parents” • To supply knowledge diffusion on scientific matters regarding ADHD and its relative therapies, in order to help capillarity of those resources aimed to achieve a right and fast diagnosis as well as its multimodal treatment.

    9. AIFA onlus Project “Parents for Parents” • To create a link among social, scholastic and sanitary structures and their relative operators involved daily with an ADHD child.

    10. AIFA onlus Project “Parents for Parents” • To make a map of all Italian Centres and Professionals skilled in diagnosis and multimodal treatment.

    11. AIFA onlus Project “Parents for Parents” • To cooperate with local and National Institutions such as: Ministries, Social Services, Health Departments, Hospitals, Universities, Private Institutions, Scientific-Cultural and “No-profit” Associations.

    12. AIFA onlus Project “Parents for Parents” • To defend childrens’ rights and their families’, in order to improve their quality of life and favour the social acceptability of the disorder.

    13. ADHD status in Italy AIFA onlus THE ADHD IN ITALY … • Is ignored and mistrusted • Rarely diagnosed and properly treated • The right therapies are not well known and often the families are charged for it • Adults with ADHD are not treated • The Families are often forced to travel all around the Country to obtain the right diagnosis and treatment

    14. AIFA complaints…. AIFA onlus …serious happenings • Penal and civil reports • Expulsions from schools, sport and church activities • Scholastic outcasting • Scholastic failures • Separation of parents

    15. AIFA complaints…. AIFA onlus • Physical and Psychic mistreatment • social isolation of families • Psychic disorder reported in brothers and sisters • Wrong and useless counselling and therapies, often expensive and long lasting • Adopted children with ADHD are often abandoned or sent back to Institutes

    16. serious problems during adolescence AIFA onlus

    17. AIFA onlus …To describe what it means living with an ADHD child is hard to explain: it’s just a relation made of hatred-love, a new kind of feeling, all to be discovered….Only who lives all this can understand it!

    18. AIFA onlus But what do they know how my life is, of the stress of going around all day long following a child who keeps running around all the time, who cannot be brushed passed by another child without smacking or insulting him?

    19. AIFA onlus One of my son’s classroom mates’ mother has told me that me and my husband are not good parents, otherwise it couldn’t be possible that my child keeps disturbing her child all the time……I feel like running away in a desert and scream…..

    20. what has AIFA done? Promoted self-help • To set up a net of reference parents Nationwide • Replying to letters and phone calles • Gathering “true stories” • Promoting groups of self-help among parents • Promoting parent-trainings sessions • Promoting a census of allNational “Centres and Resources” • Promoting National Meetings for reference parents • Promoting a meeting forum (Agorà) • Promoting the ’AIFA-ICG group for international contacts AIFA onlus

    21. what has AIFA done? Information • Publishing the Internet site • Promoting the NewsletterAifa • Promoting the information newspaper AIFANews • Publishing articols, books, audio-visual material • Replying to “culturally and scientifically uncorrect” articols • Taking part of TV programs and congresses • Organizing local and National Courses and Conventions AIFA onlus

    22. what has AIFA done? Diffusion • Contacts with Mass media and Associations • Contacts and cooperation with Health Ministry, National Health Institute, Scientific Societies, and Universities • Contacts with Schools and Ministry of Education • Taking part as member in the International Group of Coordination • Taking part as member in the Family Association Forum • Taking part at the National Consensus • Promoting the diffusion of the Italian Guide Lines (2002) • Promoting the diffusion of the European Council Parliament Recommendation (2002) • Promoting the outset of National Referring Centres (NHI) AIFA onlus

    23. Thanks for this place that you have dedicated to us parents, to make us feel less lonely in our path……. Thanks for your words of affection and hope that you always manage to find for us…….. Thanks for your strength in fighting for ADHD… Thanks for being there because it reassures us!

    24. Honourable Minister Olimpia Tarzia President of Permanent Observatory of Families Rome 2003 “AIFA is making a very importan job, not only within its own field, that of supporting the families, but also in that more complex of diffusion of knowledge, being in the meantime the link between School and all the other Institutions, including families, involved with ADHD”.

    25. Thanks for what you are doing…

    26. their smile tomorrow… … will also depend on you! Italian Association of ADHD Families