Streetgames delivering doorstep sport to deprived communities
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StreetGames - Delivering doorstep sport to deprived communities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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StreetGames - Delivering doorstep sport to deprived communities. Doorstep sport. Piloted doorstep sport summer 2003 in North East, London, North West. Idea grew: ODPM, NDCs, individuals, Sport England, Sport Action Zone network Brought together sport and neighbourhood renewal

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Streetgames delivering doorstep sport to deprived communities

StreetGames - Delivering doorstep sport to deprived communities

Doorstep sport
Doorstep sport

  • Piloted doorstep sport summer 2003 in North East, London, North West.

  • Idea grew: ODPM, NDCs, individuals, Sport England, Sport Action Zone network

  • Brought together sport and neighbourhood renewal

  • Project got stuck

Making the leap
Making the leap

  • Summer 2005: decision time

  • Left ODPM to establish Charity

  • Core group drove bids through Sport England and Football Foundation: people working for free

  • Charity launched Jan 2007 with first 10 projects

Right time and place
Right time and place!

  • Addresses a real, topical problem – widening access

  • Anxiety over Olympic legacy

  • Edgy

  • Individuals well known in sports development world

Participation by class
Participation by class

  • 25% of highest socio-economic group participate regularly against only 16% of those in the lowest.

  • Once-a-month participation is even more skewed by class –top 20% are roughly twice as likely to participate as bottom 20%.

Elite squads class
Elite squads & class

  • Research of elite performers in a basket of sports show *

    37% from managerial and professional background.

    5% manual workers.

  • The Times estimate 58% of Britain’s Athens Olympics gold medalists were privately educated.

  • 45% of all UK medalists in the last three games came from the 7% of the population who go to private schools

    * Research didn’t include boxing or football

What is streetgames for
What is StreetGames for?

  • Aggregate deprived community projects into a network and create new projects

  • The network is a conduit for sport into deprived areas

  • The conduit links these areas into sport’s mainstream


National network for doorstep sport:

  • Bidding axis

  • Advice and support

  • Training

  • Top-tips

  • Package deals with NGBs

  • Events at right level

  • Regional networks

  • Website with easy M and E

Where we are at
Where we are at

  • Contracted to Sport England to deliver 20 projects this year -it could be 40

  • Contracted to deliver 3 sports on these sites – it could be 6

  • Contracted to work with 2 County Sports Partnerships – it could be 20

  • Contracted to deliver 4 regional games – market will demand more

  • Contracted to create a Training Officer post

Key things we do
Key things we do

  • StreetGames Regional Tournaments

  • StreetGames infra-structure development – local projects

  • StreetGames Training Faculty

  • Sports specific development programmes

Key feature 1
Key feature 1

Regional Tournaments

The regional tournaments
The Regional Tournaments

  • Posh event: a day to remember

  • Focus for neighbourhood work

  • Expands the regional network

  • Draws in clubs and NGBs

  • Political support

  • Media opps

How many
How many?

4 in summer 2007 – as contracted with Sport England.

  • North East

  • North West

  • London

  • Need a Midlands event

The north west games
The North West Games

  • 17 deprived neighbourhoods

  • 5 sports

  • 740 kids – 1500 total attendance

  • 17 Mayors or a senior politician attended

Key feature 2
Key feature 2

The StreetGames Training Faculty

Training faculty
Training Faculty

Network of sports workers, leaders, coaches


  • National training events – 3 per annum and rising each year

  • Regional networks

  • Regional training

Key feature 3
Key feature 3

The website


First click for sport in deprived communities:

  • Local reports and blogs

  • National policy developments

  • Debates

  • Online learning

Use the site
Use the site

  • Register for mailings

  • Search for ideas and validations

  • Create your private web-forum

  • Have public pages or blog with the young people

  • Post DVDs

  • Post good practice for others to learn from

  • Post smart research or advocacy papers

  • Buy branded merchandise – wrist bands, certificates, t shirts ( soon to be ready)

Key feature 4
Key feature 4

Sports specific development work: Olympic legacy

Sports specific
Sports Specific

  • StreetGames local projects are route into deprived estates

  • NGBs to be persuaded they want to go there

  • Athletics, dance, handball, rugby league – talking now –

  • Soccer already delivered

Talented kids
Talented kids

Support packages for talented kids:

  • Money

  • Mentoring

  • Transport

  • Equipment

  • Advice and support

Olympic sports development work
Olympic sports development work

The big one - well into talks with Respect and UKA for this summer athletics programme

How to get involved
How to get involved

  • Gather potential partners

  • Map coverage and gaps

  • Identify common concerns to address

  • Fix a shared sports event


  • SG can pump-prime regional network

  • Consider a bid to FF: we have the model

  • Consider a CIF bid: agreed with SE that such bids can be submitted

  • Bids can be for local intervention and network development