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Usability Test

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Usability Test. Jeffrey Aguilar Loren Trejo Chris AbuGhazaleh May 18, 2007. Web UT. Overview. Received a request for proposal from Clark Construction Responded with a letter of interest Conducted thorough research of Clark Construction background

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usability test

Usability Test

Jeffrey Aguilar

Loren Trejo

Chris AbuGhazaleh

May 18, 2007


  • Received a request for proposal from Clark Construction
  • Responded with a letter of interest
  • Conducted thorough research of Clark Construction background
  • Website visited and evaluated
  • Client Meeting
  • Created a usability test draft including scenarios
  • Conducted sample usability test with analysis
  • The Ultimate goal

The WebUT Team

  • Dedicated lab, with digital recording technology.
  • Longest running independent testing lab in Southern California.
  • Over 125 products tested since 2000.
  • Vast experience with software and web applications.
  • Vast experience with input devices.
  • We address both usability and ergonomics!
  • The team for this project: Jeffrey Aguilar, Loren Trejo, and Chris AbuGhazaleh
The Clark Construction Image

Type of work

The Construction Industry and Competitors

Website visited and evaluated

Clear Understanding of Project

u t why usability test
UT: Why Usability Test
  • Increase productivity- Clark Construction employers will have time to do other timely tasks and not worry about the website and website complaints
  • Increase customer satisfaction- Browsers of the website will be satisfied with the new user friendly site
  • Reduce development time and costs- An updated website will have no need for new developments
  • Reduce maintenance costs- Maintenance will be minor if any
  • Decrease training and support costs- The IT department at Clark Construction will have less troubleshooting the website and fewer questions from customers with the usability tested website
u t analysis
UT: Analysis
  • Understand how the users will use the web site
  • What tasks are critical
  • What tasks are most frequent
  • Step by step how users complete tasks
  • Users interviews, observation to gather input

Usability means designing interface to allow user to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively

the plan
The Plan

The main focus that WebUT will put the spotlight on and research with our usability test is the question of time and money. We have evaluated the Clark Construction website with this in our mind to gain more clients and improve user satisfaction which will lead to many improvements

  • Unbiased testing/Finding the right participants
  • Creating scenarios that are constructive in the development of the new website
  • Prioritizing Website Needs
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion with final report
time chart for project
Time Chart for Project
  • Over 50% of work has already been completed
money management
Money Management

Top 4 highest costs for usability testing with WebUT

Average dollar amount about $30,000 for usability test

expected benefits
Expected Benefits
  • Time benefit- Well worth the time
  • Financial benefit- Return on investment will be high
  • Being one step ahead- An updated website with all new features
  • Upholding your reputation- Keeping the image of your company at the highest level
  • Design of the website- A cleaner and more professional website
  • Future employees- A company that everyone wants to work for
  • Future clients- Landing the big projects
  • Improve Customer satisfaction and loyalty- The repeat visitors
reaching a higher level
Reaching a Higher Level

Web UT would like to thank you for your time and appreciates your company in considering us for this project.