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Boost Your Influence At Office PowerPoint Presentation
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Boost Your Influence At Office

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Boost Your Influence At Office
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Boost Your Influence At Office

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  1. Boost Your INFLUENCE At Office A Presentation

  2. W HAT IS INFLUENCE? Influence is the capacity to have an impact on the character, behaviour and actions of an individual or group of individuals. www.ta solut hr

  3. INFLUENCE IS WHEN... You show t ra its of good leaders hip, of te n dire ct ing oth ers in a p osit ive manner ,when your audience liste ns & unders ta nds your mot if and of te n your act ions a re appre ciate d.


  5. W W W .T A S O L U T I O N S .I N / H R I D E N T I F Y S T Y L E Y O U R 1 Study yourself, focus what is your dominant style- to convince, negotiate, logical argument, bridge, assert or influence. Unveil them and understand if you are using them in the right places.

  6. W W W .T A S O L U T I O N S .I N / H R U S E Y O U R S T Y L E 2 Once you are done with the identifying part, learn to use or modify your inbuilt style of influence according to situation and people. For instance, if you are trying to put your point in front of your CEO, arguing with him/her or negotiating won’t help. Try to be logical here. Back up your point with facts and figures; try proving them rather pushing your point affront. Likewise, with a peer be negotiative.

  7. W W W .T A S O L U T I O N S .I N / H R S P E A K D E S IR E D T H E 3 A M O U N T Unnecessary talks that are long than required will finally start irritating people. This will rather land you in bad influence..

  8. W W W .T A S O L U T I O N S .I N / H R F O R T IF Y R E P U TA T I O N Y O U R 4 Don’t try anything that might hamper your reputation.Pay attention to what you speak, how you speak, the words you use, gestures, actions, everything. Anything repulsive from your end will turn off the entire positive influence that you might be casting over others.

  9. W W W .T A S O L U T I O N S .I N / H R W IN A C T IO N S T H R O U G H 5 While at work, it’s your work that does the speaking. If you are good enough-it shows. . Rather than working hard over an argument to win, let your work do the talking.

  10. W W W .T A S O L U T I O N S .I N / H R A V O I D D I S S A T I S F A C T I O N C H R O N I C 6 Helping any of your peers or juniors or even seniors to cope up with hard situations is good but then if they vow never ever to recover from the bad phase you might automatically be influenced by them negatively and hence emotions are contagious be it good or bad.

  11. THAN K YOU! w w w . t a s o l u t i o n s . i n / h r T & A Solutions Your recruitment specialist