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uniform standards and expectations 2019 20 n.
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Uniform Standards and Expectations 2019/20 PowerPoint Presentation
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Uniform Standards and Expectations 2019/20

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Uniform Standards and Expectations 2019/20
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Uniform Standards and Expectations 2019/20

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  1. Uniform Standards and Expectations 2019/20

  2. Uniform Expectations 2019-20 • Students’ Uniform: • Morley Academy V neck, grey jumper with blue striped • Striped light and dark blue school tie with correct house colours  • Plain white classic collar shirt (not blouse) • Plain black or charcoal grey tailored trousers (not skinny/no decorative zips or patterns) • No skirts • Black/charcoal or grey socks • Plain black leather/leather-look type shoes (below the ankle) • Belts: Plain and black with no logos on • Hijabs – Black  Hairstyles: Hair should not have patterns cut into the hair. Hair colouring must be subtle and in natural colours- no pinks, reds, blues, two tone colour, patterns or dip dye Tattoos: Tattoos or body piercings must not be visible Jewellery: students can wear a watch, one discrete ring per hand and one earring per earlobe – small discrete stud only. Students are not permitted to wear necklaces and bracelets/bands (other than for faith reasons), however, students can wear one charity band. Excessive make up is unnecessary and should not be worn.

  3. School uniform is to be worn with pride and correctly at all times Clean white shirts to be worn with top buttons that fasten at all times. Jumpers should be kept in good condition and free from tears and holes. Jumpers are not to be tucked into the school trousers.  Sleeves must be down at all times and not rolled up or scrunched up.

  4. Ties must be fastened with a neat small knot and the school logo must be below the knot.  The tie must always be worn at a suitable length.  School trousers must be plain black or charcoal grey. The trousers must be tailored and not represent a legging, jeans or cord material. Plain black school leather/leather look shoes, which sit below the ankle are to be worn. 

  5. Your tie should display your house colour and the school logo should be clearly visible UNDER the knot. The knot itself  should be kept small and neat. Ties must be worn at a suitable length

  6. Black or charcoal grey trousers should be worn, without embellishments. Skirts are not permitted to be worn. Jeans and skinny legged trousers and leggings are NOT acceptable.

  7. Ears may be pierced – 1 in each earlobe only. Earrings should be a SMALL, DISCRETE plain stud type.  Earlobe  stretches are not permitted. Nose, hoop, or character earrings should NOT be worn

  8. Plain black LEATHER or LEATHER LOOK shoes are acceptable and safe footwear. These must be below the ankle. Pumps, flip flops, boots and heels are not acceptable and would be considered unsafe around school grounds.

  9. Nail Varnish should NOT be worn at any time. False and /or acrylic nails should not be worn. Only a clear and natural lacquer may be applied.

  10. Hair colour must be natural It must not be dyed an unnatural colour at all and there must be no dip dye or two tone hair colouring

  11. Patterns and lines in hair are unacceptable and are not permitted Hair accessories to be kept plain and small.

  12. Excessive rings and bracelets are not to be worn. ONE ring per hand may be worn and ONE watch or ONE charity band. Smart watches / Fit Bits are not permitted.

  13. CLARITY FOR 2019/20 Make-up should be natural and barely noticeable. False eyelashes are not to permitted Foundation may be worn as long as it links to skin tone. You may wear natural eye shadow – no glitter Mascara must be brown or black NO EYELINER NO BLUSH or BRONZER

  14. CLARITY FOR 2019/20 Socks / tights should be plain black, grey or charcoal grey

  15. CLARITY FOR 2019/20 Plain black belts are permitted only

  16. CLARITY FOR 2019/20 Mobile phones are not allowed to be switched on or visible within the academy. Smart watches/ Fit bits are not allowed within the academy. These items will be confiscated for a period of 48 hours if students have them out or switched on without permission. A negative comment will also be placed in your planner. If you are in isolation and these items are seen/heard they will be confiscated for 5 days.

  17. CLARITY FOR 2019/20 Your school bag should be suitable to carry A4 workbooks from all of your subjects. It will need to be sturdy and enable you to carry all of your equipment.

  18. PE Kit 2019-20 • Compulsory PE kit • The Morley Academy white sports polo shirt- house colour • The Morley Academy navy plain shadow stripe shorts/navy plain shorts (no stripe) • The Morley Academy stripe socks • The Morley Academy reversible rugby shirt • Football boots – failure to bring football boots will result in 3 negative comments as these are required for health and safety when timetabled football and rugby • Shin pads (only needed when timetabled football and rugby) • Optional PE Kit • The Morley Academy Tracksuit Top • The Morley Academy Sweatshirt (Years 8-11 only) • The Morley Academy Tracksuit bottoms (these can be purchased as students will be participating in PE lessons outside in all weather)

  19. Students who do not comply with rules regarding uniform will be placed in isolation until the uniform issues are resolved.