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Operation Innovation

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Operation Innovation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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June 26 2012 Budget Workshop No. 2 12-13 Fiscal Year Replacement/renewal & capital improvement plan ( cip ). Innovation will serve to keep the plan in the forefront of all that we do. Our actions should always be advancing the Plan. Operation Innovation. Workshop Schedule.

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June 26 2012 Budget Workshop No. 212-13 Fiscal Year Replacement/renewal & capital improvement plan (cip)

Innovation will serve to keep the plan in the forefront of all that we do. Our actions should always be advancing the Plan.

Operation Innovation

workshop schedule
Workshop Schedule

Schedule of FY 12-13 Council Work Sessions:

  • June 7- Budget Format Workshop*
  • June 26- Capital Projects & Replacement/Renewal Fund Workshop*
  • July 10- General Fund (and smaller ancillary funds) Workshop**
  • July 24- Enterprise Fund Workshop (Electric, Telecommunications, Water/Sewer, Sanitation, Golf & Airport)*
  • August 7-Preliminary Budget Presentation Workshop*
  • TBA- 1st Reading Tentative Budget (Public Hearing)
  • TBA- 2nd Reading Final Budget (Public Hearing)

*11:00 Council Lunch

*11:30-1:30 Work Session (Council Chambers)

** 3:00 pm Work Session (Council Chambers

fy 12 13 cip information
FY 12-13 CIP Information
  • The CIP serves only as a capital plan and does not constitute an official appropriation of funds. Authorization to proceed with projects included in the CIP is contingent upon their inclusion in the City’s adopted annual budget.
  • During the FY11 budget process Council adopted CIP Project Evaluation Guidelines. We will continue to use these to guide the FY13 process.

The following guidelines determine what is a CIP project (all must apply in order to be classified as a CIP project):

    • Relatively high monetary value (greater than $10,000)
    • Long life (greater than five years)
    • Results in creation of a capital asset or the revitalization of a capital asset
cip information
CIP Information

Included within the above definition of a Capital project are the following items:

  • Construction of new City facilities
  • Remodeling or expansion of existing facilities
  • Purchase, improvement and development of land
  • Operating equipment and machinery for new or expanded facilities
  • Planning, architectural, and engineering costs related to specific capital improvements
  • Vehicles and other large equipment
  • Street construction or reconstruction
  • Historical considerations in order to be consistent with future projects
cip information1
CIP Information

The Capital Improvement program is based on an extensive prioritization process. Projects are prioritized based on City critical objectives and strategies, the Comprehensive Plan, special studies and reports, City Council and department priorities, and anticipated funding sources. Projects are then evaluated on the following project prioritization matrix.

Capital Costs

Annual Costs

Environmental, Health and Safety Effects

Public Perception and Community/Citizen Benefits

Distributional Effects

Implementation of the Projects

Certainty of Information Supplied

Effect on Interjurisdictional Relationships

City Critical Objective

Investment by City

items of discussion
Items of Discussion
  • Funding Availability
  • Fleet Replacement
  • IT Replacements
  • Facilities Maintenance Projects
  • CIP Projects