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The Design Process PowerPoint Presentation
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The Design Process

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The Design Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Design Process. The Design Process. The Design Brief or Parti (the Big Idea) An early beginning statement of design goals The main organizing decision or thought Can be a basic sketch, diagram or statement “Rough out” ideas. The Design Process. Pre-Production Analysis

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the design process
The Design Process
  • The Design Brief or Parti (the Big Idea)
    • An early beginning statement of design goals
    • The main organizing decision or thought
    • Can be a basic sketch, diagram or statement
    • “Rough out” ideas
the design process1
The Design Process
  • Pre-Production
      • Analysis
        • Assessment of the current situation and history
        • Determine outcomes and goals
        • Define problem to solve with design solution
      • Research
        • Investigate similar or related designs
        • Review history of designs in the field
      • Specification
        • Details of requirements for design solution
      • Problem Solving
        • Conceptualizing and documenting design solutions
      • Presentation – show and discuss ideas for feedback
the design process2
The Design Process
  • Production
      • Development
        • Continuation and improvement of a design solution
        • Refined sketches and prototypes
        • Mock ups, works-in-progress, drafts
      • Testing
        • Presentation of design to test groups in situ
the design process3
The Design Process
  • Post-Production
      • Implementation
        • Introducing the design into the target environment
      • Evaluation and Review
        • Conclusion summary of process and results
        • Constructive Criticism
        • Recommendations for future improvements
the design process4
The Design Process
  • Review/ Re-design
      • Design is an iterative process and any or all stages of the design process can be repeated with corrections made.
psychology of constructive visual thinking
Psychology of Constructive Visual Thinking
  • Stages of visual thinking in the creative process of design:
    • Stage 1 – The Visual Concept is Formed
      • Based on constraints and parameters of the design environment
    • Stage 2 – Externalization of the concept
      • The Big Idea (Parti) is realized (sketched) as the starting point for design refinement.
    • Stage 3 – Constructive Critique
      • The design is visually tested and critiqued
      • visual queries to determine if the design meets the requirements
    • Stage 4 – Consolidation and Extension
      • Original sketch is modified and ideas consolidated
activity theory
Activity Theory

Visual imagery is based on the same cognitive activities as normal seeing.

Visual Perception (seeing) is very similar to Visual Imagery (mental images)

Eye movements occur when people “look at” mental images

Brain scans show similar activity between imagery and perception

the sketch
The Sketch
  • The Sketch
    • The sketch allows the externalization of visual imagery
    • Scribbles demonstrate the power of perception to create meaning.
    • Diagrams can be used to plan, design, and structure ideas
    • Fast and easily discarded
    • Two Approaches:
      • Concept design – outlines ideas
      • Prototype design – rough version of a final product
      • Combination of the two
creative design loop
Creative Design Loop

Sketch first then interpret = constructive perception

‘Constructive perception’ is fundamental to the design process

The sketch allows you to understand a problem rather than produce a drawing

Visual imagery is very fast and impermanent, the sketch allows access and storage of visual imagery

The process of transferring visual imagery to externalized visualization is a learned skill. (Similar to internal speech to verbalization)