Mbus626 aie mis review
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MBUS626-AIE MIS Review. Jason Chou-Hong Chen , Ph.D. Professor of MIS Graduate School of Business, Gonzaga University Spokane, WA 99258 USA chen@jepson.gonzaga.edu. Why Information Systems? (Why take IS?).

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Mbus626 aie mis review


Jason Chou-Hong Chen, Ph.D.

Professor of MIS

Graduate School of Business, Gonzaga University

Spokane, WA 99258 USA


Why information systems why take is
Why Information Systems? (Why take IS?)

  • “IT is a business force now. It amounts to one-half of US firm annual capital expenditures and increasingly affects firm organize, do business, and compete. Business managers who choose not to reckon with it do so at their and their firm’s peril.

    by Peter G.W. Keen


Mbus626 aie mis review

Interactive Computing

Mini/Micro provide user with computer power (as of Mainframe) but with little cost

Advances in telecommunications(link terminals/PC mainframe)

Software advances in application packages (e.g. , DBMS, spreadsheet

PC as DSS tool to access information stored in the center computer files to support management decision-making process.

The Information Age vs.

the Computer Age

The Computer Age Time-sharing Computer 1960’s

End of the computer age

Beginning of the information age

Computer age vs information age
Computer Age vs. Information Age

  • Computer age refers to the love affair with hardware (and its speed of processing data)

  • Information age refers to the trend toward treating information as a corporate resource that supplies executives with timely, accurate information for more effective decision making.

What is management information systems
What is Management Information Systems?

  • It is a discipline that studies the use, management, and development of information systems to improve individual productivity, organizational performance, and welfare of the society

  • A system is a group of components that interact to achieve some purpose.

  • As a system, it is a man-machine system that incorporates different components to work together to serve specific purposes

It s impact on all aspects
IT’s Impact on All Aspects

  • The way we manage businesses

    • University Administrative Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • The way we entertain

    • Online gaming

    • Movie making: animation

    • disney.go.com

  • The way we communicate & shopping

    • Instant messenger, Internet phone, instant sharing of files

    • Retailing: Amazon.com, tedbaker.com

    • Auction: eBay.com

Why are business majors and mba required to take an mis course
Why are business majors and MBA required to take an MIS course?

  • You should:

    • Have sufficient knowledge to be an informed and effective consumer of information technology products and services

    • Be able to ask pertinent questions

    • Be able to correctly interpret the responses to your questions with IS/IT

    • Be able to make wise decisions and manage effectively using IS/IT

I s literate
I.S. Literate course?

  • More than being computer literate

    • Knowing what information you need for a particular task

    • Knowing what data is needed to generate the information

    • Knowing how to generate and manage the information

    • Knowing what the information tells you

    • Knowing basic concepts of computer organization

    • Knowing how to operate a computer

  • Simply put it, being I.S. literate implies that you need to know how to use information technology to become more intelligent

Mbus626 aie mis review
MIS course?

  • Management

  • Information

  • Systems

Which component is mostly important?

Computers impact
Computers Impact course?

The good news:

Computers allow us to work 100% faster.

The bad news:

They generate 300% more work.