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University Senate

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University Senate

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  1. University Senate September 13, 2010

  2. Introductions • Hollie Swanson, Ph.D. (Medicine/Molecular and Biomedical Pharmacology): Chair of Senate Council • Debra Anderson, Ph.D. (Nursing): Vice Chair • Sheila Brothers: Office of Senate Council, administrative coordinator (staff trustee) • Adrea LaRoche: Office of Senate Council, staff assistant

  3. Introductions, cont Robert Grossman Arts and Sciences Sheldon Steiner Arts and Sciences Hollie Swanson (Chair) Medicine Debra Anderson (Vice Chair) Nursing Jane Jensen Education Joseph Chappell Agriculture The University of Kentucky Senate Council John Thelin Education Thomas Kelly Medicine David Randall (Past Chair) Medicine Sue Nokes Agriculture Everett McCorvey, Faculty Trustee College of Fine Arts and Music Joseph Peek, Faculty Trustee Gatton College of Business and Economics

  4. Introductions, cont’d • Michelle Sohner (Office of Academic Ombud): Sergeant at Arms • Kate Seago (Libraries): Parliamentarian • Lisa Hoinke: Court Repoerter

  5. Introductions, cont’d Faculty Representatives to Board of Trustees • Everett McCorvey, DMA (Fine Arts/Music, Director of Opera) • Joe Peek, Ph.D. (Gatton College of Business and Economics/Management - Finance)

  6. Introductions, cont’d • SGA Representatives • Ryan Smith (SGA President) • Kyle Kirk (representative to Senate Council) • Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education • Mike Mullen

  7. New Senators • 31 new senators, from AG, AS, BE, CIS, DE, DS, ED, EN, FA, HS, ME, NU. Please stand and be recognized!

  8. Please… • Give your name and affiliation when you speak. • Communicate with your constituency! • Attend meetings! Senators are allowed no more than 3 per absences per academic year; after #3, the dean will be notified to declare the seat vacant and a replacement identified.

  9. Call for Quorum – SR Forty-five (45) voting members of the Senate shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business that is delegated by the Board of Trustees to the total Senate membership. For those actions reserved by state law (KRS 164.240) to the University Faculty, thirty-three (33) elected faculty representatives in the Senate shall constitute a quorum for the action. [US: 10/12/81]

  10. 1. Minutes and Announcements • Minutes from April 12, 2010 & May 3, 2010 • Sent out Tuesday, September 7. • No changes received for either set of minutes. • Announcements • SC approved the September 2009 list of KCTCS (KY Community and Tech College Sys) list of candidates for credentials, on behalf of Senate; due to clerical oversight, was not placed on a Senate agenda during the fall. • SC voted to allow distance learning (DL) approval via web transmittal so long as the required DL form, etc. are included with the proposal. (continued)

  11. 1. Announcements, cont’d Chair provisionally approved UK 090 for fall 2010; already had UC approval; will get SC/Senate approval this semester. Senate will hear a report from faculty Athletics Rep (Joe Fink) in February. The Oral Communications suspension ended with the incoming class of 2009 (last year). The suspension did not need to be renewed, so this semester’s incoming freshmen DO have an oral communications requirement.

  12. 1. Announcements, cont’d • SC keeping a running list of Action Items. Among these are a plan to create an ad hoc cmte to identify a faculty member to advise the SC/Senate on legal issues. Those interested in serving can email Sheila. ( • SC considered additional charges for many of the Senate’s committees, particularly those cmtes that have not met in years. The Chair will convene all these cmtes, assist in the identification of a cmte chair, and share the charge (if applicable) from the SC. • SC recommended changing the name of one cmte – will bring that recommendation to the Senate in the near future. (“Admissions Advisory” to “Enrollment Mgmt”)

  13. 1. Announcements, cont’d SC commended Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Professor Susan Carvalho for their commitment to joint faculty-administration collaboration WRT Gen Ed. Lee Edgerton (AG/Animal and Food Sciences) was reappointed for one more year as Ombud by the Ombud Search Cmte. Will be moving to a listserv format for sending out Senate-related emails. Will try to make it as painless as possible. Please let Sheila know if you think something is wonky.

