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  2. The first settlersthatlived in your Country… In Italythereweremanypeople of Indo-EuropeanoriginasEtruscans, Latin, Umbrians… In Sicily the first settlerswere the Phoenicians. After the 8 thcentury B.C. the settlers from Greece, settled on the coast of south-italian (giving rise to the Magna Grecia) and on that of Sicily and foundedseveralcitiesincluding Messina, Giardini Naxos, Agrigento, Syracuse.

  3. Our city Messina… After the decline of the Western Roman Empire, Messina wasconquered by Byzantines and Arabs. In 1060 B.C. itwascolonized by Normans and, thanksto them,itachieved a very big success, becoming, for a very long time, the richestSicilian city. In the 1674, ittried to rebel to Spainbutsuffered the repression. Messina wasfounded with the name of ‘Zancle’, whichmeans ‘sickle’. The Roman conquestbegan in 264 B.C. and theyestablished ,in the Empire thatwascreated, a first form of globalization.

  4. Cultural contribution … All of thesepeoplegavetheir cultural contribution, leavingus testimonials, traditions and that are fundamental for our cultural heritage. Also, Sicilywasinvaded by Phoenician (around 734 B.C.) and Carthaginians ( in the 6 thcentury), whofounded some citiessuchasMozia and Solunto, before the Greeks’ arrival.

  5. Zancle

  6. Mix of manycivilizations Over the centuries in Italylots of wars and violence in general occurred.The current situation of the Sicilian society in particularis the resultof the mixture of manycivilizations and thismakessicilianpeople open-minded to othercultures and races.

  7. Gaetano Martino Gaetano Martino’sidea wasthat of a unitedEurope for goodcauses, and that’s the pointthatisat the basisof globalism. Gaetano Martino was one of the participants of the Messina Conference,held in the Salon of the Flags of the Town Hall in Messina in 1955, which would lead to the Treaty of Rome in 1957. He was also President of the European Parliament from 1962 to 1964. Gaetano Martino was head of the Italian Parliamentary Delegation to the fifteenth and sixteenth UN General Assembly in New York. Gaetano Martino, whostudied medicine and was a universityteacher and rector of Messina and Rome University, wasalsoan ItalianMinisterand he tiedinextricablyhisname to the idea of a united Europe, the Europe of Messina, asitwascalledin thosedays.

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