Introduction to android development using net and monodroid
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Introduction to Android Development Using .NET and MonoDroid. Greg Shackles Senior Application Developer MagazineRadar [email protected] We thank the following companies for their gracious sponsorship. Platinum Sponsor. Gold Sponsors. Silver Sponsors. About Me. Greg Shackles

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Introduction to android development using net and monodroid

Introduction to Android Development Using .NET and MonoDroid

Greg Shackles

Senior Application Developer


[email protected]

We thank the following companies for their gracious sponsorship

Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

About me

About Me sponsorship

  • Greg Shackles

  • [email protected]


  • Twitter: @gshackles


What we ll cover

What We’ll Cover sponsorship

  • What is Android?

  • Android architecture

  • Application lifecycle

  • Mono / MonoDroid

  • MonoDroid API

  • Demos

What is android

What is Android? sponsorship

  • Full stack

  • Open source

  • SDK provides tools and Java API

  • Applications typically written in Java

  • Purchased by Google in 2005

  • v1.0 released in October 2008


Market share us

Market Share (US) sponsorship




Architecture sponsorship


Architecture sponsorship


Architecture sponsorship


Architecture sponsorship


Architecture sponsorship

Component types

Component Types sponsorship


Activities sponsorship

  • Provides UI for one screen

  • Can start other activities

  • Hierarchy of views

  • Typically defined in XML

Activity lifecycle

Activity Lifecycle sponsorship

Activity Starts





User navigates back

to the activity

Activity is running

User navigates back

to the activity

User navigates back

to the activity

Another activity is loaded

Process killed

Other apps need memory


This activity is no longer visible


Activity is shut down


Activity lifecycle simplified

Activity Lifecycle (Simplified) sponsorship

  • Activity stack

  • Configuration changes cause activity restart

  • Activity has 3 basic states

    • Running

    • Paused

    • Stopped

Broadcast receivers

Broadcast Receivers sponsorship

  • No UI

  • Can start an activity

  • Receive/react to announcements

  • Apps can broadcast custom messages

  • Examples: low battery, phone call


Services sponsorship

  • No UI, runs in background

  • Stays running when application loses focus

  • Can be accessed by many applications

  • Example: Music player

Content providers

Content Providers sponsorship

  • Enables applications to share data


Intents sponsorship

  • Messages used to activate components

    • Launch an activity

    • Start or bind to a service

    • Broadcast a message to receivers

    • Implicit intents

  • Intent filters

    • Components register their capabilities

    • Example: launcher


Storage sponsorship

  • Shared preferences

  • Internal storage

  • External storage (SD card)

  • Database (SQLite)

  • Remote

Want to write Android applications in .NET? sponsorship

With MonoDroid, you can!

What is mono

What is Mono? sponsorship

  • Implementation of the .NET CLR

  • Open source

  • Cross platform

  • Supports most of .NET 4.0

    • Missing WPF, Entity Framework, WF, some WCF

What is monodroid

What is sponsorshipMonoDroid?

  • Runs side by side with Dalvik

  • Wraps Java/Android API bindings

  • Commercial product

  • Currently in public beta

  • Visual Studio 2010 or MonoDevelop


Monodroid architecture

MonoDroid sponsorshipArchitecture

  • Android/Managed Callable Wrappers

    • JNI bridges to talk between Android and Mono

  • Optional shared runtime

Monodroid api

MonoDroid sponsorship API

  • .NET events replace listener interfaces

  • Action replaces Runnable

  • Enumerations

  • Properties

  • Attributes and tooling generate configuration

  • OpenTK

  • Uses standard Android resource files

Java vs c

Java sponsorshipvs C#


Java vs c1

Java sponsorshipvs C#




Questions? sponsorship