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The Role of the Private Security Company

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The Role of the Private Security Company - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dr David Claridge BAPSC First Annual Conference 30 October 2006. The Role of the Private Security Company. An important announcement. I speak only for myself. A startling revelation. We are not saints. Another shock. Nor are we sinners (mostly).

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Presentation Transcript
dr david claridge bapsc first annual conference 30 october 2006
Dr David Claridge

BAPSC First Annual Conference

30 October 2006

The Role of the Private Security Company

an important announcement
An important announcement

I speak only for myself

a startling revelation
A startling revelation

We are not saints

another shock
Another shock

Nor are we sinners


the similarities between pscs and normal business are irrefutable
The similarities between PSCs and “normal” business are irrefutable

We are motivated by profit

We seek to return value to our shareholders

We want to build sustainable businesses

We believe in meeting our clients’ needs and demands

Business growth depends upon reputation

Reputations are built upon successful delivery of service

We generally want to be left alone

The bottom line:

PSCs exist to make money

Breaking the rules (and norms) is mostly bad for business

but what do psc s really do
But what do PSC’s really do?

Predominantly, advise corporate clients on protecting people, assets and business integrity

It is easily possible to outsource:

Information and advice

Strategy and process

Education and training

Protective services

Logistical and organisational services

Response services

An efficient means of providing “just in time” responses and high expertise services

Operate in the no man’s land between public and private

in other words
In other words…

Release expertise to a client

Skills they do not possess (any more?)

Capacity they do not possess

Organisational focus they may lack

Allow clients to release their own expertise

Large operations in short time frames

Mundane and dirty jobs

Skill transfer

Liability dispersal

Accountability and flexibility

you are right to ask questions
You are right to ask questions

PSCs provide security

What about all the other risk management and conflict services?

PSCs should be defensive only

What about training the military?

Or drug interdiction?

Good PSCs operate within codes of conduct

But ethics is still a USP in our industry

PSCs are more lean and efficient than militaries

Does this compromise discipline and management?

PSCs are well suited to complex situations

But other conflict parties may not have adjusted so quickly

we will do our bit
We will do our bit…

The industry believes in regulation

To protect reputation

To ensure standards

To allow growth into new areas

There are boundaries for what we can and cannot do

Universal obligations

National obligations

Local obligations

All PSCs must respect the boundaries

You have the buying power

doing business with pscs
Doing business with PSCs

We do not create demand

The private sector has been using our industry for 30 years

Government has already crossed the line

We are a tool to be used

With rules

We can advise on how best to get the best from our services and capabilities

Today’s PSC industry is the home of second-to-none expertise

Engagement and dialogue


Clients need to better understand how to ask and how to manage

a second startling revelation
A second startling revelation

Private security is a good thing

(in the right hands)