  14. 1. Announcements, cont’d • Provisional approval: • When an action is needed that normally requires Senate action (e.g., an academic council approval followed by a 10-day posting for passive Senate approval of a new course), but circumstances compel that the action is completed before the normal Senate approval process can finish, then SC is authorized to act for the Senate to: 1. vote to waive the rule requiring prior academic council action; & 2. vote to waive the 10-day posting rule; & 3. vote to directly approve the new course, & so inform the Senate. (continued)

  15. 1. Announcements, cont’d In turn, actions that the SC by circumstance has asserted its authority to perform can, by the vote of the SC, be delegated to the SC Chair, who when performing those actions shall inform the SC (and Senate).

  16. 1. Announcements, cont’d Senate Rules have an absence policy – no more than three absences for Senate meetings. SC will be revisiting this rule in Sept/Oct. SC approved parallel 10-day postings for web transmittals (as opposed to sequential 10-day postings) for AY 2010-2011. New Staff Senate Chair - Jann Burks (4-H Extension)

  17. 1. Announcements, cont’d Rules and Elections Cmte will conduct an election this fall to identify three faculty senators to serve on Presidential Search Cmte (see GR VIII). Faculty senators will each have an opportunity to nominate up to 3 faculty senators. Then, there is a campuswide election for the top 6 vote-getters (no more than 2 nominees from any 1 college). Eligible campuswide voters are those faculty who are eligible to vote in their respective college election of senators. Armando Prats (faculty rep to Work-Life Advisory Council) with Work-Life survey announcement.

  18. 2. Officer and Trustee Reports • Chair • Vice Chair • Parliamentarian (see following slides) • Faculty Trustee

  19. Parliamentarian Report

  20. MOTIONS • Proposal for a specific action • Discussion follows a motion • Precise language • Group needs to clearly understand what action is being proposed • Second is required • Someone else in the group has to agree this action is worth discussing

  21. Motions • Motions can be amended • Friendly amendments • Corrections in grammar, etc. • Majority vote required for adoption • Except in cases specified by the bylaws

  22. 3. “State of Financial Affairs” • Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration Frank Butler • Vice President for Financial Operations (and Treasurer) Angie Martin

  23. 4. Old Business • Winter Intersession Proposal • Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education Michael Mullen • Recommendation: that the Senate approve a permanent Winter Intersession, effective immediately. • 2010-2011 Winter Intersession Calendar • Recommendation: that the Senate approve the 2010-2011 Winter Intersession Calendar.

  24. 5. Ombud's Report for 2009-2010 • Professor Lee Edgerton, Ombud

  25. 6. Proposed Change to Senate Rules (“More Than Two Bachelor’s Degree”) • Background: Senate held discussion December 2007, and indicated a desire to allow a student to earn more than two bachelor’s degrees. • Implementation: Effective immediately. Under this new policy students currently enrolled at UK are eligible for approval for conferral of additional degrees beyond the second Bachelor’s degree. Current students seeking conferral of a third Bachelor’s degree for December 2010 must have applied for that conferral date not later than 10/1/2010. (continued)

  26. 6. Proposed Change to Senate Rules (“More Than Two Bachelor’s Degree”) • Recommendation: that the Senate approve the proposed changes to Senate Rules, effective immediately.

  27. 7. UK August 2010 Degree List • List of students provided in separate handout. • Recommendation: that the elected faculty senators approve the UK August 2010 list of candidates for credentials, for submission through the President to the Board of Trustees, as the recommended degrees to be conferred by the Board.

  28. 8. SACS Accreditation - Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) Update • Professor Deanna Sellnow (CIS/Communication) • Professor Diane Snow (ME/SOcBIRC)

  29. 9. Discussion Regarding Proposed Waiver of Administrative Regulations 2:1-1VII.B.5 • Recommendation: that the Senate endorse a waiver of Administrative Regulations 2:1-1VII.B.5 for the College of Pharmacy.

  30. ADJOURNMENT • Motion to adjourn? Next Senate meeting: October 11, 2010