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Fish Identification PowerPoint Presentation
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Fish Identification

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Fish Identification - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fish Identification
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  1. Fish Identification Hoover, J., 1993. Hawaii’s Fishes: A guide for snorkelers, divers and aquarists. HI: Mutual Publishing.

  2. Angelfishes (Pomacanthidae) Flame angelfish Potter’s angelfish Feeds on algae & detritus

  3. female Bandit angelfish Feeds on sponges male Masked angelfish Feeds on plankton

  4. Barracudas (Sphyraenidae) piscivore Kākū

  5. Bigeyes(Priacanthidae) ‘āweoweo planktivore

  6. Blennies (Blenniidae) Zebra blenny Pāoʻo Feed on algae and detritus

  7. Ewa Blenny Feeds on bit of fish

  8. Boarfishes (Pentacerotidae) Whiskered boarfish

  9. Boxfishes (Ostraciidae) moa Spotted boxfish Benthic feeders of algae, sponges, tunicates, worms, & other inverts

  10. Butterflyfishes (Chaetodontidae) Lauwiliwili Milletseed butterflyfish

  11. Lauwiliwili nukunuku ʻoiʻoi Rare longnose butterflyfish Feeds on inverts

  12. Tinker’s butterflyfish Grazing opportunistic omnivore-algae, inverts, deep water coral

  13. Kīkākapu Raccoon butterflyfish

  14. Kīkākapu Ornate butterflyfish Coralivore Pyramid butterflyfish planktivore

  15. Chubs (Kyphosidae) Nenue Highfin chub- herbivore

  16. Damselfishes(Pomacentridae) Mamo Hawaiian sergeant omnivorous, plankton & algae Pacific Gregory- herbivore ‘ālo ‘ilo’i Domino damselfish- planktivore

  17. Conger & Garden Eels (Congridae) Puhi ūhā Mustached conger eel Hawaiian garden eel Planktivore piscivore

  18. Snake eel (Ophichthidae) Puhi lā’au Magnificent snake eel

  19. Morays (Muraenidae) Puhi kāpā Puhi ʻōniʻo Snowflake moray Feeds on invertebrates Whitemouth moray

  20. puhi puhi Dwarf moray Zebra moray Feeds on invertebrates

  21. Puhi kauila Dragon moray piscivore Puhi kauila Viper moray

  22. Filefish (Monocanthidae) ʻōʻili ʻūwi ʻūwi Fantail filefish omnivore Loulu Scribbled filefish

  23. Triggerfishes (Balistidae) Lei triggerfish Feed on invertebrates Humu­humu lei

  24. Humu-humu nukunuku a pua’a Humu-humu hiʻu lole Pinktail triggerfish Lagoon triggerfish Humu-humu ʻele’ele Black triggerfish

  25. Flatfishes (Bothidae &Soleidae) Pakiʻi Peacock flounder- feeds on benthic invertebrates

  26. Frogfishes (Antennariidae) Commerson’s frogfish- piscivore

  27. Goatfish (Mullidae) Manybar goatfish Moano feeds on benthic invertebrates Yellowstripe goatfish

  28. Gobies (Gobiidae) Hawaiian sand goby Whip or wire-coral goby planktivore Hawaiian shrimp goby

  29. Dartfishes (Microdesmidae) Fire dartfish

  30. Groupers & Anthias (Serranidae) Hawaiian longfin anthias Bicolor anthias planktivores

  31. roi Hāpu’u Peacock grouper piscivores Hawaiian grouper

  32. Hawkfishes (Cirrhitidae) Longnose hawkfish planktivore Arceye hawkfish Pili koā Poʻopaʻa Stocky hawkfish- piscivore

  33. Jacks (Carangidae) Kāhala Amberjack- piscivore

  34. Ulua aukea Giant trevally

  35. Lizardfishes (Synodontidae) ʻulae Orangemouth lizardfish

  36. Needlefish (Belonidae) āha omnivore

  37. Pufferfishes & Porcupinefishes (Tetraodontidae & Diodontidae) Porcupine puffer kokala

  38. ʻoʻopu hue (keke) Stripebelly puffer Facultative omnivore- algae, inverts including coral

  39. Parrotfish (Scaridae) Uhu uhu uliuli Spectacled parrotfish Bullethead parrotfish herbivore

  40. Wrasses (Labridae) Hinālea lauwili Saddle wrasse

  41. Christmas wrasse Hawaiian cleaner wrasse Hīnālea ʻiʻiwi (Hīnālea ʻakilolo) Dragon wrasse Bird wrasse

  42. Yellowtail coris Hīnālea ʻakilolo ʻopule Psychedelic or redtail wrasse

  43. Scorpionfishes (Scorpaenidae) nohu pinao Hawaiian lionfish carnivore

  44. Leaf scorpionfish

  45. backside Nohu ʻomakaha Devil scorpionfish

  46. Snapper (Lutjanidae) Toʻau Taʻape Bluestripe snapper Blacktail snapper Feeds on small fish and crustaceans

  47. Morish idol (Zanclidae) Kihikihi

  48. Surgeonfishes(Acanthuridae) Mā’i’i’i Lavender tang Algal grazer

  49. Palani[ eyestripe surgeonfish

  50. Naʻenaʻa Orangeband surgeonfish