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HANDHELD MASTERMIND. Implementation:. Using Handheld Mastermind:. At the core of the project is the Atmel ATmega 1684p 8-bit microcontroller. All the game logic was programmed using its native AVR assembly language.

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Using Handheld Mastermind:

At the core of the project is the Atmel ATmega 1684p 8-bit microcontroller. All the game logic was programmed using its native AVR assembly language.

The “pegs” of user’s guesses, as well as game and option menus, are shown on a computer display.

RIT Department of Computer Engineering Senior Design Projects II Fall 2007

Carl Kelso Michael Ellis Ryan Shon

Project Goal:

To implement the Mastermind code-breaking boardgame as a handheld, electronic device.

Response GUI

A player enters the secret code, guesses, and navigates the menus using the handheld module.


Final Controller

Mastermind is a simple board game that focuses on the ability of a player to deduce from limited information a pattern created hidden by a pattern keeper.

The game-play starts when the pattern keeper chooses a pattern of four random colors chosen from a limited set of six or eight. These colors may repeat. The other player then attempts to guess the pattern within a limited number of guesses.

The pattern keeper ‘grades’ the resulting pattern by showing black pegs to indicate the number of pieces that match in color and position, and white pegs for any remaining pieces matching in color but not position. Up to four pegs may be used to indicate this state, and goal pegs may only match a single guess peg.

The computer display is implemented in Java on a PC. It receives graphical instructions as ASCII text using a serial RS-232 connection to the microcontroller. This solution was chosen to avoid the prohibitive cost of a color LCD screen.

Controller Setup

Four LED selection buttons choose an LED. Up and down buttons scroll through the colors, as well as though menus. The enter button submits a color code and makes menu selections.

Cost Breakdown

Added Versatility:

Game play Modes:

As a handheld electronic device, Mastermind can be played alone against the computer, as well as with two players. Record scores are recorded in computer memory, and tournaments are automatically organized and scored.

Handheld Mastermind includes single player, two player, and tournament modes, with scoring by both number of guesses and time to solve a puzzle.