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Six Sigma in Human Resource PowerPoint Presentation
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Six Sigma in Human Resource

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Six Sigma in Human Resource
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Six Sigma in Human Resource

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  1. 6 Sigma in Human Resource

  2. W H A T I S S I X S I G M A ? Chances are that you might have heard about Six Sigma relating back to General Electric, the company that made it popular in the 1900s Six Sigma brought revolutionary improvements in manufacturing and service industries. But, it can also be used in Human Resource...the next slide discusses how

  3. D M A I C M E T H O D O L O G Y I N H R HR professionals with the right skills can contribute to a Six Sigma initiative at both strategic and tactical levels. This article describes the areas in which HR should play a role in Six Sigma and discusses how HR professionals can increase their chances of being included in Six Sigma decision-making and implementation.

  4. 0 1 DEFINE The Human Resource of an organisation can implement the DMAIC pattern in the first step by defining their customers, requirements,resources, projecting plans andmilestones.

  5. MEAS URE 0 2 This stage include the measuring the defects in both the working style,of workers and the company's ways to tackle things.The HR can assist the management in identifying the opportunities for the company and developing planaccordingly. ,

  6. ANALY S E 0 3 This step consists of defining the performance objectives of the company, sources of variation and not merely knowing the symptoms but finding the rootcause. ,

  7. 0 4 IMPROVE Here in this step, one need to improve performance, develop the potential solutions,develop implementation of the plan. Thereafter seeing into any correction or re-evaluation required for a potentialsolution ,

  8. 0 5 CONTROL This step includes defining, validating and controlling systems. Developing standards and procedures, verifying benefits, cost savings and profitgrowth.. ,

  9. The Human Resource is one crucial part of an organization that is largely responsible for the recruitment and retention of the valuable employees. The HR can by using the Six Sigma steps provide a lasting impact medley of potential and productive employees

  10. T&A S OLUTI ONS Your recruitment specialist